Krishnadasi 9th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Krishnadasi 9th June 2016 Written episode Update. Krishnadasi today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Aradhya says these devdasies are behind my family, i will kill this Aradhya, she pulls her hair, Aryan tries to stop her but Pavitra asks him to not go behind her, Aradhya slaps herself and says i will kill this devdasi, she goes to her room. Aradhya says i will kill this Aradhya, this devdasi will be dead today. ARadhya comes in her room and locks room from inside. Aradhya says i will kill this Aradhya. She puts chair under fan, she puts rope on it, Aryan knocks door and asks her to open it, he sees from window that she is trying to hang herself, he says have you gone mad? Aradhya says i will finish this devdasi else she will destrou your life too, all are stunned to see what Aradhya is doing. Shashwat and Aryan tries to open door, Shashwat says do something Aryan. Aradhya stands on chair and puts noose in her neck, Aradhya says i will win, i will end this devdasi, Aryan goes from there, Purva smirks, Nakku says to Pavitra that she has become ghost for real, this devdasi will die, its good. Aradhya throws chair away and hangs on noose, all are shocked and sees from window, Shashwat shouts Aradhya. Aryan breaks door and comes in room, aaba is in shock. Aryan holds Aradhya, Aradhya says i will this devdasi, Aryan takes off from noose, she says let this devdasi die, why did you save her? Aryan says listen to me, Aradhya shouts and scream, she becomes hysteric, Aryan says listen to me, she shouts, Aryan slaps her and says shut up, Aradhya calms down, Aryan hugs her and says what were you doing? what if anything had happened to you? you didnt think about your aayi, you didnt think about me, how would have i lived? Aradhya looks at him, Aryan is emotional seeing her state, Aradhya faints, Aryan makes her lie on bed, Nakku says to Pavitra that we did this to separate them but they are coming close more, Aryan says whatever is happening, i will take care of you till you dont become fine, tum hi toh meri jaan plays, Purva angrily leaves from there.
Aryan gives food to servant and asks to make him eat. Raj comes there and says dont feel bad but i want to say that its not good to keep Aradhya here, she is mentally disturbed, she tried to kill herself, we would have gone to police then, i think we should send her to mental hospital, Aryan says this is not solution, she wont hurt anyone, i can assure you, Raj says you still love her? Aryan says i have sent food for street dog, i have been taking care of that dog from my childhood, if i can take care of dog then she is my legal wife, humanity is above love or hatred, i know you are worrying for your sister but dont worry, i will fulfill my duties, he leaves, Purva comes, Raj leaves, Purva says this devdasi has tortured us alot.
Kumudini says to Krishanji that dont punish my daughter for my deeds, Shashwat tried to kill my daughter so i sent him to jail, i did right? Micheal comes there, Kumudini asks if Saras is not fine? he says she is fine but you didnt do good, why did you send Shashwat to jail? Kumudini says i had proofs against him, i found his chain, he accepted his crime too, Micheal says he came to give me money for Saras’s treatment, it was not his chain, he found his chain, he accepted crime as he didnt want aaba to know that he is helping me, now you know truth so dont torture innocent man, he leaves. Kumudini says who is the person who is roaming around wearing chain like Shashwat, this is all twisted.
Aryan meets Tulsi and asks why you called me outside house? Tulsi says you know she goes hysteric seeing me, i cant come in house, i am her mother, i worry about her, you also think that she is possessed by soul? Aryan thinks that if i tell her about Aradhya putting on noose then she will get tensed, Aryan says she is fine, she is sleeping, Tulsi says there is something, there is something given to her in medicine, she has been given something wrong, she cant hurt anyone, Aryan says you are wrong, she cheated me to marry her, Tulsi says dont mix two things, she doesnt even know rightnow what she is doing, she is not in her senses, Aryan says leave all this, i am confused, dont know whats wrong with her, she can hurt herself, Tulsi says i am worried about that too, Aryan says dont cry, i promise i wont let anything happen to her, i will be with her, you go home, Tulsi leaves, Aryan thinks what should i do to make Aradhya fine?
Raj is about to throw picture, Purva comes and asks what you are doing? Raj says he was lecturing me about humanity, Purva says he was worrying for Aradhya, Raj says this way you will loose Aryan and his money too, Purva says it never happened that i didnt get what i wanted, just see, i will trap Aryan and his money, Raj says how? our spirit plan has gone wrong and the woman we trusted is not able to do anything. Kaveri comes and says dont point fingers at my work, she closes door and says i did everything, if hero Aryan had not come then i would have finished that girl, Raj says if he is hero then i am zero? i did so much, i spent money and brought Aryan to your house, i attacked you deliberately so that Aryan believe us, i knew that Aryan will bring you in house when he will see you injured, but what you are doing here? Kaveri says you brought me here as i have power to hypnotize people, didnt you see how i made people believe that she is possessed by Yamini’s soul, i hypnotized her and made her act like Bhamini(Aryan’s grand mother), flashback shows how Kaveri hypnotized Aradhya and asked Aradhya to look at ball and says that you are Bhamini, aaba’s wife, she makes Aradhya wear locket and says keep wearing it, you are Bhamini, owner of this house and now you have to behave like owner of house, you used to rule Pavitra, you used to scold Nakku, you understand that you are Bhamini? Flashback ends. Kaveri says i made her learn how Bhamini used to behave, how she used to dress up. Flashback shows Kavier asking Purva if she is sure that Bhamini use to act like that? Purva says i have researched on Bhamini so much in these days that i feel like i am Bhamini’s friend. Kaveri comes to Aradhya and says wear this saree and sing Bhamini’s song, she sings song. Flashback shows Kaveri freeing Aradhya and says that your son ahs come, tell everyone how much you love your son, you know you have to punish devdasi, come in room and hang that devdasi till death. Kaveri hypnotized Aradhya when she was standing on stool wearing noose and she asked Aradhya to push away stool, Aradhya did it but Aryan saves her, fb ends. Raj says to Kaveri that you have to do your work, Purva says dont fight, think what we will do next? Kaveri says i will do my work only then i will leave, i have made Aradhya wear locket, whatever i will say, Aradhya will do it, this locket will possess Aradhya, i will move my locket and Aradhya will move as per it, Raj says then make her fall in river, Kaveri says i am doing my work, dont doubt me, i am not magician, Raj says to Purva that why dont you make Pavitra and nakku part of our plan? Purva says no, Pavitra says is soft hearted, she will never allow to kill Aradhya, also i have to live in this house for years to come so i wont show her my evil face, they cant think to pour level, Kaveri says i will do my work, she and Purva leaves, Raj says before Aradhya die, i should use her, she is beautiful.
Aryan comes to Chimaji and says i believe that you dont believe in this ghost fully, Chimaji says that these ghosts and spirits have their own world, we cant say anything, i have arranged pooja for her, Aryan says i dont believe in ghosts but if you want then do this pooja, i think that we should see this from other point of view, maybe she has physical or psychological problem, Chimaji says its good that you think like that, i have asked doctor, he told me that we need to check everything what Aradhya is eating these days, Aryan says i will bring sample food stealthily then, Chimaji says its good to see that you care for her, Aryan says i am doing this as part of humanity.
Raj comes to Aradhya’s room and sees her sleeping, he closes door and says i must have done some great work in past life that i am getting her. He sits beside Aradhya and says Aryan is fool to leave chance on such a beauty, he comes closer to Aradhya but Aradhya wakes up and angrily looks at him, Raj gets tensed.

Upcoming after break- Kaveri starts mantras, she asks Aradhya to sit infront of her, Aradhya sits, Kaveri puts sand in fire and chant mantras

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