Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11 June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11 June 2016 Written episode Update. Ishq Ka Rang Safed today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11 June 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Dhaani seeing Viplav and gets shocked and emotional. She cries. Richa and Deepak takes rounds and get married. Dhaani recalls their first meet and their meetings later on. Viplav comes there to attend the call. Dhaani looks at him through the chunaris. Judaai…khogaya plays………….Dhaani continues to look at him and gets teary. Her dupatta falls on Viplav’s face. Viplav holds the dupatta and feels her presence. Dhaani takes her dupatta and goes from there. She then searches for him again and cries. Kamini asks driver to stop the car seeing Simone (strange she is still on road, asking Police to leave her). Kamini asks what happened? Simone says she is trapped by Viplav and Dhaani. Kamini is shocked and asks where is Viplav? Simone says they are getting Richa marry someone in the temple. Kamini is shocked and says oh god…Dhaani and Viplav..

Dhaani comes inside the temple and sees no one there. Pandit tells Dhaani that someone who attended the marriage left his coat here and asks Dhaani to keep it. Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays. Viplav is seen in the car. Dhaani recalls Viplav wearing the same coat. She sits in taxi to go home and recalls Viplav saying that he did a mistake. Kamini calls Viplav and thinks he don’t pick my call. Viplav picks her call. Kamini asks why don’t you pick the call. Viplav says he is busy? Kamini says you didn’t ask how am I? Viplav says you are shouting and it means you are fine. Kamini tells him that she is staying in a mumbai hotel. Viplav says okay. Vidha comes to Dhaani and shows her Viplav’s pic in the newspaper. She asks whose coat is this? Dhaani says Rakshas uncle? Vidha says we will go and give it. Viplav comes to the hotel. Kamini says I was missing you. She says Mrs. Kaushik might be upset naa. Viplav says she got married with whom she wanted to. Kamini thinks Viplav might not met Dhaani, else he wouldn’t have been sitting calmly.

Kamini asks Viplav to leave everything and come to Banaras together. Viplav asks what is this drama? You went to Banaras, and then came back. Kamini says I will book flight tickets. Viplav says I have promised that girl that I will meet her mum and then only I will go to Banaras. He goes. Kamini says this can’t happen even after 7 births. Dhaani thinks Vidha telling that Viplav was there. She recalls Vidha reading Rakshas uncle on the chit left with the bouquet. Dhaani is lost in thoughts. Dulaari sees her dupatta burning and asks what is the problem. I am seeing you lost since you came here. Someone knocks on the door.

Dhaani thinks if Viplav came…Dulaari asks her to let her open the door and goes to open it. Deepak and Richa come and ask about Dhaani. Deepak asks why did you leave from there. Dhaani says she was feeling unwell so came. She tells Dulaari that they are Deepak and Richa. Richa hugs Dhaani. Deepak and Richa take Dulaari and Dhaani’s blessings. Dhaani says I am glad that you both came here and asks if they are happy? They nod. Dhaani says it is only love which remains in life, other things can go away. Kamini is mad in her room about Dhaani, and thinks why don’t she go away from our life. She calls Tripurari. Tripurari asks why did you call me now? Kamini says listen. Tripurari calls her betrayal and says you left me in lock up.

Kamini warns him. Tripurari says I understood you long ago, and says she is like a snake under the sleeves. Kamini gets angry, but controls her anger, says you do work for money naa, I will give you a work which will make you earn money, and smirks. Tripurari asks her to tell. Dhaani asks Vidha to sleep. Vidha says she don’t want to sleep. Dhaani says she is very much tired and asks her to sleep. Dhaani pretends to get angry. Vidha asks why don’t you go to give Rakshas uncle’s coat.

Dhaani says I will give tomorrow. Vidha says if he gets cold, then..Dhaani says no, I will give tomorrow, and says he has many coats. Vidha asks how do you know? Dhaani tells her about rabbit story to divert her mind. Vidha sleeps. Dhaani looks at Viplav’s coat while Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………Dulaari comes to Dhaani and asks what happened? Why you are holding the coat in this hot weather. Dhaani asks did you see this coat? Dulaari says yes. Dhaani says it is Viplav’s coat. Dulaari is shocked and asks did you meet him, where and when? Dhaani says I just saw him, but Vidha has seen him. Dulaari is shocked. Dhaani says Vidha calls him Rakshas uncle. Dulaari asks where did she meet him? At wedding house..? Dhaani says yes. She says I didn’t see him before, but today I saw him. Dulaari says it is done by God, he says blood is attracting own blood. Dhaani looks on emotional.

Viplav asks Kamini what you are trying to do? You got my stuff from Mrs. Kaushik’s home. Kamini says she has booked their tickets. Viplav asks with whose permission? Kamini says if Dhaani is here? What important work you have? Dhaani tells Dulaari that they will leave the city. Dulaari asks until when she will run, and asks if we change the city, then if Viplav will not come there.

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