Dehleez 20 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Dehleez 20 June 2016 Written episode Update. Dehleez today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with inspector asking is Swadheenta sure about seeing Arvind in central mall. She recalls Adarsh saying he has seen Arvind. She says yes, Adarsh and I went for shopping with family, and Adarsh has seen him there, we will check CCTV footage. Paddy calls her and says I want to meet you. Swadheenta asks anything imp, I m going with investigation team, we will meet later. Paddy says no, its imp, come and meet me at my office café. She says fine. She asks inspector to check CCTV footage.

Arvind tells his colleague that he has to prove that dad is not involved in this. He calls Jaidev and says we have to meet minister, Swadheenta dragged his name in court. Jaidev says I will call you back, give me some time. Manohar asks Jaidev what was Adarsh saying. Jaidev says he was saying about meeting minister, even mom could say this. Manohar says just we both know the truth.

Swadheenta asks Paddy why did you call me here, I will inform you if I know about Arvind. Paddy says you regard me just a reporter, but you became a friend for me, you are doing great work for such relations which are not blood relations, I think you should talk to Adarsh once. Swadheenta says leaving home was my helplessness. Paddy says I know, but Adarsh would be missing you, talk to me. Swadheenta says I will talk to him once truth comes out. Paddy says wait for 5mins. Swadheenta says I m getting late, I have to go with police. Adarsh comes there. Paddy says I just thought…. Sorry. Swadheenta says you should have asked once. She leaves. Adarsh talks to Paddy. Paddy says Swadheenta and I became friends, I just wanted you both to talk. He says I did not ask her to leave home, she did that herself, anyways, our personal matters, you please stay out of it. He leaves.

Swadheenta and police check the CCTV footage of 10th May. Swadheenta asks them to show footage since 1.30pm, as we reached there at 1.45pm. She asks them to stop and shows Arvind Gupta. She tells inspector that he is Arvind. Inspector says yes, how will we prove it, that he came to mall for some work. She says wait, and rewinds the video. She recalls the shopkeeper, and says this is that malls’ shop salesman, we have to catch him. inspector asks manager to take him to that salesman. Arvind and Bilal are on the way. Bilal talks to that man. Bilal says we are leaving for our country, take care and ends call. Bilal sees the police checking and asks Arvind shall I take car back. Arvind in disguise asks him not to worry, and just wipe his sweat. Police arrests that salesman. The man asks what did I do. Swadheenta shows him the footage and asks where is Arvind. He asks who, I don’t know him. She takes his phone and asks about last dialed number. Inspector asks him to say. The man says I don’t know anyone and tries eating poison. Swadheenta stops him and scolds him for killing innocent people and thinking he would get easy death. The man says Arvind/major Iftekaar is going Rajasthan with Bilal. She says major Iftekaar. Inspector calls control room to find Arvind.

Manohar tries to explain Suhasini. She says I did not know Swadheenta would drag this angle, did Allan give statement because of you. He says no. she says I was just wishing to hear from you, I know you can’t do this, as this case is related to Abhay, sorry. He says its alright and worries. She says if Swadheenta files money transfer case on you and minister, I will find some way to save you, don’t you worry.

Inspector asks Bilal to show license and car papers. Bilal says we are local. Inspector sees Arvind’s pic and stops them, asking them to get down. Inspector asks Yash to see, his face matches with this sketch. Yash sees Arvind and asks inspector not to trouble common man for this search. He asks them to go. Bilal thanks him. Yash sees the car number, and says I have some work officer, I will visit headquarters and come. He leaves.

Swadheenta and inspector come there. She asks did they know anything. Other inspector tells her that they have seen such man, but Yash has let him go, we tried to stop him. She asks where is Yash. He says he went to headquarters for work. She thinks we have to keep an eye on Yash too, he would not want Arvind to get caught. She calls Radhika and asks for a favor. Radhika asks her to say. Swadheenta says its odd, help me in tracking Yash. Radhika says I will try to talk to my dad, I doubt whether he will help, I think Sandy can help us, he is professional hacker, I will send him Yash’s numbers, lets see if we get to know anything. Swadheenta thanks her and is sure that Yash knows about Arvind. Radhika messages her. Swadheenta shows the location to inspector and asks about the village. He says its 3.5 km away. She thinks Yash said about going headquarters, but he went to village. Yash follows Arvind and thinks did Arvind think I did not identify him, I identified you, but I did not want police or Swadheenta to get you.

Arvind removes the wig and says I told you Bilal nothing will happen. Bilal says thank Lord Yash did not identify you, else…. Arvind says even my mum can’t identify me in this disguise. Bilal stops the car at the dhaba. Arvind smiles. Bilal asks the reason for his smile. Arvind jokes. Bilal says we will meet again, till then goodbye. Bilal leaves. Arvind drives the car ahead. Yash comes in his way and stops his car. He aims the gun and asks Arvind not to move, come out. Yash says you felt I did not identity you at checkpost. Arvind walks to him. They both smile. Arvind says even I was thinking the same, your eyes can’t get cheated, then I understood you are paying for my favors, I did favor on you by killing your biggest enemy, so you saved me many times. Yash says you are mistaken, I have saved myself, its true I hate Asad, its also true that I hate you even more, just you know my secret, no problem, you and my secret will be going away from this world.

Adarsh tells Suhasini that Arvind will be caught, and then all the blames will be proved wrong. Suhasini says that’s not enough, we have to prove all blames on Manohar wrong. Bilal stops Swadheenta and stabs her.

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