Kumkum Bhagya 20 June 2016 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 20 June 2016 Written episode Update. Kumkum Bhagya today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Pragya thinking about Abhi. Janki comes there and gives her laddoo saying Sarla made it. Pragya eats it and says it is tasty. Janki asks her about party. Pragya recalls Tanu’s conspiracy and Abhi doubting her. She tells Janki that party was fun. Janki asks what did Abhi give to you as gift? Pragya thinks what to tell? Janki asks if you are hiding something and asks why she is tired. Pragya says she couldn’t sleep till late night and that’s why looking tired. Janki says okay, I will leave. Tanu comes there calling Abhi. She eats laddoo and asks Janki to thank Sarla. Tanu asks if she made that laddoo because of yesterday night happiness. Janki asks what happened? Pragya asks her to come. Tanu says yesterday she got shock of her life. Pragya says she don’t know the difference between happiness and shock and takes Janki outside. Janki leaves. Tanu asks Pragya if she don’t want Janki to know about her second man. She insults Pragya and calls her shameless to have illegitimate relation. Pragya says you will be ashamed when your affair is caught. Tanu says my affair will never be caught, but yours is proved. She takes breakfast from Robin and takes to Abhi.

Abhi thinks if Dadi is right and Pragya has feelings for me. He sees Pragya there and asks Tanu to make him have it from her hand. Tanu says sure. Abhi asks Tanu to make him have another sandwich and praises her. Pragya is jealous. Abhi asks Tanu to bring his breakfast, lunch, dinner and even his coffee. He thinks Pragya is feeling jealous and is about to attack Tanu. He thinks Pragya is not wrong, I was wrong. As I ignored her, she have an affair with that champak. Tanu emotionally blackmails Abhi and goes. Abhi thinks she knows well how to blackmail me. Mitali is having pain in her eyes still. Tai ji comes and asks if Raj had beaten you. Mitali asks do you want him to beat me. Tai ji asks did you see Pragya’s locker loaded with money? Mitali says something else happened and thinks her stomach will have pain now. Tai ji asks her about Champak. Mitali thinks how to tell her where he went. They bet on Champak and says he will come or not. Dasi comes and says Champak can’t come back again seeing Abhi’s personality. Mitali thinks she will win double money now and opens her eyes happily.

Pragya tells Dadi that she can’t bear anymore. Robin comes. Dadi asks him to keep the food tray and leave. Pragya tells Dadi that Tanu is taking advantage of Abhi and was making him have sandwich with her hand. Dadi asks her to drink water. Pragya drinks it. She says Abhi was romancing with Tanu and held her hand. Dadi thinks it means Pragya is jealous and Abhi is testing her. She thinks she will make Pragya understand now. Abhi sneezes and searches for his handkerchief. Tai gives him handkerchief. Tanu asks him to sit and covers blanket on him. She massages Abhi’s head and thinks of Nikhil’s words. She asks Abhi what he thought about them. She says Pragya has moved on and is not anymore sati savitri. She says this is the right time for us, and says we shall ask for divorce from Pragya. Abhi looks on.

Dadi calls Rachna and Akash and says Pragya is sad. Rachna says we can’t do anything as Pragya confirmed to have affair with Champak. Pragya says it is very difficult to make him forget that. Dadi says she will not accept defeat and will answer for Tanu’s conspiracy. Dadi says I know what to do and have even kneed the flour. Tanu tells Abhi that they have to take advantage of the situation. Abhi asks what? Tanu asks him to show reality to Pragya and asks for divorce from pragya. She says Pragya has moved on, then why you are standing on the same place. Just show her that you don’t need her. He says I can’t divorce her.

Abhi holds Pragya as she is about to fall. Pragya seems to be angry with him for touching Tanu and asks him not to touch and leave her. Abhi refuses. Pragya says okay, you will leave me once you gets tired. Abhi drops her on floor.

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