Swaragini 23 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Swaragini 23 June 2016 Written episode Update. Swaragini today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Swara informing Kissan that they shall practice for IGT as it is in 2 days. Kissan is about to play the guitar and ends up hurting his finger. Swara bandages his hand and makes him hold guitar properly to play music. Sahil comes and thinks to expose him right now, but then thinks that his other plan is strong. He says he will make Kissan play guitar. Sanskar says no, and then asks him to teach. Sahil asks Swara to make tea. Kissan also asks her to make tea. She says okay and goes. Sahil asks Kissan to bring gift from his car. Kissan goes. Sahil searches something in his room. Swara returns with tea. Sahil again sits down on his place. Swara asks where is Kissan? Kissan comes holding the gift. Sahil says I brought it for Kissan and asks him to wear it for IGT. Kissan hugs and thanks him. Swara smiles. Sahil thinks he will end the double role game and Sanskar have to tell everyone about his truth.

Ragini says she wants to eat malpua. Parineeta tells about the pregnancy cravings. Swara asks her to finish everything. Annapurna thanks Swara. Parineeta gets jealous. Sujata says everyone is happy, but my Sanskar is not here. Utara asks Swara to give malpua. Swara tastes it and says it is so yummy. She says baby will become your fan. Swara says I am baby’s maasi. Ragini says not maasi, but didi, and then realizes what she said and says Swara is young and will look like baby’s sister and not maasi. Swara thanks her for the compliment. Parineeta says you said right, and says you are not looking pregnant as you are younger than Swara. Ragini looks on tensedly.

Later in night, Sahil burns Sanskar’s stuff. He thinks your drama is over now. Once your truth is out, then Swara will hate you all your life. Swara comes to Ragini’s room and says good morning. Ragini looks at the food tray and says she don’t want to have it. Swara says it is for baby. Ragini feels bad as she is lying from Swara. Swara asks what are you thinking? She says once IGT is over, my time will be yours. She asks her to finish food and says she needs to go to Baadi to practice with Kissan. She asks Ragini to eat food and snacks. Ragini cries and feels apologetic.

Kissan sings Rang De Toh Mohe Gerua…Swara hears him murmuring and recalls Sanskar and a flashback is shown. Kissan sees her and asks what happened? Swara says lets practice. Kissan senses her mood is off, and says we have become friends now, you trust me also, and asks her to lower her heart. Swara says what to say? I don’t understand. Sanskar asks what? Swara says I got married to a person who wants to kick me out of his life and playing games. She says my parents trust him more than they trust me, and says his mum doubts on my intentions. Sanskar asks her to drink water. Swara says I hate him, but whenever he is around me, I feel like getting attracted towards him, seems like there is a fight going on between my heart and mind. She says my heart want me to forget his doings, but how can I forget. Annapurna tells that she is thinking to do puja. Parineeta asks Ragini to sit and says she will do the work. Ragini says I am pregnant and not sick, and says even doctor advised me to do work. Sujata says no, and asks her to rest to give healthy baby. Ragini nods. Parineeta takes tray from Ragini’s hands. Dadi asks Ragini to sit. Parineeta asks Ragini, what she would like to eat? Apple, banana, or papapa. Everyone looks on. Parineeta says I mean orange. Shekhar and Sumi senses something is wrong. Annapurna says Ragini’s 3rd month will complete and says she is thinking to call people for puja. Dadi says it is good. Parineeta says she will do all arrangements as she wants Ragini to rest. Kissan tells Swara that he doesn’t know what to say, as the matter is complicated. He says your parents are good and asks her to return to her husband. Swara says he tried to kill me. Kissan says may be it is your misunderstanding as you have lost your memory. Swara says I have seen with my own eyes. Kissan says don’t jump into conclusion and let him speak his talk. Swara says I hate lie and liars. Kissan thinks I know, but I have to do this to get you.

Swara and Sanskar perform at IGT. Swara slaps him. Later Inspector comes to Maheshwari house and tells that Swara has killed Sanskar. Sujata accuses her.

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