Tamanna 11 June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Tamanna 11 June 2016 Written episode Update. Tamanna today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Dhara requesting Mankar to take her school entry again. Mankar says we can’t change rules for a school, sorry, you may leave now. She cries. Tiwari taunts Dhara. She gets upset and recalls Roy’s dream, Deepak’s words and the team. She recalls everything happened till now in Bulandgunj. Mishra calls her and asks is everything fine there, the team wants to talk to you. The team guys ask did they get entry in tournament, when is she coming back. She asks them not to worry and focus on practice. Mishra says we trust you, I will manage things here, you manage there.

Mankar comes and asks Dhara to come along. She asks what will you tell me, to fight with postal service or not see anything than riots. Mankar says I understand, but please come with me, my job is in risk. He takes Dhara to his cabin and says I was helpless according to the state. Tiwari gets the snacks. Mankar asks Tiwari to send registration form soon. Tiwari gets surprised and goes. Basheer and everyone talk about Dhara not saying anything concrete, but she won’t lose, its not in her nature. Sultan says its tough to get form in govt office.

Dhara says registration form, for what, I won’t give any bribe, stop any joke. Mankar gives the form, and says I m not asking for any bribe, fill the form, your school team got entry, now be happy. she asks how did this get possible. He says my senior called and it became possible, DL Sir/Diwakar Limaye is chairman of our company. She says I don’t know any DL. Diwakar comes there.

Dhara gets surprised seeing him. Diwakar says I heard your team registration was having a problem, so I have come, Mankar created the problem and then found the solution. He scolds Mankar and defends Dhara, saying the country knows about Bulandgunj’s riots, its good I heard you on talk, else you would have troubled Dhara. He asks Mankar to have shame, you run sports organization and don’t have sportsman spirit. He asks Dhara did she fill form. She says yes, and gives form. Mankar apologizes. Diwakar says I will not forgive this.

Diwakar asks Dhara to come and sit with him in his cabin. She says I will make a call. He says sure, I will wait for you. She thanks him. He goes. She calls Mishra and says congrats, we are playing tournament. He says great news, I told the team that nothing is impossible for Dhara. Mishra gives the good news to the team. They all get glad. Mishra asks Dhara to come back soon. She says yes, I will be coming tomorrow.

She goes to Diwakar and says sorry, I had to inform at school. He asks her not to do formalities. She thanks for giving her big happiness, this tournament is imp for me and Bulandgunj, thanks on behalf of the city too. He says I will feel embarrassed, I know cricket is not just a game for you, its much bigger than the game, you helped me when my son was going away from me, he came back to me because of you, I want to repay that favor, I would have lost him. she says I did not do anything, you did a lot. He says I know Bulandgunj’s people have kept you and Shubhangi as a family. She asks how do you know. He says I m your friend, and its my duty to know about you, I m inspired by you, I knew you will make a mark in cricket some day.

Diwakar says I won a bet with my son when you become Bulandgunj’s coach. She asks why did you not contact me if you knew I m there. He says you were in trouble because of me, and did not wish to trouble you by getting old relations there. She gets Sanjay’s call and says sorry, this is imp call. She asks Sanjay about his health. Sanjay says I m fine, what about entry in tournament. Dhara says we got the entry. He says its good news, I was missing, I mean Shubhangi was missing you, talk to her. Dhara talks to Shubhangi. Shubhangi asks Dhara to come back soon. Dhara says I will come tonight. Diwakar smiles seeing Dhara talking to Shubhangi. Dhara asks Sanjay to take care of Shubhangi. He says fine, take care and congrats. She ends call. Diwakar says I m glad seeing your happiness. She thanks him. He says don’t thank me again. She says fine, I will leave now, we will meet again. He says sorry, you can’t go. She asks why. He says someone is coming to meet you. She asks who. He asks her to have patience, he will come. She says fine.

Diwakar’s son Varun comes there and smiles seeing Dhara. Dhara says Varun…. And gets surprised. She says you have grown up and looking handsome. She recalls him and asks how are you. He says I m fine, how are you and Shubhangi. She says he also knows about Shubhangi, she is fine, this day is memorable, how are you playing cricket. He tells his success. She says I m scared my team can lose if you are playing against them. He says you are their coach, I should be scared. She gives him some tips to become a good batsman. He says I want to play for India some day, mom shifted abroad, so I shifted to Mumbai with dad. She says well done Varun, I m proud of you.

Dhara meets her coach and he asks her to train her team, the tournament did not start yet.

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