Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 June 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Akshara applying balm to Naira’s foot. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to tie the thread given by Guru ji. Naira makes her foot away. Akshara says fine, apply balm again if you want. She goes out and Kartik apologizes to her, saying it was hit by mistake. She says its fine and goes. He goes to Naira and apologizes to her. He says you got hurt because of me, I did not do this intentionally, I felt very bad, you can’t practice dance and can’t attend Yash’s engagement, I m sorry. She says its okay, no need to say sorry. He says yes, right, I thought you will take revenge and make me get fired from job. She asks did you say sorry to save your job. He says its benefit that you got hurt, the house will be saved from you, as you dance and break the tiles. She says stop and gets up. She stumbles. He holds her and asks her to take revenge later. He says it was all a joke, sorry, take care. He leaves. She smiles.

Naksh gets Naira downstairs. Bhabhimaa asks about her pain. Naira says I m better. Bhabhimaa says its because of your mother’s care. Rukmani gives good news of engagement mahurat next week. Bhabhimaa says then we should start arrangements. Naksh says we will sing and dance today, and call everyone tomorrow. Yash and Rose smile. Gayu asks Akshara about talking to Nandini. Akshara says I spoke to Mohit, he said he will talk to Nandini.

Mohit and Nandini come. Rukmani tells them about mahurat. Nandini says this marriage can’t happen. Bhabhimaa asks why are you not agreeing, Yash’s betterment is in this, don’t be annoyed. Nandini says I m not annoyed, I got their kundlis matched by pandit ji, their Grah don’t match, so this marriage won’t stay, they won’t be happy. Yash says there is no kundli of Rose. Nandini says I made her kundli by taking her birth details. Yash asks why, since when are you believing in kundli, what do you want. Nandini asks why, I m thinking for your good. He says my happiness is with Rose. She says I m your mum, don’t tell me anything. Naksh asks her to support Yash, he needs you.

Akshara says yes, you should bless them. Nandini says this marriage can’t happen. Akshara says there will be some solution of their kundli mismatch. Nandini says pandit ji said Yash’s life can get harmed too, can I get him married knowing this. Yash says no. they all get shocked. Naira asks Yash do you also believe this, how can you break Rose’s heart, don’t be scared, nothing will happen. He says I m refusing not for my life risk, I m refusing for my mum’s happiness. Naira asks Nandini not to separate lovers. Nandini asks shall I not worry for my son, you all did not think if I m stopping him for this marriage, there will be some reason, if you all think I m wrong, then do what you want, who am I to stop him, I did not give him birth. She cries. Akshara consoles her. Rose asks Yash to go to Nandini.

Yash apologizes and says this marriage won’t happen, Rose will go back if you are hurt, don’t cry. Gayu asks Yash not to refuse for marriage. Rukmani says I did not matched Nandini and Mohit’s kundlis, why is she doing this. Yash says let it be, Maa did a lot for me, if she gets peace if I don’t marry, it will be low price. Yash goes. Rose cries. Naira, Gayu take her. Mohit asks Nandini are you happy now, come.

Akshara tells Nandini that I don’t agree what you said, I feel there is some other reason. Nandini says I said true, if you don’t want to agree, then I don’t care. She goes. Yash tells Rose that everything is over, I m so sorry, go back Rose, I won’t trouble you again. Naksh asks him not to lose hope, everyone will agree. Gayu says Rose came here by trusting you. Rose says I know you all worry for me, I m proud of Yash, we would not stay happy till Nandini stayed happy. Naira says I have to do something and goes.

Naira tells Akshara that Yash and Rose can’t stay without each other, how can Nandini decide about Yash’s marriage, can’t children take their decision, I won’t let Rose leave, I will do what I find right.

Akshara asks her to try if she wants, I spoke to Naitik, he said he will try to explain Nandini. She goes. Rose sees their family pic and cries. Akshara goes to her. Rose thanks her for everything. Akshara says we could not do anything for you. Mishti gave this rose for you. She hugs Rose. Naira looks on. Gayu gets a gift for Rose and says she is leaving. Naira says because no one is stopping her. Gayu asks what can we do, Yash is sacrificing for his mom. Naira says but is Nandini right, she does not care for Yash. Gayu says children’s happiness is not separate from parents’ happiness. Naira says yes I expect this from you, you are Akshara’s shadow. Gayu says I expect same from you, you don’t know what she has done and what she is.

Rose is leaving and meeting everyone. Naira calls pandit ji and thinks is the work done. Rukmani wishes the kundli problem is solved. Naira asks pandit ji did he check kundlis well, are you sure, thanks. She ends call and gets thinking. Rukmani asks Rose not to forget them. Rose hugs everyone. Naira goes to Akshara and takes her aside. She tells Akshara that Nandini lied to all of us, I have sent Yash and Rose’s kundlis to Rishikesh’s pandit, there is no problem in their kundli. Akshara says what, what is Nandini doing this, I had doubt that there is some other reason, you stop Rose, I will try to talk to Nandini. They thank each other.

Akshara says we have to know the truth why Nandini lied to stop this marriage. Rukmani says she said the kundlis did not match. Akshara says truth is something else.

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