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Shravan stops the car and looks at Sumo and Dabbu in the rear view mirror. Shravan reverses the car and asks Dabbu to sit in the car. I will drop you home. Sumo looks away. Dabbu sits in the front. He asks Sumo to sit. She complies. Sumo looks at Shravan. There was a time when I couldn’t stop talking before you and see today. She thinks of the fun time they spent at his home when he had sprained his leg. Shravan too looks at her. My day never passed without seeing you but you come before me from everywhere when I wish to not see you. Is this time or fate? She thinks she was away from him for 20 years but missed him every moment. Now that we are sitting two feet away, I feel like we are so far away from each other. I want you to realise it on your own. Shravan cannot understand what’s happening. I thought not to talk to you but I feel weird. I feel I should say something. Tum hi keh do agar tumhe pata hai ki kya kehna chahiye. (You say it if you think you know what to say.) Sumo asks him if he said anything. He shakes his head. Dabbu looks at their faces. Aap dono katti ho kya? Aap log to aise shaant baithe ho jaise sab paath me baithte hain. (Are you angry with one another? You are quiet the way we sit in Paath.) Atleast play music. Shravan plays music for him. Title track plays. Sumo and Shravan look at each other through the rear view mirror.

Shravan hangs his coat. Lala ji comes to his room. Is everything fine? Shravan nods. Lala ji says did Ramnath ji have a big argument. He looks disturbed. He dint say anything since he is home. he hasn’t eaten anything too. Shravan goes to check.

Ramnath wonders why Nirmala came to court today. What could be the reason of her coming there after all these years? Servant comes to ask him something but he angrily tells him off. Shravan offers water to his father. Ramnath takes it. Shravan says I am seeing you upset since morning. Ramnath denies but Shravan is sure there is something. I haven’t seen you this way. Ramnath says I have become old. Accept my answer. Focus on your client. Shravan nods. Ramnath goes to take rest. Shravan is confused at his behaviour.

Dabbu is with Nanu. Do you feel better now? Nanu smiles. I just took medicine. It will take time. Mama ji ask him about his health. Rachna suggests brining honey water but Mama ji wants to take him to doc. Nanu says everything is fine. I had cold water. Dabbu tells them not to worry. I have given him medicine. Kal tak Tiwari ji theek ho jayenge. All of them smile.

Ramnath paces in his room worriedly. He calls Tiwari ji. Nirmala is at your place, right? Tiwari ji goes quiet. Ramnath says there are only 2 places in Delhi where she can go to – our old house or Tiwari House. She is there right? Tiwari ji agrees. Ramnath demands to know why she came here. What is her motive? Nanu signals Nimrala ji to wait. He tells Ramnath there is nothing to tell. You both have no relation with one another. She came for some personal work. Don’t upset yourself or me. Ramnath apologizes to him. He hears him coughing. They end the call.

Nirmala says how he knew I am here. Tiwari ji says he might have seen you in court. Nirmala ji says sorry to him. Ramnath broke relations with me. he can break with you too. Tiwari ji reminds her that he is Ramnath’s Guru. She regrets coming here but he assures her she can come here anytime she wishes.

Ramnath thinks of his fights with Nirmala before their separation and how she wanted to challenge him for Shravan’s custody. Why has she come here? What will be the case? She must have lied to Tiwari ji. There must be some other reason. Why did she go to court? What could be the reason? What if Shravan goes to Tiwari Villa and Nirmala sees him there and talks to him? It cannot happen. It will not be good at all! It shouldn’t happen. He takes a medicine as he does not feel well.

Pushkar is in park. This is the problem of half of the world. They don’t talk and complicate stuff. I wont do it like Sumo and Bhaiya. I will confess my feelings directly before Preeti. Preeti comes before him just then and he goes quiet. Why are you kneeling on ground? He makes excuse. I was stretching. She asks him what he was saying to himself. He fumbles. Will you stop talking to me if I say something which you don’t want to hear? She replies that there might be cases when she can do so. He makes a sad face. Will you break friendship with me? She agrees not to break it. Say what you wanted to. He asks her if she has a boyfriend. She smiles. Is this what you wanted to know? He asks again. She answers in negative. Pushkar thinks to take baby steps. We will take it further next time. He suggests going for a coffee but she reminds him that he called her in park. He says you are right. We will first drink coffee and then come to park from next time onwards.

Shravan comes to his father’s room. He looks at the medicine which his father took. He removes the shoes and socks from Ramnath’s feet and covers him with a duvet. He looks worried for his father. Ramnath opens his eyes as soon as he hears the sound of the door closing. Shravan is my son, only my son! I wont let even Nirmalas shadow fall on him, never!

Evening puja is going on at Tiwari House. Ramnath comes there and sees Nirmala. They both look at each other. Nanu and everyone notice Ramnath as well. Ramnath changes his expressions. Nanu signals Ramnath to join them. Mami looks tensed. Puja ends. Mausa ji gives aarti to everyone while Dabbu gives Prasad. Ramnath tells Tiwari ji he needs to speak to her (Nirmala).

Precap: Ramnath gives a suggestion to Nirmala. I don’t know why you came here. I want to make you understand that you should yourself away from my son. He is very happy without you. He next confronts Sumo. I know why you came to court and with whom. Keep her away from my son!

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