Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 19 June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 19 June 2016 Written episode Update. Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 19 June 2016 Today HD Video

Tushar says Anokhi I will pick u up, just be ready, Anokhi thinks shit that house isn’t mine what now, Anokhi says did u leave, Tushar say sim reaching in 5, Anokhi says ok ok n rushes to work.
Income tax officers searching all over the house, dadi gives Dadu medicines, Tushar reaches the address he left Anokhi last day,Anokhi rushes to that place,Tushar waiting for Anokhi, Anokhi sees Tushar waiting n climbs over the fence of the bungalow n gets in a dog starts barking at her, Anokhi sneaks out,but watchmen catches her, Anokhi says how are u bye now n leaves,Tushar says Anokhi what is this,Anokhi looks at his big car n says sit in we need to rush Tushar sir is waiting for u, Anokhi sits behind n says cmon quickly n acts as if it’s her car n Tushar owner.

Anokhi sees a girl beside her car n starts imitating her,Anokhi asks Tushar for comb, he says he doesn’t have its, Anokhi uses a fork as a comb,Tushar gets annoyed by anokhis act n says what wrong with u,Anokhi says u concentrate on driving. The income tax officer checks a painting,n they find lots of tiffins behind it hidden, they find sweets hidden in those, dadi says oh my god so many sweets now I know where my sweets go n scolds Dadu, Dadu says we will fight later on this,dadi says u hide my food, the officers get angry no ays quite u two n we want records or else we need to take action, seal the office.

Pulkit says sir come with me, sir says we aren’t ur relatives we are officers,nikita says Kunal call Tushar n where is Anokhi, Pulkit whispers Jassi u are gonna kill us,Dadu says this Anokhi all bcoz of her,n picks laptop n throws it,Anokhi catches it, Jassi says how did she land here no worries Dadu will kick her out now.

All stare at Anokhi, Anokhi starts singing n dancing,Pulkit joins her,Dadu shooks her n says stop ur imaginations n sir she is the one the files are destroyed, Anokhi says sir I have all saved in this laptop,n opens the laptop,Anokhi says u tried passwords I guess, Tushar sees the password n says anar what kind of password this is.

Anokhi says get me charger quickly, Kunala ays let me get it, Anokhi eats some sweets, Dadu says Kalpana take away all sweets n u do something, n Anokhi why didn’t u tell officers where coming, Anokhi says I didn’t know, Kunal says charger is destroyed by mouse. Officers get upset n says we need to seal ur office now, Anokhi says I need to do something.

Priyanka in kitchen n spills all chatni on Vrinda, Vrinda says why don’t u work properly,n see u spoiled whole kitchen too,Priyanka says sorry I will keep in mind next time,Vrinda says oh no she is a mess n leaves.

Jassi says yo nikita, mummy i hope all goes well, Anokhi sees mobile n ask whose this is, Tushar says mine,Anokhi says wait, Jassi says what are u doing Anokhi , Anokhi says Jassi just wait n watch,nikita says she is gonna ruin everything, Anokhi says yes yes done n walks to tv with the phone,Dadu says now what is she doing,Anokhi puts all files in her phone n displays on tv.kunal says wow what presence of mind, Tushar says just like her name.

Anokhi says here is financial sheet, tushars phone rings , Anokhi sees Parul n thinks this stupid Parul why is she calling on managers phone,Anokhi cuts it n says sorry work is imp, Dadu sees the balance sheet n says wait.

Pre cap : nikita says Anokhi today u proved u are perfect for my work n so are u ready for it.

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