Mere Angne Mein 21 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Mere Angne Mein 21 June 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Amit being angry that Shivam’s fate is so good, Riya did not go and now he got Chanda. Rani says its good Chanda went there, my Amit is saved. Sarla says I will get sautan for you if you do anything. Rani calls Riya and asks her to save her suhaag. Riya says I m not courageous like you Rani. Rani asks her to fight with Chanda. Amit takes the phone and says Riya, whatever is happening with you is right, end call now. Riya cries.

Pari hides the jewelry box. Nimmi sees this and cries. She runs to Sharmili and asks her to come with her, she will show who is real thief. She takes Sharmili and Sujeev to Pari’s room. She says Pari is the real thief. Vyom and Mama come and everyone get shocked. Nimmi shows the jewelry, and asks them to see. Pari gets worried. Nimmi says when I was finding jewelry, I have seen Pari taking jewelry from table side. Pari says she is lying. Nimmi asks whats all this then, Sujeev ji one hour is ending, will you not kick out the thief. Sujeev gets angry and goes to Pari. He slaps Pari hard and says you have stolen things, bad Pari, I will not leave you. Mama takes Sujeev with him. Pari holds Sharmili’s feet and says I did not do anything. Sharmili says you have just greed. Pari says no, I felt I should keep jewelry safe. Sharmili asks her to say story to someone else, why did you not tell me before. Pari says yes, I did mistake, don’t make me leave house. Sharmili takes her phone and says you will be without this phone, and Nimmi you did not turn great, you both have same status like before, get the jewelry to me.

Pandit comes to Shanti Sadan. He gives a mahurat for marriage, after 5 days. Sarla and Shanti get glad. Riya is shocked and signs no to Kaushalya. Kaushalya gets upset. Shanti asks Kaushalya what is her reply. Kaushalya sadly says yes. Shanti and Sarla dance. Riya thinks I won’t let Shanti’s wish get true, I will fight for my love and rights. Shanti tells pandit that she will give him nek on marriage day and promises him. He laughs and goes. Shanti stares at Riya.

Pari asks Vyom to save her innocent face. Nimmi scolds Pari. Vyom scolds Nimmi. Nimmi cries and asks whats my mistake, Pari cheated, you should support me. He says I don’t like to see your face. Nimmi says even I m not happy seeing your face, I m helpless. She goes. Nandu cries and his colleague asks him is everything fine. Nandu says nothing is fine. Preeti’s dream broke and so she scolded me. The man asks him to join his bank, he can earn more and get a house. Nandu says you are right, I have to do something to earn money, tell me where do I have to go. The man says I will tell you how to make Preeti dance on your fingers, don’t go home, learn to drive bike, my brother has old bike, you make a new start from you.

Shanti says how will we manage everything in five days and asks Preeti to help her. Preeti says keep me out of all this. Shanti shouts you clerk’s wife, you are showing anger to me, don’t show this attitude to me, if you are staying here, you have to obey me, I explained you with love, you don’t listen at all. She asks Sarla to make list. Sarla asks Preeti to get pen and paper. Preeti gets that. Sarla says I will write my Chandrahaar first in the list. Kaushalya says Riya has the Chandrahaar, I can’t take it back. Shanti asks why, did her dad give her that Chandrahaar, your bahu has right on it, that’s Chanda, not Riya. Kaushalya asks Riya for the Chandrahaar. Riya says its at my dad’s place, I won’t return it. Kaushalya asks why, its my mum’s necklace. Riya says I won’t return at any price. Shanti says I want it back, I want to see Sarla wearing it. Kaushalya says you said its for my bahu, we will make another one for Sarla. Sarla cries and says look at Kaushalya, she won’t give me any necklace. Shanti says Shivam is remarrying because of Sarla. Kaushalya says no, but its for my bahu. Shanti calls her selfish and asks can’t you do this for Sarla, happiness is coming because of Sarla. Kaushalya says fine, sorry, I will give my necklace to Sarla. Shanti promises Sarla to do kanyadaan and I will give Chandrahaar to you. She asks her to go and get wedding invitation card from Riya’s side. Riya gets shocked. Riya says I have no objection, I will see how this marriage happens. Shanti says Shivam agreed for marriage, what will you do. Shanti gives money to Sarla and asks her to get cards printed. Sarla goes. Shanti says Shivam weds Chanda and smiles.

Riya asks Shivam to talk to her, its about my life, if you marry Chanda, you can’t come back to me. He says we will see who regrets.

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