Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th June 2016 Written episode Update. Ishq Ka Rang Safed today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th June 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Dhaani telling Dulaari to have food and and make Vidha eat it also. She says she is going for urgent work and also worried for Vidha’s admission as she has to get the money. She hopes Mrs. Kaushik gives the money. Dulaari asks her to eat something. Dhaani says she will later and says she will leave. Dulaari says okay and bless her. Kanak asks Ram deen to bring kachoris, malai lassi and hot samosas. She sits like an owner and says she seems to be sitting in heaven. She thinks she was made to work for Kamini, and thinks I will be only the owner of the house. She calls her friend and tells that she is busy as her son is a big lawyer now. Ram deen brings the things. Kanak thinks she will have full stomach today.

Viplav collides with Dhaani and they are shocked to see each other. They hug each other. It was Kamini’s imagination. She asks Tripurari to do something and says we have to elope from here. Constable gets a call. Kamini asks if anything is stolen here, then can I get it. Constable says yes. Kamini takes out diamond ring and gives him greed. He takes the diamond ring and let Kamini go, and refuses to free Tripurari. Kamini goes. Dhaani is praying in the temple and prays for her daughter’s happiness. She prays to God to help her get the fees for her daughter and says principal will give her some more time. Kamini comes to Kaali Mata temple and asks why did you snatch my everything after giving it. She says I have Viplav’s name sindoor in my maang, but it is faded. She says I thought Viplav will understand my love some day, I was hopeful..but he didn’t understand my love…Now Dhaani has returned, why did she come back? She asks God to give her an answer and says I won’t let Dhaani and Viplav meet each other. She acts madly and says Viplav is just mine. She questions God as if bad had happened with her and she is victimized.

Viplav also comes to the same temple as Dhaani and gives stuff to Pandit ji. Dhaani is praying with her eyes closed. Viplav happens to look at her, but then some other woman comes infront of her and he couldn’t see. Dhaani gets Deepak’s call. He says he can’t see Richa getting married and says he is going inside to talk. Dhaani asks him to wait and says she came to temple to take God’s blessings. While she is standing tensedly, Viplav goes past from there to bring sindoor bottle. Kamini shows the sindoor plate to God to seek her blessings and smiles. The sindoor plate falls from her hand. Viplav is climbing on the stairs holding sindoor bottle and Dhaani is getting down, Viplav slips and sindoor falls in Dhaani’s forehead covering her maang fully. Dhaani is shocked and turns to see, but just then Viplav bends down to pick the sindoor bottle from stairs.

Kamini is in shocked and takes a pinch of sindoor and eyes God angrily. She says call it my love or stubborness or obsession. Only I have right on this sindoor. She says I will light the world on fire if Viplav and Dhaani meet. Deepak calls Dhaani that Richa called him and asks to come at the temple. He asks what to do. Dhaani asks him to trust on her and says she will bring Mrs. Kaushik there to give blessings. Dhaani sees her forehead with sindoor in car’s mirror and gets emotional. Richa comes there and calls viplav. They didn’t see Dhaani there. Viplav compliments her and asks where is Deepak. She says he will come. Kamini comes out of Police station and calls taxi. A woman asks her to give something and says she is hungry. Kamini asks her to move and pushes her on ground. Woman curses her and says your everything will be finished, and you won’t get anything. Kamini is in shocked and takes taxi. Dhaani asks Deepak to wait and says everything will be fine. She asks him to wait there itself and goes inside. Simone and Mrs. Kaushik comes.

Dhaani says I was coming to talk to you. Mrs. Kaushik slaps her and asks where is my daughter? Dhaani says Richa went with her wish. Mrs. Kaushik says Richa told me everything. A fb is shown, Simone hears Deepak and Dhaani’s conversation. Simone asks didn’t you know about Deepak and Richa’s love. Dhaani says yes. Simone insults Dhaani and says you have trapped our innocent Richa by Deepak. Mrs. Kaushik asks where is my daughter? Dhaani says Deepak is here outside. Richa wanted to elope and marry, as she knows that you will never agree, but Deepak is here as he just wants your blessings. Mrs. Kaushik asks what story you are cooking. She comes out and sees Deepak taken by the goons. Dhaani runs behind the jeep. Deepak’s phone is fallen there. It is shown that Simone got Deepak kidnapped. Mrs. Kaushik comes out and asks Simone to call Police, and says Dhaani will get rotten in jail all her life. Dhaani runs behind the jeep. Dhaani falls down after running for a while.

Viplav asks Richa, did you call Deepak? Richa says he is not picking the call and tells that Didi must have provoked him. Viplav asks do you have that woman’s number and calls Dhaani. Dhaani is seen in the car.

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