Swaragini 20 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Swaragini 20 June 2016 Written episode Update. Swaragini today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Aradhya says after seeing this video maybe i wont have to sing divorce papers. She plays video, Nikhal says in video that Jairaj and Purva are from good families but i dont understand why you are trying to malign their respect? you have some personal grudge against them? Aradhya says how this can happen? Aaba says enough of your drama, Purva says whats wrong with you? if aaba wants me to make his daughter in law then whats my fault? why you are behind my family? Raj says she knows that Aaba wants divorce thats why she is doing this, Aradhya says these both are cheaters aaba, dont believe them, aaba says if you say a word then i will throw you out of house. Aryan comes there and says enough Aradhya, ARadhya goes to him and says i am saying truth, ask Purva why nobody lives her in house? why her house is locked? Aaba says no i understand everything, she did drama of being possessed by Bhamini and when that didnt work out so she is doing this drama now, Aryan says now you can live in this house, call police or anything but you cant stay here now, Aradhya says try and understand.
Pavitra is in her room and says why i didnt get call from hospital? what if there is something in reports that would shock me? she gets call and prays that i listen what i want to listen.
Aryan asks ARadhya to leave, she asks if he really wants to throw her out of house? he says yes, she asks if he wants to marry Purva? he says yes, its my right to decide who should be my life partner, Aradhya says if you want me to leave house then i will leave so that you and your family lives in peace.
Pavitra says to nurse on call that what Aradhya is my daughter? check samples again, nurse says we have checked your , Shashwat and Aradhya’s DNA too, she is your daughter only, Pavitra ends calls and says she is my daughter? she recalls how Aradhya used to call her aayi but how Pavitra used to insult her, used to curse her to die and leave her house, she made her work in house, how she was cruel with her, how she made her drink herbal drink to prove her mental, how she made her walk on coal. In Hall, Aryan says my aayi wants to have daughter in house not daughter in law, her dreams will be completed only when you leave from here. Pavitra comes in hall, Aryan says to Aradhya that dont force to throw you out of house, just leave from here. Aradhya folds her hand and tries to explain to Aryan, Pavita is seeing Aradhya in tears. Aryan gets angry and grabs Aradhya’s hand, she is in pain, her wounds hurt, Aryan drags her out of house but Pavitra comes and screams Aradhya, all are stunned, Pavitra says stop Aryan, she emotionally looks at Aradhya, Aryan asks what happened aayi? Pavitra says dont throw her out of house, Aryan says you wanted to throw her out of house always, PAvitra says see her wounds are bleeding, dont throw her in this condition, she is in pain, Aradhya looks at her wounds on belly bleeding.

Scene 2
Kumudini thinks that someone stole documents too, who is trying to remove all these proofs? who doesnt want me to prove that Aryan is my grand son?
Aaba says to Pavitra that what magic she has done on you? you always wanted to throw this girl out of house and when your son is finally doing something right then you are stopping him? Aryan asks Pavitra why she is stopping him? Raj thinks that i never expected this twist, why she is stopping her?
Kumudini sees hospital’s register and sees Jairaj Deshmukh as visitor. She calls Raney and asks if Raj was related to Keshav? Raney says i got to know that he was distant relative of Keshav, Kumduni says this means they are behind all this, they wanted to kill Tulsi, they can do anything against Aryan too, its time to tell truth to everyone that my grand son is Aryan, i wont spare Deshmukh family. Someone comes from behind and attacks Kumidini, he stabs Kumudini with dagger in back, Kumudini falls unconscious on floor, he leaves, his face is not shown.
Pavitra says her aayi brought police earlier too, she is in pain, we cant throw her out of house, Aryan says till when we will keep bearing all this? its time to get rid of all this, her aaji will keep doing drama, let her, Pavitra thinks that all are against Aradhya in this house except Shashwat, its better if she leaves from here, she will get pain in this house only. Pavitra comes to Aradhya and says leave from this house, get lost, ARadhya says no, i will not go like this, if you kick me out of this house then i will never go, Pavitra says i fold my hands infront of you, she folds her hands and says till when you will keep bearing all this? dont feel sad? will you leave only when someone will kick you out of house? you liked to get insulted? she pushes away Aradhya and asks her to leave.
Tulsi says to Chimaji that how this can happen, neither mine nor your blood matched with Aradhya, one parent have same blood as with child, i have brought Aradhya’s bursh too, you must be thinking that if reports are negative then you will get saved and you will be free from being Aradhya’s father. They see blood coming out of room, they go in room and sees Kumudini lying there in blood, Chimaji goes to call doctor.
Aaba says to Aryan that throw ARadhya out of house, Aryan comes to Aradhya and says you are injured, i dont want to throw you out of house, sign papers and leave, Aradhya says you hate me so much then why did you always come to save me when i am in danger? you lift me when i try to walk on coals, you care for me, why all this? dont say that this is all because of humanity? Purva thinks that i should have killed this Aradhya, Aradhya says to Aryan that isnt it love? Aryan says this is not love, i did everything for humanity relation, i dont love you, Pavitra is hurt listening this, Aryan says why you are forcing yourself on me? why you want this relation when i dont want it, why dont you just sign divorce papers and leave me? sign them, i have already signed them, Aradhya signs papers silently, Aryan says pack your stuff Aradhya, Aradhya sadly looks at him, Pavitra is crying seeing all this, Aryan looks away, Aradhya starts going to her room, Aaba thinks that my grand son failed all tricks of dancer Kumudini.

