Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 June 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 June 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa blessing Yash. Yash tells her that Nandini and Rukmani are not agreeing for Rose. Bhabhimaa asks him not to worry. Naira says I will tech bollywood dance to Rose. Bhabhimaa asks Naira does she still dance. Devyaani asks Naira to show some dance, its been long watching her dance. Naira agrees. Akshara tells Gayu that she will help her in designs. Gayu gets glad and rushes out. She collides with Kartik and falls in his arms. He asks are you okay. She says yes. He hears music and goes inside the house. He sees Naira dancing. Everyone clap for Naira. Naira dances wearing ghungroos. Kartik smiles seeing Naira.

Akshara happily cries seeing Naira. Naira goes to Gayu and takes her for dance. She also gets Akshara. They all dance. Naira collides with Kartik and goes. He says I did not know she dances so well. Gayu hears this. Naira dances with Bhabhimaa. Everyone clap.

Varsha tells Shaurya and everyone about guest staying at Kohli’s place, we should know who is he. Rajshri says yes. Kuhu asks Happy about Kartik. Happy says he is our tenant. Kohli comes and says no, I said relative. Kartik goes to Naira and says you have much talent. She smiles. He jokes on her dance and says your monkey dance is best. She gets angry. He asks her not to waste water by putting on him. She asks him to talk less and not create noise pollution. He says fine and smiles. She goes. One of her ghungroo bead falls there. He picks it and smiles. He puts that in his pocket. Naira teaches dance to Rose. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik.

She shows Akshara her designs. Akshara asks her to listen. Naira asks Rose do you like filmy dialogues. Rose says yes, I can say too. She tells some dialogues and they laugh. Rukmani comes and says what am I seeing, why did I not die before seeing this. Rose says this is hero’s mummy dialogues, I can also say this. Naira stops Rose. Gayu asks Rukmani not to get annoyed. Rukmani says you should have thought of Nandini atleast, if you can’t listen to me. She asks Bhabhimaa to explain them. Bhabhimaa says I agreed, Rose is a good valued girl. Gayu says we all like her, she is very nice. Rukmani says if she is so good, then get Naksh married to her, I want just desi bahu. Naira asks why. Rukmani says she will be like us, that’s why. Naira says if we prove that Rose is perfect for Yash, will you not refuse then. Rukmani says this can’t happen. Naira says its our problem, tell us do you accept the challenge. Rukmani says yes.

Naira writes the bahu’s qualities and says we will prove if Rose capable or not. Naira asks Rose to sing the aarti. Rukmani says she does not know hindi. Rose sings aarti. Rukmani gets shocked. Everyone smile and clap for her. Naira says we all know Rose earns more than Yash, so her salary is high. Rukmani says girl should know cooking, ask Rose does she know to cook Indian food. Rose asks what do you want to eat, Daal baati churma or paratha, I learnt cooking this for Yash. Everyone smile. Rukmani says she can just say hat, she has to show. Akshara asks Yash did Rose and her family taken your test. Yash says no. Akshara asks why are we testing Rose then. Rose says its okay, I will cook. Akshara says we will help you. Rukmani says no, she should cook alone. Naksh says both Yash and Rose should know cooking. Rose says its fine, Yash helps me in kitchen.

They all wait and Rose goes to cook alone. Akshara says this is wrong that she is giving test alone. Gayu says we should pray Rose and Yash stay together always. Rose gets the food. Akshara asks Rukmani to taste first. Rukmani tastes the food and gets shocked. Naira asks how is it. Rukmani says its good. Rose gets dizzy. Yash holds her.
Everyone care for Rose. Devyaani says she cooked alone and maybe got dehydrated. She gets lemon water for Rose. Rukmani says I know Rose will marry Yash and then make him her servant. Bau ji asks what are you saying. Rukmani says this girl controls Yash. Akshara asks Rukmani to see good qualities in Rose. Naira asks how will Rukmani see qualities, she is doing so much, no Indian girl would bear this and would have replied Rukmani well.

Naira tells Rukmani that Yash and Rose each other, Yash would have married Rose, he came here to take your permission and blessing, you have small thinking, I don’t think anyone is against this marriage. They all say they agree. Kartik asks Rukmani to agree. She asks who are you to say in between, I know you all want me to say yes, but I won’t, this girl is not good for my family. Naira asks why, because of her color and race, why should Yash marry any girl he does not love, change your thinking, Yash and Rose should get married.

Rose tells Rukmani to please agree and accept her, she can become the bahu which she wants. She sits holding a ring and says please agree Dadi.

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