Kawach 19 June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kawach 19 June 2016 Written episode Update. Kawach today and Latest Written story.

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Rajbeer tells his mom that he does not love Pari and will not marry her, shouts why did Pari come behind him when he went to meet his girlfriend. Pari hears that and says she breaks their engagement and leaves. Rajbeer packs his clothes and leaves says he will live with his boyrfriend now. Mom tries to stop hin in vain.

Manjulika wears bridal dress and happily says her mom’s grave that she is marrying Rajbeer. A dog barks. She scolds it and sends aside. She then starts chanting black magic and calls Rajbeer. Rajbeer comes followed by eunuch lady with her team singing song and asks Manjulika to give her marriage gift. Manjulika shouts how did she come here and asks to get out. Pari comes next. Manjulika gets tensed seeing her, shows dog and says it was man and she made it dog, now it will kill her. Lady prays hunuman to protect Pari. Dog runs behind Pari. Pari runs in jungle. She reminisces explaining eunuch lady that an evil witch and her mother’s evil spirit is behind Rajbeer and she wants to possess Rajbeer with black magic. Lady suggets with dog’s hair fall into havan when witch does black magic, she will burn with hair. Pari runs back and jumps havan. Dog falls in havan and burns. Manjulika also burns and dies. Rajbeer falls down and gets back to normal and asks Pari where are they and what are they doing here. Pari says he is very weak and they should go home first. She takes him home.

Pari informs family whole story, how Rajbeer was possessed by evil witch and how she got him free, etc. Rajbeer says he does not believe in all this. Pari says even she was not, but now believes, if there is white, there is black, if there is good, there is bad, if there is god, there is evil. Pari then thanks eunuch lady for her help. Lady says she is going out of town for 2 days, gives her sindhoor box and says it will protect her from evil spirits and says evil may come back and she has to be careful.

Natasha badmouths about Pari. Mom hears her and scolds to stay away from Pari, else she will be out of house. Natasha fumes in jealousy.

Next morning, Pari goes to her room and hears water sound, sees bathtub filling. She gets afraid seeing nobody around. Rajbeer comes and hugs her from behind. He gets romantic. She asks him to go. Nammo daadi comes to give Pari’s bridal dress. She sees Rajbeer hiding behind curtains and cathches him red handed. Rajbeer and Pari get nervous. Daadi says Rajbeer is acting as if he is in 1960s and asks him to be open and leaves asking them to enjoy and locking door. Pari sends Rajbeer out. She walks out next and clashes with Natasha by mistake. Natasha yells on her that she spoilt her costly sari and insults. Pari says she does not feel bad of her words and if she tells mom about her misbehavior, mom will scold her. Natasha continues. Her husband Arush hears them and sends Natasha from there and apologizes Pari. Pari says they are family now and she will not mind.

Kammo daadi takes her son into store room and says she wants Manjulika’s mother’s potrait out. Son burns it, takes keys, and says nobody will come to this store room without his permission now.

Pari sees Manjulika with burns all around her body and asks what is she doing here. Manjulika apologies her for her evil deeds and starts emotional blackmail that her mood died when she was a child and when she saw Rajbeer, she got mad behind him and wanted to marry. Pari says she wanted to kill Rajbeer. Manjulika continues apologizing and asks what is her bridal dress color. Pari asks why is she asking this. Manjulika says she wants to attend her marriage and emotionally blackmails again. Pari permits her. Enuch lady senses this and prays god to protect Pari until she returns back.

Marriage starts. Rajbeer comes down wearing groom’s sherwani and sehra and sits in mantap. Pari comes in red bridal dress and sits next to him. She sees Manjulika standing at door and says Rajbeer she came back. Rajbeer says who. She says witch and she insisted to attend their wedding, so she permitted her. Rajbeer sees and says there is no one. Manjulika has turned into evil spirit. Pari then sees Manjulika sitting next to her wearing same bridal dresss. Pari says Rajbeer she is sitting next to her. Rajbeer sees and says he sees neice next to her. Manjulika vanishes. Marriage rituals start. Pandit asks bride and groom to exchange garlands. Pari sees Rajbeer dorning garland in Manjulika’s neck and asks why did not he dorn garland in her neck. He says he dorned her and asks not to joke again. Pari then sees Manjulika performing rituals with Rajbeer and thinks why only she can see Manjulika and not others, if she is really here. Pheras start. Pari sees Manjulika doing pheras with Rajbeer. Pari sees Manjuilika vanishing again and thinks why can’t anyone see her. Pandit asks Rajbeer to apply sindhoor on Pari’s forehead, but he applies it on Manjulika’s forehead. Pari falls down. Family runs towards her and picks her.

After marriage, Pari leans on bed thinking if she is really seeing Manjulika. She sees Manjulika and asks what is she doing here, she will call family. Manjulika says she is evil spirit and nobody can see except her. Pari she just invited her to her marriage. Manjulika says she invited her to possess her marriage and now she will fulfill her wish of spending time with Rajbeer through her body.

Precap: Saroj thinks red lemon means something is wrong here and worries for Pari. Manjulika posesses Pari’s body and romances Rajbeer. Rabeer shows nails bites on his chest and says Pari did it. Pari pleads Manjulika to leave her. Manjulika continues enjoying.Precap: Saroj thinks red lemon means something is wrong here and worries for Pari. Manjulika posesses Pari’s body and romances Rajbeer. Rabeer shows nails bites on his chest and says Pari did it. Pari pleads Manjulika to leave her. Manjulika continues enjoying torturing Pari.

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