Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10 June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10 June 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Duje Ke Vaste today and Latest Written story.

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Ramnath asks Shravan what he is doing here. Why are you hugging this woman? Who is she to you? You came here for this or you wanted to see if I lied to you about something? I never thought that my son, who I trust most of all, will cheat me! I have come to realise you were never mine. Ramnath walks out even when Shravan tries to explain. Shravan asks Kamini if she knew. She looks down and finally leaves without a word.

Shravan asks Sumo why she did this. You know I don’t even want to hear her name. Why did you do this? Don’t create problem for someone when you cannot do anything good. You created distance between me and papa today. Who asked you to do this? Papa is my only one in this world. He misunderstood me because of you. I have hurt him for her? For the woman who left me in childhood? She tries to talk to him but he asks her if she thought he will forget everything. She left us once. Ask her why she left me and my papa and for whom. Why dint she think of me in these 10 years? He asks Nirmala the same question. You did today what you couldn’t do 10 years ago. He talks to her with disrespect and hurtful words. Sumo tells him to give respect to his mother but he says I don’t need to learn it from you. you give respect to people who deserve it. Sumo advises him not to say anything which he will regret in future. Sumo stops Shravan from going. I wont let you leave today without knowing the truth! Shravan angrily asks her which truth she is talking about. Who hid it? She takes Ramnath’s name. He looks angry. You want to say my father is a liar? He hid truth from me? She ends up saying yes. I am really sorry. I know how you are feeling. There are 2 sides of every coin. How can you hate your mother without knowing the truth? Why would you think of her all the time if you don’t love her anymore? You even recall the taste of the Daal she used to make for you. Your father did wrong. He warns her not to say anything against his father. you have crossed all your limits today. You have cheated me once again! I hate these memories which sway me from my path; from the place where that Dal is made. If it was up to me then I will shut down that kitchen once and for all! Right now, I hate you most of all. There is nothing between you and me anymore from today onwards. Just like Nirmala Ahuja dint mean anything to me till date, you also mean nothing to me now. I hate you! He leaves. Sumo and Nirmala ji look shattered.

Shravan comes home. He tries Ramnath’s number but it is unreachable. He thinks of Ramnath’s words. You came here for this or you wanted to see if I lied to you about something? He asks Pushkar if papa is in office. Pushkar denies. He left for some place long ago. Shravan checks at home too but no one knows anything about his whereabouts. Shravan panics. Lala ji and Pushkar ask Shravan what happened. He asks Chachi about his papa. Did he say something? Kamini says he was really upset. He dint utter a single word. He dropped me outside home and left. He is driving in such a condition. Hope he does not meet with any accident. He was crying all his way. He dint say anything. Lala ji asks them what happened. Shravan is in tears. He heads upstairs. Pushkar asks his mom who finally tells them everything.

Shravan keeps trying his father’s number but in vain. Why Sumo? Why did you do all this? Sumo keeps trying Shravan’s number but he has kept his phone aside. How do I make you understand that I dint want to hurt you? He looks at her call but then throws the phone away. She is in tears. I only wanted to see you happy, to get your love. I dint know I will only get your hatred. Shravan looks at the book of cars. He tears the pages and ends up throwing it away in anger. It breaks a cup or something. He sees Sumo’s reflection in it. He thinks of all the times she has been there for him, supported him and of what she did just now to him. Ramnath’s words haunt him. I never thought that my son, who I trust most of all, will cheat me!

Sumo says I know I have hurt you badly but how do I make you understand that I only wanted to get you out of this pain. I wanted to end the bitterness of your past. How do I make you understand this? She recalls that he came to tell her something. What could it be? Did he? She cries. Why it happens with us always?

Shravan says when I thought we will be together; you separated me from you, for forever.

Pushkar calls up every possible person who Ramnath could be with. Lala ji and Varun also return home with sad faces. We checked at every possible place but he was nowhere to be seen. Pushkar tells Shravan not to be tensed. Bade Papa will come. Everything will be fine. Vandy says Bade Papa. Shravan looks at his father. Kamini asks him where he was. Ramnath looks at Shravan. He begins to go when Shravan says papa. Ramnath stops in his tracks. Shravan tries to say something but Ramnath tells him not to. I saw it all with my own eyes today. My son is not my son anymore. I am ashamed of myself. I have become so small in my eyes. Shravan says papa but Ramnath warns him not to call him papa. You have lost the right to call me papa. You lost it for the woman who left you in childhood! For the woman who ruined everything? It is good. You are grown up now. You understand the difference between right and wrong. Do what you feel is right. Shravan requests him not to say so. I know you are hurt by what you saw but it isn’t so. I dint know Nirmala was there. I swear I wouldn’t have gone there if I knew about her presence there. I went to meet Sumo. You only say that half truth is more dangerous than full truth. What you saw was half of the truth only. It is true that I got a little emotional seeing her after all those years. I couldn’t control myself when she hugged me but then I remembered everything. I would have pushed her away even if you had not come at that time. I would have scolded Sumo in a similar manner even if it wasn’t about you being there. I am your son, Ramnath Malhotra’s son. I cannot stoop before anyone. There is only one truth for me. it is you. Ramnath asks him if he is saying truth. Shravan nods. They share a hug. All the family members look relieved. Ramnath says you left for Bangalore. How did you end up going to Tiwari Villa? Kamini says he left for Bangalore only but Sumo called him there. Ramnath gets angry. Suman, Suman, Suman! She made you meet Nirmala even when I told her against it. if she wasn’t Tiwari’s granddaughter then! He coughs badly. Everyone gets concerned.

Shravan says what happened today shall never be repeated. Forget about meeting Nirmala I wont even take her name. No one else matters to me more than you. No one can ever come between us. Kamini looks irked.

Precap: Nanu asks Sumo if she thinks what she did was right. She nods. Sumo comes to Shravan’s office. Peon tells Sumo that Sir is in meeting. He has asked no one to be allowed inside. Shravan peeks at Sumo from his cabin. Manager asks Sumo to come tomorrow instead for meeting. Sumo replies that she has to meet today itself.

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