Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th June 2016 Written episode Update. Suhani Si Ek Ladki today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th June 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj rushing to see Yuvaan hearing Suhani screaming. She holds Yuvaan’s hand and calls for help. Yuvraaj and everyone rush. They get shocked seeing Yuvaan slipping from the balcony. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to give his hand. Sambhav also gives his hand and asks Yuvaan to give his hand, I won’t let anything happen to him, don’t get scared. Yuvaan holds Sambhav’s hand. Sambhav and Suhani pull Yuvaan up.

Suhani hugs Yuvaan and cries. Yuvaan says I m fine. Sambhav asks why were you playing here, if you got hurt then. Yuvaan asks Sambhav to dance with Suhani in Yuvraaj’s anniversary. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Yuvraan slipped and fell. Yuvaan says mumma was not agreeing to me. Soumya asks what. Yuvaan says I was telling mumma to dance with Sambhav. Sambhav asks Suhani why are you refusing, whats the big deal, I m asking for dance, not marrying. Suhani agrees on Yuvaan’s insistence. Yuvaan and Sambhav get glad. Yuvraaj looks on sad.

Menka says Suhani agreed on right time, choreographer is here, come, we will practice. Sharad comes and the lady compliments him. Bhavna gets jealous. The lady says I m Lily, your choreographer, I came to teach dance. Bhavna moves Sharad away and asks her to teach dance to all the couples. Lily asks whose anniversary is it. Menka says Yuvraaj and Soumya. Lily asks Sharad to dance with her. He agrees.

Lily teaches ballroom dancing. She asks Yuvraaj to dance with her. She asks why is he dancing so disinterested, I can’t teach you. He says I m such, teach me dance else leave. She asks Soumya to manage her rude husband. Suhani says I don’t know this dance form. Lily asks all of them to step on their husband’s feet and dance. Sambhav jokes on Suhani’s weight. They dance. Yuvraaj gets jealous seeing them. Yuvraaj dances with Soumya, and gets angry seeing Suhani. He leaves Soumya and goes. Soumya falls down. Suhani asks are you fine. Soumya says you know Yuvraaj does not like dance.

Sambhav asks how can Yuvraaj do this. Suhani sends Lily. Sambhav says Yuvraaj made Soumya fall and did not apologize. Soumya goes. Suhani asks Sambhav why is he blaming Yuvraaj, it could happen by mistake too. Sambhav says I can’t do this with you ever. She says Yuvraaj and Soumya are husband and wife, and we are friends. He says I know, I can’t think to do this with you or anyone else.

Dadi is angry on Menka. Soumya goes to Yuvraaj. He asks what will Suhani think of us, we are husband and wife for Suhani. She says I can understand. He says no, you can’t understand, I decided to tell everything to Suhani, I will tell her truth. She asks what. He says that we are not married.

Menka asks Dadi to explain Yuvraaj, why did he get jealous seeing Sambhav dancing with Suhani. Dadi says stop nonsense, I will talk to Soumya, why did Suhani come back here. Yuvraaj says Suhani is mum of my children, we lied to everyone so that children do not feel strange, I can’t lie to Suhani now, I have to tell her the truth that we did not get married. Dadi comes and says I want to talk to Soumya. He asks them to talk and goes.

Sambhav asks Suhani how can Yuvraaj do this, he is ill mannered, he insulted his wife. Suhani asks him to stop it. he says I m feeling bad for you, he may have behaved much rudely with you too, I wish to ask him why did he do this, its no use, he has one answer, I don’t care. Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and asks him did he forget to behave well. He says I knew you will blame me for pushing Soumya. She says no, you did not hold her and left angrily, does anyone do this with wife. He says sorry. He recalls talking to Soumya. Soumya asks him to do as he feels right, but first he has to win Yuvaan’s heart, he is close with Sambhav, if you tell truth, he won’t come to you. Yuvraaj understands. FB ends. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he will tell truth to Yuvaan after winning his heart, he has decided this. He looks at Yuvaan talking.

Dadi and Menka ask Soumya to win Yuvraaj’s heart, as she is his wife. Yuvraaj comes. Dadi and Menka leave. Yuvraaj tells Soumya that you said right, I have to win Yuvaan’s heart. He goes. Menka comes and asks Soumya if Yuvraaj tells Yuvaan then… Soumya says this won’t happen, you have to do one work. Menka nods.

Soumya asks Sambhav to explain Suhani that he loves her. Suhani comes and asks what is he saying.

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