scene 1
Daprna says ai baba why have you all left me alone. Ganesh is hidden as well.
Dev says to Bhao we wlll find dead bodies. They have both gone. Meethi comes and says why are you clapping? Bhao says its time to be happy. Dev says meethi ma we have a good news. Ranger karnik killed his wife and ran somewhere. Meethi ma says where ? dev says we don’t know. His wife and him are out of our life. Shaureya comes and says how she died? His wife asks how? bvhao says the reality of her husband killed her. You have to pay fir the truth. She wanted to expose his sins so he killed her and ran somewhere. She asks what about darpan? how will she live?
Darpna comes home and says where are they all. She calls Mahesh’s pone but its out of reach. darpan says why cant I contact him.
Dapran goes to office. she goes to officer and says please find my ai baba. He says sit in the line and file a complaint. We will write when your turn comes.
Meethi ma says they deserved it. Shaureya says think about that little girl. meethi maa syas he elephant brother will handle her. mahes does the funerals of prabha.
Darpan tells details to cops. she says how can I go home no one is there. Constable says her dad has left the town. darpan says how will I live with all of them?
Bandhan 27th November 2014 Written Update
Dev says I am happy because they have gone. shaurya says I cant believe he can do this. Meethi says why do you like him? bhao says no one know who is good and who is bad one has to go.
Mahesh recalls all his moments with prabhs when she treated him like a son. He breaks the pot. Bhao says no more discussion about karnik family. Ganesh fires the corpse of prabha. He screams.
Shaureya’s wife syas we cant leave that girla lone. maybe we should help her. meethi ma says go in and do your work. Bhao says she is right we should be with her. She should be with her. prabha was like a sister.
Ganesh recalls Mahesh’s words. That yhe will have to take care of darpan from now.
meethi ma syas why should we do her funeral? they’re bad people. bhao says we have to. Dev says this is out of my mind. why should we help darpan? Bhao says if Mahesh is alive he will come here to look for darpan.
Darpan says yes he would help me. I should go to them. darpan comes to bhao’s house and says is anyone in there? meethi maa opens the gate. Darpan says I wanna meet bhao meethi jmaa says wyhy? darpan says I need his help. my family is lost he will find my parents. meethi maa syas they are still lost ? darpan says I found them everywhere. meethi maa says you are at right place then.
Precap-darpan says aunty where are ai baba? meethi shows her prabha’s photo with garland.
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