Ek Duje Ke Vaste 23 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 23 June 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Sumo at some office..
Some people are eating food..Sumo is looking at them..Everyone praises.
Mathur asks how is the food..Everyone praises it and says looks like five star chef has made..
Mathur says sumo did..All clap..

Pushkar is saying sorry to mum..and says it happened by the mistake..Kamini scolds him and Pushkar says don’t say it to bhai and lala g..Kamini says sure…u won’t do it again and Pushkar says yes..
Kamini says you don’t do this again and I know you don’t eat breakfast and Pushkar you are talking about food and Pushkar relax and kamini leaves to give Pushkar some food..

Sumo is giving food to orphan children..Mama g calls sumo and asks when she is going to come. but sumo says she is busy and has meeting..
Mama g say a ok take care of preeti also as she is not going.

Shravan was leaving for meeting but his car broke and he cancels meeting and calls mechanic..

Sumo is leaving from a building which she is looking for pct..Shravan sees her..ShraMan eyelock..

ShraMan trying to ignore each other..Sumo looks for an auto..

Mechanic comes.
Shravan sees a manhole and sumo stepping on it..Mechanic fixes car.. Shravan is leaving..
Sumo still on that manhole..
Shravan is looking at her and saying why should i care.. she can take care of her..

Shravan leaves but red light, so he watches her through rear view mirror..Sumo falls and a car hits her..Shravan rushes towards her..

Sumo s all in blood.. Shravan picks her and everyone’s looking ..Shravan leaves for hospital..

Shravan is shouting for doc and nurse. Sumo is inside icu and shravan is broken..He remembers her accident.

Shravan is calling tiwari landline but no body picks.

Malhotra family is having lunch and shravan is calling Pushkar but he does not pick..

Ramnath calls shravan and asks where are you and asks is Pushkar with you..
Ramnath asks are you with sumo? Ramnath gets shocked nd everyone asks what happens and Ramnath tells them about Sumo’s accident.

Ramnath comes to tiwari house..and goes to Nanu’a room…Nanu is sleeping..Ramnath calls him and wake him up..Nanu asks Ramnath you at this hour..
Ramnath says tiwari g you have to come with me to hospital..Nanu asks why and Ramnath says I will tell..Preeti asks what happens uncle..

Shravan asks doc will she be ok..doc says can’t tell..until report comes and need to do operation fast and tell him to fill form..
Shravan says her family is coming but they say they don’t have time..

Shravan is filling form and remembering childhood memory of sumo falling from cycle and at relationship field he fills friend..He looks at ICU.

Pushkar cones and Shravan weeping and saying she is hurt badly and Pushkar says nothing will happen to her and you have some water..

Nanu comes and asks Shravan what did doc say..
Shravan says she has head injury and operation is going..Nanu Sita on bench and Pushkar offer him water..
All worried..

Doc says we have operated but. Next 24 hours are crucial..

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