Kasam 23 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Kasam 23 June 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Rishi asks Tanvi how she know about this death curse. Tannu promises not to go away from Rishi anymore and would always stay around. Rishi demands her to repeat what she just said. Tannu assures she will now live without him. Rishi says this is what he wants, he can stay with her every moment. He demands her not to worry, nothing will happen to her. He will never marry Tannu, the Pandit said he must marry her to live but he can’t stay a single moment without her, he loves her like crazy. Tannu cries watching him. He wipes her tears, she clear her face. There, Savitri selects a necklace, then looks around in search of Tannu. She asks the sales man, he tells Savitri Tannu went the other way with some guy. Savitri goes to look for Pavan. Tannu goes to look for Pavan’s mother, Rishi stops her to stay with him. Tannu demands him to be serious, she said this just because of the curse in his birth chart. Rishi demands Tannu to confess her love for him. Tannu explains she said so because her birth chart has been joint with him, he was shocked. She realizes her mistake. They turn around to see Savitri coming there, Rishi bends down hiding behind Tannu. Savitri asks Tannu why she is so afraid. She inquires if Pavan came here? Tannu watches Rishi waving at her from behind Savitri. Savitri turns behind, Rishi bends down and there was no one. Tannu explains she had to go to washroom, someone took her there. Rishi calls Pavan’s mother similar to Pavan, she came just in time. He boasts whose birth chart has been connected with her.
Rano wonders why Raaj is doing this marriage so soon. How will the preparations take place? Bani assures she has all the contact numbers of caterers here. Bani informs them that Tannu has got ready and reminds them about lunch. Raaj was angry at Rishi that it is 4.30 pm, and Rishi hasn’t yet left for lunch. Bani says alright, they will go for dinner. Manpreet comes there, they ask him about Rishi. Manpreet was clueless. Bani makes everyone worried that if Rishi doesn’t stay with Tannu he is endangered. Raaj calls Rishi and asks him about Royal Fancy hotel, he must reach outside the hotel as Tannu is waiting there. Rishi assures he would reach there. He watches Tannu with Pavan’s mother, then demands who made these birth charts as he leave the shop. Tannu was worried that she asked Rishi to stay around her.
Saloni thanks Pavan in the hotel, calling this place to be beautiful. The manager comes to take Pavan to his reserved table. Neha appreciates this place, Rishi looked around. He tells Neha had it been Tanvi, he would enjoy a lot. The manager asks Rishi if they booked a table, Rishi cheers that alright they won’t get the food. The manager takes them to the unreserved table side. Neha takes a seat, Rishi demands her to sit away from here. Neha grabs the menu card, he orders all the food available. He tells Neha he has been clear that he won’t marry her, this dinner is by his mistake that he told his father he doesn’t know her. Neha tells Rishi that her birth chart has been connected to him, she can’t leave him alone. Rishi says he heard this line before, Neha demands when and where? Rishi thinks this is what he needs to ask Tanvi, why she said this? He takes a leave from Neha to make a call. In his way to the hall he comes across a waiter taking cake for Pavan and Salon. He spots Pavan and Saloni and thinks about going to hear their conversation. He goes to the other side of the seats to overhear them.
Bani gives Rano the contact number of best caterer for wedding. Bee ji asks Rano to call by herself, and not leave it for Raaj.
Rishi watches Pavan feed the cake to Saloni and wish her marriage anniversary. Saloni thanks Pavan for this surprise, she is elated. Pavan says he promised her while marrying, to keep her happy; he will fulfil this promise ever even after Tanvi is there. Saloni demands to go to the room he has booked for her. Pavan says he has booked himself for her.

PRECAP: Rishi watch Pavan hold Saloni into the room. Rishi says today he must reply to the questions of the whole family.

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