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Scene 1
Rekha listens rain storm, aarti plate falls from her hands. Rekha says to Pallavi that there is something, she prays that nothing bad happens to anyone.
Janki, Nivi and Ravi comes to Ambika’s room. Janki says she is taking shower, go from here, Nivi says no she is not inside, Ravi says lets leave from here, Nivi says its only shower’s noise coming out, we havent seen Ambika, maybe there is someone else. Nivi says i will check her, Nivi knocks washroom’s door and asks Ambika to open door, Nivi says to Ravi that she is not answering from inside, it means there is no one inside, Janki opened this shower, Nivi asks Ravi to break door, Ravi says have you gone mad? someone is taking bath inside, i cant do this, Nivi says there is no one inside, Ravi says they are our clients, i cant do this shameless act, Nivi says isnt it important for you to know if Ambika is here or not? Ravi asys it is but i cant break doo. Nivi says okay i will do it, Nivi breaks door of washroom with decoration piece, she goes in washroom and says doesnt find anyone, Ravi has turned his face, Nivi asks Ravi to look in washroom, there is no one inside, Ambika is in my house. Devika comes there in nightwear, she sees Nivi and Ravi, all are shocked to see her, Ambika gets angry and says what they are doing here? Janki says they are shameless people, they came here and broke your washroom’s door, DEvika says my washroom’s door got locked so i went to take bath in your bathroom mom, she says to Nivi that how dare you break my washroom’s door? what if i was inside? she says to Ravi that you act like innocent man but what you did? arent you ashamed of all this? she says to Janki that call the police, send both of them to police, Nivi says you were in my house, Ambika says just shut up, why you keep calling me Devika? do i have to prove that i am Ambika? it was our mistake that we went to their party since then she keeps calling me Devika, what you want Nivi? you want to stay in my house? what you want? she says to Ravi that this girl is mad but you are sane, you knew i was taking bath inside then why did you let her break door? Ravi says i was just searching Devika, Devika says who is this Devika? i dont know if this Nivi had killed her, locked her somewhere or whatever, Nivi says you are Devika, Devika slaps her hard and says you listen to this language only, get lost from here, she drags Ravi and Nivi, she brings Nivi to hall, she throws Nivi on floor, Ravi is shocked, he thinks that if it was my Devika then she wouldnt have done this, Devika can never push her and throw anyone out of her house, she cant be my Devika, Devika says to Ravi that you keep taking side of your girlfriend, if you do this again then i will throw you out of house too, take your psycho girlfriend to doctor, dont know what she has done with Devika, i am sure she has done something in past with her, i dont care about all this, if you interfere in my and my mother’s life then i will destroy your life, i dont have time for uninvited guest, mom dont allow them to come in my house again, she leaves, Ravi is stunned to see her avatar, he leaves.
Devika asks Janki if they left? Janki says yes, Devika hugs her, Janki says weldone, we were going to lose it but you entered at last minute, even i was shocked. how did you come out from that room?
Ravi says to Nivi that you ashamed me so much, Ambika could have sent us to jail, you are liking all this? i was fool to go with you, Nivi says i dont know how she came to her house, Ravi says stop all this, i also think that you need psychiatrist, Nivi says i have locked DEvika in room, Ravi says it means you believe that Ambika and Devika are different people? Nivi says i dont now but she came to scare me, i will show you in that room.
Nivi comes outside store room, she asks Shweta where is Manju? Shweta says she is sleeping but i was guarding this room all the time, Nivi says it means no one came out of this room right? Shweta says yes. Nivi brings Ravi in store room, Nivi says i locked her here only, she sees someone sitting in corner and says to Ravi that see she is hiding in corner. Nivi looks at girl in corner, its Sakshi, Sakshi sees her and goes hysteric, she says i will kill you, Ravi handles Sakshi, he brings Nivi out of room and locks it. Nivi says Devika is inside only, let me go in, she shouts where are you DEvika? where are you? she goes hysteric, Ravi slaps her, she starts crying, Ravi says try and understand there is no Devika here, dont do all this, he hugs Nivi, Nivi cries, Ravi says why you are behaving like crazy? what has happened to you?
Devika says i was stuck, i thought that i would not be able to get out of room, there was no window there, you called me and told me that Nivi and Ravi have come to your home then i thought everything was finished but then i saw Sakshi, they have destroyed her life, they have locked her in room, she used to help me in everything, always used to smile but she didnt even recognize me. Devika says to janki that i thought that if i want to fight for my family, i want to fight against evil then i need to go out of that room, and it was Sakshi this time too who helped me, Janki says but you said that Sakshi didnt recognize you, Devika says yes, i will tell you whole story. Flashback shows Shweta opening door of store room, she comes in store room and asks if there is anyone inside? i am tired of guarding store room, Devika hides behind. Sakshi gets up and strangles Shweta, she says to Shweta that i will kill you, Devika sees all this and goes of out room when Sakshi is holding Shweta. Devika thinks that i will fight for you Sakshi, i will be with you, you have done huge work for me, i am in debt now, you have saved me, she hides behind pillar. Shweta comes out of room, Devika runs from there without Shweta seeing her, fb ends. Janki asks how did you reach my room and got this nightwear? Devika says i came to house and i listened how Nivi was forcing to go to my room, she was trying check me there so i went your room and changed there, Janki says great work.

PRECAP- Janki says to Devika that you have proved two things today, one is that you are not Ambika and that Ambika and Devika are two different people. Nivi cries and acts like mental, she says i am not mad, she shouts and cries, Ravi tries to control and grabs her, she says Ravi i am not mad, he says yes you are not, she cries and screams.

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