Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 22 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 22 June 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Manvi telling that imposter will try to get back home. Servant comes home. He is greeted by his wife who takes him inside. She then suffocates his neck and kills him. The woman turns out to be Yamini. Rahul comes to Shaleen and asks what you are doing to control your wife. He says you asked me to control my wife and asks what you are doing to control Nisha. He says Nisha is conspiring against Manvi. Shaleen takes Nisha’s side and asks if she is wrong if mom back out her words. Rahul says do you have an idea what happened at home. Nisha asks what happened? Shaleen says God knows. Nisha says everyone has gone mad? Manvi sees kitchen door opening and closing and closes it forcibly. Rahul thinks where is Manvi. She is always busy in work. Chotu informs Manvi that their cook died. Manvi says how can he die? Just now he was here and I sent him home. She tells Chotu that she will give him money, and thinks to meet his wife next morning. Rahul hears them and goes to bring money.

Manvi comes to cook’s house, and sees Yamini crying (with loud makeup, hair do and designer saree). She calls her Sandhya and asks her not to worry. Yamini sheds fake tears and says she will end her life. Manvi asks her to come with her and says she will make her stay in servant’s quarters and asks her to bring her stuff. Yamini smirks. Manvi brings Yamini to her home, thinking her to be Sandhya. Rahul gives his condolences. Manvi goes to make arrangement for her stay. Yamini thinks I will make arrangement for you and Rahul’s death. She says I will create problems so that Rahul will kick you out and you both will hate each other. Manvi comes to Rahul and feels bad for Sandhya. Rahul asks her not to take stress, and says he will make masala tea for her. Yamini brings tea for them. Manvi says you can rest and do work later. Yamini praises her. Manvi asks her to do work if she wants, but asks her not to worry. Yamini thinks I came here to make everyone cry, very soon everyone will mourn here.

Rahul tells Manvi that they have to fight with negative powers and says we can’t let it win. He says whenever you smile. Manvi says it is good. Rahul says it is special. He is about to kiss her, but just then his phone rings. Rahul says this is my enemy’s no. and says I will be left bachelor and can’t become dad. Yamini says yes, you said right, I am your big enemy.

Shilpa gives breakfast to Harsh and asks him to have breakfast. She asks where is your Papa? Harsh says he is in room. She asks what you are doing with Harsh’s computer. Her husband says he is doing some important work. She says this thing don’t suit you and says she will tell Harsh. Her husband asks her not to tell him. He tells Shilpa that he is browsing matrimonial site for Harsh. Shilpa asks did you select any girl? Her husband shows a girl’s profile and says she has learnt shastria music. Shilpa says Manvi was saved from you, but I think this girl will not be saved. They laugh. He husband says this girl’s dad works in Rahul’s company and we will get info from him. Shilpa says we will tell Harsh on his marriage day.

Yamini thinks she is doing this for her Yugand. Nisha comes and asks her to make lemonade, and asks don’t you know how to make it. Yamini thinks to treat her first and starts acting seeing Sonali coming. She asks Nisha not to badmouth about Manvi and asks her not to throw her out of job. Sonali scolds Nisha for threatening to fire Sandhya. Nisha says I didn’t say that and says you are trusting her and not me. Sonali says what do you think of them, as insects and scolds her for badmouthing about Manvi. She asks Nisha to find a home for her. She asks Sandhya/Yamini to complain her if Nisha does something. Nisha is shocked and asks Yamini, why did you lie to mom? Yamini says you do the same with others. Nisha holds her hand and makes it turn red. Nisha says sorry and asks her to leave her hand. Nisha’s hand goes back to normal. Yamini asks her not to dare talk to her like this and asks her to work for her. Nisha asks what? Yamini says our enemy is same and asks her to bring lemonade. Nisha thinks don’t know who is she? Yamini gives her 5 mins. Nisha goes to kitchen.

No precap.

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