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The Episode starts with Bhai ji giving sweets to Izhar. He says we have won for sure. Izhar asks do you think your plan worked. Bhai ji says yes, this was the only way to make Sanjay leave, we have to win in this election, we will see Dhara later. They eat sweets and laugh. Dhara thinks of Mihir’s words. Deepak calls her and asks about her team, is everything fine. She says yes, the guys are working hard, Shubhangi and I are fine, how is everyone there. He says we are good, did Mihir meet you, did he talk to you. She says yes, he came, Mihir is here in Bulandgunj, don’t know what he wants, I m fed up, he has sent security guards for my security, he does new drama, I feel he is saying truth and I should trust him, but how, what he did with me, how could I trust him, I feel he wants to make Shubhangi away from me. Deepak says I spoke to Baa about this, we feel maybe he came to you to make everything fine, he may have changed, there is no pressure, you have to decide whether you have to give him a chance or not, who knows him better than you, whatever decision you took, we were with you and will always be, don’t worry, take care. Dhara recalls Deepak’s words.

Dhara and everyone set Chaurasia’s home. Chaurasia is brought home. Dhara says you will get fine soon, and start practicing tabla. Chaurasia thanks all of them for saving him, and blesses them. Dhara says there is nothing like a favor, we are here as we worry for you, we are one, our sorrow and troubles become one too, if you want to do anything, pray that our city has peace.

Mridula asks him to have medicines. Dhara asks them to go, she will take care of Chaurasia. Sameer says call me if there is any work. Dhara feeds food to Chaurasia. He cries. She asks him not to cry, he is like her father. He sees Shubhangi there and smiles. Dhara makes him drink water.

Its night, Dhara tells Shubhangi to have khichdi, I will add ghee in this, I will make your fav food tomorrow. Shubhangi misses Mihir and says he would have cooked food for me. Dhara says I m here to manage all the work, don’t worry. Shubhangi asks when will Mihir come. Dhara says your Papa and I will never stay together. Shubhangi asks why, tell me please. Dhara asks her to finish food silently, and sleep. Baa and Saroj come there. Dhara likes the surprise. Baa says you mean we should inform you before coming here. Saroj says we were missing you. Sameer gets their bags and says I came to drop them, I will leave now. Baa says we will come to meet Mridula and your son. He says sure, and goes.

Dhara asks Baa the reason for their coming. Baa says nothing, we were worried for you, Mihir came to Jamnagar and then here, Deepak would not come, he had work, so he has sent us, I m happy to see your house, its very nice. Dhara asks how much will you worry, I will manage Mihir. Baa asks did you not like we came here, come Saroj. Dhara says yes, bye. Baa laughs and hugs her.

Baa says we missed you a lot. Shubhangi asks Baa will she have khichdi made by mumma. Baa says yes, come I will eat if you feed me by your hands. Salamat and Sanjay have a talk. Salamat tells Sanjay that you paid big price for the ground. Sanjay says I will win election next year, the team needs the ground for practice, tournament is very close, their victory will be Bulandgunj’s victory. Salamat asks did you tell Dhara your feelings. Sanjay asks him not to make him worry, don’t say all this, don’t show me dreams. Salamat laughs. Sanjay asks him to go home now. Salamat leaves.

Few men come there and call out Sanjay. Sanjay says yes. The men shoot him twice. Salamat hears the gun shots and stop. He sees Sanjay shot and runs to him. Sanjay falls down.

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