Diya Aur Baati Hum 10 June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10 June 2016 Written episode Update. Diya Aur Baati Hum today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Maasa asking Bhabho about Babasa’s fav heroine. Babasa says I have to eat chilli now. Bhabho says Mumtaz. Maasa says right answer. Babasa asks Bhabho did you know this. Bhabho says I know everything. Maasa asks Arun used to go to paan shop, to see whom did he go there, I know it well, tell me who is that woman. Bhabho asks what. Babasa gets tensed and says I did not see anyone. Maasa asks Bhabho to say fast. Bhabho thinks I have to make him eat chilly and does not answer. Maasa asks Babasa to eat chilli. Babasa eats chilli. Maasa tells Bhabho that Arun goes to paan shop to see Bhabho when she used to go to terrace to dry clothes. Babasa says I had to eat chilly.

Maasa says Emily and Om are next. Om sees the chillies and worries. Maasa asks Emily to say what is the thing which makes Om cry soon. Meenakshi says I think Emily can’t answer it, she is newly wed, she won’t know it. Emily says green chilly. Maasa says right answer. Everyone clap. Maasa says Om is one in a million, I wish to apply black dot to him, my second question is, when Om was in college, what size of shirt did he wear. Bhabho says Maasa is asking tough questions. Sandhya asks how would Emily know. Om says Maasa, how will Emily know, its old thing, I have to eat chilly now. Emily says Om used to wear 40 number tshirt, I saw his pic. Maasa says right answer. They all clap. Om smiles. Sandhya says wow Meenakshi, Emily knows everything about Om. Sandhya signs Sooraj to come and talk to her.

Sandhya talks to Sooraj and they go back to see Arzoo and Chotu’s test. Maasa asks Arzoo what is that Chotu’s childhood habit made everyone smile. Sandhya recalls Chotu sleeping while keeping his mouth open and signs. Arzoo says Chotu always sleeps keeping his mouth open. They all clap. Maasa asks Arzoo about Diwali date in hindi calendar. Chotu says this is cheating, how would Arzoo know this, ask her anything else. Arzoo says I will feed all chillies to Chotu if I could, but I have answer. She tells about Diwali date celebrated. They all clap.

Maasa says I m proud of my Arzoo, great. She says Meenakshi and Vikram are next now. Vikram sees the chillies and asks Meenakshi to think well and answer. Meenakshi shows the chits and says I always keep this since childhood, I passed 4th class this way. Maasa asks whose pic is there in Vikram’s wallet. Meenakshi says this is very simple, its my pic. Vikram says yes, who else. Maasa asks him to show wallet. Vikram says when answer is right, whats the need to show wallet. Maasa asks him to show. Vikram shows Meenakshi’s pic. Maasa says wait, and shows heroine’s pic. Maasa asks Vikram to have chilly. Meenakshi gets angry. Vikram eats chilly and cries. Maasa asks Meenakshi to answer some maths. Meenakshi answers wrong again, and they all smile. Maasa says this way, answer is wrong, but Meenakshi has her own accounts, so she is right. They all clap. Maasa says its Sooraj and Sandhya’s turn now, I want to know from you all, who is diya and who is baati. Sandhya and Sooraj smile.

Meenakshi says Sooraj is baati, who keeps burning and Sandhya is diya who gives light, all the credit is given to diya. Maasa asks Sandhya is she ready. Vikram says this chillies are not needed, Sandhya can pass any test. Maasa asks him to sit. She asks Sandhya whats Sooraj’s fav sweet. Sandhya answers right. They all clap. Maasa says you know Sooraj’s likes and dislikes good, a good wife should know to cook sweets for husband too, tell me three ingredients needed to make that sweet. Meenakshi says Sandhya is stuck now. Maasa asks Sandhya to answer fast. Sooraj worries and tries to message. Maasa asks him what is he doing. Sandhya answers wrong. Everyone stare at her. Sooraj and everyone start laughing.

Sooraj says its wrong answer. Maasa asks him to eat chilly. Sooraj eats the chilly. Maasa asks Sandhya about the number of buttons in Sooraj’s kurta. Maasa stands in between and asks Sooraj not to tell him. Sandhya could not answer it. Maasa asks Sooraj to eat chilly again. Sooraj eats chilly again. Sandhya asks Maasa to give her one last chance.

There are riots in the city. Sooraj goes to save Bhabho and Arzoo. Something falls on his head and back. He gets hurt and falls down.

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