Scene 3
Kumudini is in ward. Tulsi asks Doctor how is she? Doctor says she is fine, she will become fine in two days, Tulsi says i cant keep her here, Chimaji says she needs to be in care, let her be here, Tulsi says she got attacked in this hospital only, i will take her room, i cant keep her here, i will keep nurse in house for her.
Purva and Raj are happy. They are in their room, Purva says that Aradhya is expert in blackmailing, i thought she wont leave house but seems like she got afraid of me. Raj says i saw Aradhya making Nikhal’s video so i asked Nikhal to make another video for me, i showed him gun and he got afraid, i will give his money back without any interest, they laugh, Deshmukh comes there and says celebrations without me? Raj says you are always at place where you should not be, Deshmukh says you know that Kumudini is danger for us too. Raj says i remember everything, i went to kill her daughter and Kumudini is trying to find out truth but she wont get any proof as i have removed all proofs. Deshmukh says you removed documents from hospital and you thought you did all your work?Kumudini got to know that you visited hospital and you are behind all that, if aaba gets to know that Aryan is not his.. Purva says dont say it, walls cal listen too, Deshmukh says i have killed Kumudini, now Aradhya and Tulsi cant do anything. Raj says i am Keshavs’s distant relative, Tulsi doesnt know that Aryan is her son, she doesnt even know that Keshav named his property in her baby’s name, i will Keshav’s property and Purva will marry, aaba will never know that Aryan is not his grand son, so Purva will get all property of Aaba, we have money in our all hands, they say cheers, Purva says Aradhya must getting ready to leave, i will go and meet her.
Aradhya looks at saree which Aryan gifted her earlier. Purva comes there and asks if memories are attached with this saree? Aradhyya says my husband gifted it to me, Purva says husband? even after divorce you are keeping his memories? didnt you listen that Aryan said that he doesnt love you, he said it many times, its clear that he doesnt love you, you challenged me for 48hours? and i kicked you out of house in 24hours, you messed with wrong person, i am that person who can remove all pricks from my way and you are just a tiny dinosaur, Aryan used to call you dinosaur and now you have become dinosaur in Aryan’s life for real, i will pray that you get second, third husband in this life, all the best, she leaves, Aradhya is sad. ARadhya comes in hall with her luggage, Aradhya says to Pavitra that i wont hurt you anymore, i promise, she touches her feet and says bless me, she starts leaving, she looks at aaba sadly. Aryan comes and says give luggage to me, Aradhya says let it be, Aryan says no worries, give it to me, Aryan says to aaba that she has signed divorce papers so i was thinking to drop her home, aaba says why not, even i will come with you, her aaji has habit of rubbing salt on others wounds so today i will rub salt on her wounds lets go. Aradhya starts leaving with Aryan and aaba. Pavitra emotionally looks at her, Aradhya crosses door of house, Pavitra is distraught.

PRECAP- Aryan and Purva exchange garlands, they start taking pheras. Aradhya comes outside Aaba’s house, she tries to go in but aaba’s guard stops her and says you cant go in, Aradhya says its important for me to go in, please let me go. Aradhya runs in house leaving guard behind. She comes in house and says this marriage cannot happen. Aryan comes to her and says no need to shout now? this marriage is already done, i have married Purva, Aradhya is stunned.

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