Swaragini 21 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Swaragini 21 June 2016 Written episode Update. Swaragini today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Sahil seeing Sanskar in Kissan’s attire. Sanskar thinks he will tell Swara soon about his change. Sahil thinks he will show Swara about Sanskar’s act, and promises to end his act. Parineeta calls nurse and asks why you was not picking the call. She says my work is not done with your medicine. Nurse says that medicine is so strong and if pregnant lady eats it, then her baby will die. Parineeta thinks what is the mystery. Annapurna calls her. Sahil comes to Maheshwari house. Laksh asks him to sit. Sahil asks where is Sanskar and says he needs his signature for the collaboration. Durga Prasad says we called him. He asks about Swara. Ragini says she is getting ready and will come. Maya asks Sahil to sign on the papers. Sanskar comes. Swra is scared hearing him coming. Sujata is happy and hugs him. Swara comes out of her room and looks at him. Sanskar says I am fine Maa. Sujata asks him to come inside. Laksh hugs Sanskar. Sanskar meets his family. Durga Prasad asks him to sign on the papers. Sanskar says hi to Sahil. Sahil recalls seeing him in kissan’s look and asks him to sign and final the deal.

Sanskar signs on the papers. Sahil says he wants to meet Swara. Ragini calls Swara and brings her downstairs. Swara recalls Sanskar shooting at her. Swara greets Sahil. Ragini asks Swara if she is going somewhere? Swara says yes, have to do rehearsals with Kissan. Sanskar tells Sujata that he has to leave now. Sujata says we will have food together. Annapurna asks Sanskar to stay back. Even Durga Prasad insists. Laksh asks Maya, Sahil and Swara to do lunch together to save Sanskar. Sahil says I have an important meeting and says he has to leave. Swara says I am late for rehearsals. Sanskar tells Sujata that he has to go. Sahil asks him to stay and have food with family. Sujata asks Sahil to stay and says Swara is leaving and will not have any objections. Sahil asks Swara to come with him, and thinks I will expose you Sanskar.

Sahil and Swara come to Baadi. Sumi asks why did you come back here? Swara says she came to practice with Kissan. Sumi says he might be sleeping. Sahil thinks Sanskar is in Baadi, then how he could be here? Swara asks what happened? Sahil says I forgot my phone in car and goes to bring it. Sujata makes Sanskar eat food and don’t let him go. Laksh tells Ragini that he has to go to office. He calls office and says Sanskar needs to sign on some papers. Sujata says he will not go today. Ragini asks Laksh to let Sanskar stay at home and asks him to handle office alone. She says we have to go to see doctor sometime later. Sahil comes to Kissan’s room and sees blanket over him. Just the he gets a call.

Adarsh is drinking tea served by Ragini. He spills it and asks her to give tissue. Ragini gives him tissue papers and sees abortion pills in the drawer. She is shocked and thinks bhabhi can’t be pregnant, then why did she need this pills. Adarsh asks do you need anything. Ragini says no and goes. She recalls Parineeta making her have laddoo and then her condition worsened. She thinks she has to talk to Doctor. Sahil thinks to show Kissan to Swara. He asks Shekhar and Sumi to come also. Sanskar is on the way to Baadi in car, it stops. Driver says it will take 1-2 hours for repair. Sanskar gets down the car and runs on the road. Sahil takes them to Dida’s house. Dadi stops them and asks where you people are going? Swara says you came Dadi. Dadi says I went to temple and prayed. Sahil asks them to come. Dadi asks Swara to eat ras malai first. Sahil angrily asks her to eat it later. Swara asks what happened? Why you are sounding rude? Sahil says sorry and says he is restless. He shows the bed and says Kissan is missing. Kissan comes and says it is impossible to catch don. Sahil says how can he come here? A fb is shown, Sanskar recalls how he enter the room?

Inspector comes and tells that he came to arrest Swara as she killed Sanskar. Ragini says it might be a misunderstanding and asks them to leave her sister. Sujata blames Swara. Inspector arrests Swara.

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