Sadda Haq 6th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 6th June 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Randhir says to Sanaya I only have one option but.. is that right or wrong? Should I use it or not? I don’t know.
Sanyu is sitting alone. Kritika comes to her and asks you okay? Sanyu nods. Kritika says are you sure? Because I know its your personal life but I noticed you were in stress. Something is bothering you? Sanyu says thank for asking I don’t know. I feel weird. I never imagined I would feel this way. Kritika says what? Sanyu says regret, someone was waiting for me and I was waiting for his apology. It is my mistake.I shouldn’t have waited. It ended my relationship. It was all my fault. It really bothers me. sanyu says he should have called one. Kritika says that means it wasn’t mistake of one person. sanyu says our timing was wrong perhaps. Kritika says can’t you end it now? sanyu says its too late. I have to be fair with someone else.It matters what should happen with my life. Kritika says everything will be all right. Sanyu says the thrill the passion I can never leave it. We always crave for what we don’t have, heart is weird. Kritika says you have to get over past for a new relationship. You are not ready. Or maybe a new relationship with the same old person.Sanyu says it is so messed up. When I go to sleep I only see one face I cant help it. Kritika says the face you see before sleeping you are so close to them. Don’t worry. It will be all right. sanyu says i hope so. Aryan has overheard all this.

Aryan comes to randhir. Aryan says you are so clever. Your anger.. your ego it ruins everything. You have to be 100 percent in the misision. You are an important part. Randhir says say clearly what you want to. Aryan says don’t bring personal equation in mission. Randhir says i dont have time for this. Aryan says i might not stay here but I will keep an eye on you. Randhir says lets sit and tlak. Aryan says sanyu is my life I can do anything for her even leave. Randhir says listen you dont have to go anywhere. Aryan slaps him. Randhir faints. Aryan says you won but I will always be watchinng you keep sanyu happy or you know my capabilities. You won.

sanaya comes to sanyu and says randhir really loves you. I know him. sanyu says I am not sure what I feel for him. Do I just regret or do I actually feel something. Sanaya says go and talk to randhir. sanyu says what will I tell him? And then aryan. I know when I needed someone aryan was there. Randhir wasn’t. He gave me new life. Everything was going right. We have moved on. Randhir is like a habit you can’t get rid of. It keeps you happy and sad at the same time. sanaya says he really loves you.. when I was getting his recordings recorded.. sanyu says what you mean? It is after dream team competition.
Sanyu says so you and randhir you just recorded it. Sanaya says no.. sanyu says now everything makes sense. He did this so I don’t commit to aryan. How could I even expect randhir can change. This is so disgusting.
Randhir wakes up.

Sanyu comes to randhir and says what think of yourself? who are you to play with anyone’s life? Randhir says what happened? Randhir says listen tome. sanyu says I know those recordings were all right. You dont love you just want to see me alone. You did so I don’t commit to Aryan.
Sanyu says I was feeling so guilty. ITs all your mistake. aryan was always right about. I was doubting my future with him because of you. Randhir says listen to me. Aryan is going to do something we need to talk to him. Everyone comes in and says nirman is being arrested.

Cops are arresting Nirman. Nirman says I am head of ISRC. Inspector says you you subotaged the last mission, it was not an accident. Nirman says I won’t leave aryan. Inspector says who is aryan? Randhir says no one please take him from here. Police takes nirman.
Sanyu says nirman asked rnadhir to kick me out. And why has aryan left? He can’t leave me like this. Sanyu calls him but his phone is off. Randhir comes in. Sanyu says ask him to leave. I don’t have energy. Randhir says aryan sent a message for you. Randhir says I knew he was dark shadow nirman told me. Randhir says for your dream aryan has sacrificed his love sanyu says what did he say? sanaya leaves. Randhir tells sanyu everything. Randhir says thats what he said. Sanyu says there was only one support and one good friend you took him from me. randhir says I am sorry. Sanyu says stop this drama you know what you have done.

Precap-Randhir says those recordings were fake but everything in it was very true.

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