Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22 June 2016 Written episode Update. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1:
Location: Corridor
Kauravki is fuming, and says that she wont wait for him forevere and shall leave. she finds ashoka walking past in the corridor, and rushes after her, despite devi trying to stop her. devi is amused thinking that she is just like radha going after her krishna wherever he goes. she says that she cant leave ashoka ever. devi says that her love wont ever allow her to do that. kaurvaki meanwhile runs dishevelled behind ashoka, who walks on oblivious of being followed. he guesses something instinctively, but she hides behind a vase, to avoid being seen. Then he opens a secret cellar, and after observing that he isnt being watches, he goes inside and locks the door back. when she steps out, she finds him gone, and is thoroughly boggled and confused. she looks around, and wonders where he went.

Meanwhile, Inside, Acharya tells ashoka about the regions in Uttar and Dakshin’s commands, and how his spies have been on the job for more intel, but not much progress has surfaced so far. Ashoka says that it isnt possible for Uttar to stay hidden soon, and he can isntinctively feel that he shall be out of hiding soon. acharya talks about sushim’s moves being followed too. their commander comes and says that their instincts are right, as he just saw, sushim’s horseback being loaded with mountaineering stuff. ashoka says that they should go after him, and not lose him this time around. acharya says that it might be dangerous for him, as the tantric too lives there, and his powers can ruin him. ashoka says that if its so, then its time to meet him, and maybe its a better luck this time around. he says that he stands invincible, as he isnt swayed by emotions. Ashoka proclaims to Acharya ji, that he shall leave no stone unturned in bringing justice to the people of Pataliputra, and that even sushim’s supernatural powers wont stand a chance against his will power and determination. acharya warns him not to hurt sushim at all, as if he is slightly hurt even, he shall get punished by Bindu. ashoka says that whats destined to happen shall happen. he folds his hands to take leave. acharya notices blood, and asks him about it. ashoka finds them completely fine. ashoka says that he thinks that he needs rest. he leaves. acharya is tensed as he got the signal of a murder, and maybe soon a name is going to be ticked off in ashoka’s list.

Outside, kaurvaki gets frustrated thinking that she is an idiot waiting for him, standing here for him, when he is least bothered. she says that she has decided that it isnt right for her to be staying here at all. after she leaves, ashoka comes out, and she again hides. acharya asks him if he has made up his mind that he shall go alone. ashoka says that he has been waiting for this for the past ten years, and now he only wants to meet him alone. kaurvaki gets the wrong insinuation, as she misunderstands that he is talking about meeting some girl in the middle of the night, in solitude. ashoka says that he shall draw full happiness tonight, as his life’s mission stands successful. acharya asks if its anindini. kaurvaki confirms her suspicions. meanwhile, ashoka takes leave, while kauravki fumes further, that ashoka is going after someone else. she is determined to find out what can anindini offer that she cant, and that she wont run and escape away, and that tonight she shall decide what needs to be done.

In the wee hours of the night, sushim arrives in a cape at the stable, and picks his horse. ashoka notices him from hiding, and takes one horse for himself too. kaurvaki notices him going and follows route. but ashoka sees her, and asks whats she doing here, following him. she says that she isnt. he asks her to refrain to her room. she says that he cant decide for her. he asks her to do whatever he wishes to and leaves. she says that he being so impatient, to meet his life partner, she would spoil all his plans. she too rushes after him.

Scene 2:
Location: Open fields
Kaurvaki too rides on the horse, while sushim is on the horse too, oblivious of the other’s presence. ashoka too stealthily follows him, at a safe distance to avoid being seen. sushim thinks that he is being followed, and turns around suddenly, but finds noone. he thinks that ashoka was following him, but when finds that his doubts were baseless, he returns back to his journey. ashoka too follows him from a distance. They both reach the base of the mountain. sushim gets off the horse, and starts mountain climbing, with his bare hands. ashoka too starts mountaineering after him, finding sushim getting atop without much difficulty, making it seem like he is habituated to this. he gets up too. kaurvaki meanwhile continues to harbour her misguided understanding, and thinks that she shall make ashoka hers, and asks the lord to help her protect her love. she assures herself that if ashoka can get up the mountain, then she too can and its a test of her love for him. she too manages to get up, and without looking up, she is determiend to go where ashoka went. Sushim reaches the top, and again instinctively feels himself being followed by ashoka. he turns around but doesnt find anyone. he walks back towards the cave. meanwhile ashoka finds his unrelenting courage and strength very weird, and just then, he hears kaurvaki calling out to him. but he turns around and sees noone else. he walks after suhim. kaurvaki too gets up somehow, and says that the day she is identified by him, she would make him penance for all the mistakes he is committing.

Scene 3:
Location: Tantric’s enclave.
Finally, sushim enters into the cave. ashoka too goes in after him. sushim tells the while the tantric continues the puja, some smoke is emanated which bothers ashoka too. the tantric asks sushim to look beyond what he sees, as he had alerted and warned him, of this beforehand. Sushim’s tantric tells him that he turned very late, as now ashoka is unstoppable, and he had warned him, that the next time, ashoka comes to confront him, it shall be difficult to defeat him. an enraged sushim doesnt ask for advice, but a way out. the tantric gets tensed. he asks for a night, to be able to find a way to get rid of ashoka, and he shall surely come up with a solution. ashoka hears this all from a distance. Kaurvaki watches ashoka, and wonders where is anindini, and if she is inside the cave, then whats he doing outside and not going in.

Inside, sushim warns the tantric. Outside, ashoka finds kaurvaki, and is boggled. he goes to her. Just then, sushim comes out, thinking that he wont leave from here disappointed tomorrow. Meanwhile, ashoka takes kaurvaki aside. ashoka asks her whats she doing here, and asks if she has any brains or not, and asks her to care for herself atleast. she tries to speak, but he asks her to stay put here, and also warns her not to even think about leaving from here. he says that he has come for a motive and while he finishes that, she shouldnt move. she tries to speak, but he again shushes her up and says that once the task is finished, he shall come back and answer all of her questions. he comes back with a bunch of wild berrioes, for her to binge on, and indulge, while he comes back. helplessly, she eats the berries, while ashoka stealthily walks inside the cave. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: The next morning, everyone is shocked, as they all go out in the public courtyard, wherein they find Sushim’s tantric’s body, hung from a rope, with the noose around the neck. all are horrified, including Mahamatya, while sushim is aghast. ashoka intentionally taunts sushim, that he wonders who must have killed him so barbarously. he says that he is grieved to know what must the pupil be going through right now. sushim gets enraged, and understands that ashoka is behind this, and lunges at his throat. But bindu comes in just then, and asks whats going on. sushim is barely able to restrain himself.

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