Shakti 23 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Shakti 23 June 2016 Written episode Update. Shakti today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Surbhi reading the letter of Goli asking her to make him meet her sister. Surbhi throws letter on Goli and asks him not to throw love letter next time else she will complain to Bebe. Preeto asks her sister in law to eat good food and give a baby boy. Her sister in law asks how do you know that this baby is son. Preeto says I know, and asks her to give her son to her. Her sister in law thinks she has to brought her baby and says Preeto that her upbringing is wrong and Harman is always in jail. Preeti says Harman is intelligent and that’s why run away from jail everytime. Harman’s dad gets a call from Bhatia and he asks his brother about the order. His brother says they can’t fulfill the order of 500 stuff. Harman’s dad asks him to complete the order. Harman is in jail, and asks Constable to shoo away lizard. Constable says okay and asks him not to show cleverness. Harman asks Constable to sleep and opens the lock up with keys.

Surbhi asks Bebe if she is beautiful. Bebe says yes, you are very beautiful. Surbhi asks if Soumya is more beautiful than me. Bebe says Soumya’s beauty is like paper rose. Surbhi asks what do you mean? Bebe asks her to sleep and doesn’t answer her. Surbhi looks on. Harman escapes from jail and promises to return soon. He calls Bunty and asks if he has brought bangles and worn it. He scolds him for running from there. Bunty says I ran from there as I don’t want to show my heroic avatar. Harman says you could have been side hero. He says he don’t want to be beaten. Harman asks him to about his ladylove’s number and asks about Surbhi. He gives her no..All police officers father at Harman’s house. Harman’s dad scolds them. He takes out pistol from Inspector’s pocket and scares him. He asks them to take off their shirts else he will pull off their pants. All the Police officers take off their shirts. Harman’s dad beats them up.

Harman comes to Meethi’s house and asks her about Surbhi’s no. Meethi calls and tells her that Harman came to her house and asking for her no. Surbhi gets happy, and asks him to give whatever he is asking. Meethi asks have you gone mad? He is a goon. Surbhi says he is my hero and asks her to ask Harman to meet her at temple. Meethi says you are doing wrong. Surbhi thanks God. A boy comes and gives chit to Harman saying Soumya gave it. Surbhi is about to go. Nimmi asks where you are going? Bebe asks Surbhi to go, and says Nimmi might be black cat in last birth to have stopped her. Surbhi goes. Soumya asks Nimmi not to stop Surbhi from going anywhere. Nimmi says she wanted to take both of her daughter to temple and that’s why asked her. Soumya gets happy. Surbhi comes to Harman and says oh hero…Harman gets tensed seeing police men there. He turns towards Surbhi and says she must have seen his charm and asks her to call her lovers there. Surbhi says angry young man, revenge and all. I don’t have time, whatever you want to say, say it, else I will leave. Harman keeps pistol on her head, Surbhi gets shocked.

Surbhi sprays something (pepper spray) in Harman’s eyes and escapes. Harman writhles in pain and asks for water. Soumya gives him water. Harman picks his fallen gun and points at Soumya. Nimmi and Soumya are shocked.

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