Bandhan 26th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Mahesh turns prabha’s face towards him but she isn’t breathing. He says prabha please open your eyes. He screams. Darpan has fainted as well. Mahesh cries. Bhao says I never shot her. She called me woman. Why she came In between. Mahesh run towards bhao. Bhao shots him on arm. Mahesh tries to snatch the gun. He is shooting bhao’s people from his gun. Mahesh hits dev and Panday when them come to save vishwas rao. he goes to vishwas and hits him. Vishwas falls on the cliff and holds its corner. he is hung. He says karnik I am slipping please save me. My kids will be orphans. Mahesh sees prabha. Mahesh says I can kill you right now but I am not a murderer, law will punish you not me. Mahesh hauls him up. Bhao stands up. He takes out a knife and stabs Mahesh. he stabs him multiple times. Bhao says this the return gift of your anniversary. Never trust me now give me that proofs. Mahesh says you will never get that. Bhao says who will look after kids if you die? Mahesh says God will come for justice. God will take care of them. The same God who gave me son like ganesh. ganesh will look after her. Mahesh says I will never give you proof. Bhao stabs him and Mahesh jumps off the cliff in water Bhao says I want those proofs go and check if he is alive.
Bandhan 26th November 2014 Written Update
ganesh sees a car leaving. He looks at prabha’s corpse and screams. He sits there and cries. He recalls every time prabha treated him like a son. He screams and tries to wake prabha up. Mahesh says ganesh. ganesh stands up and looks for ganesh everywhere. Mahesh is hung with a stone. Ganesh is near but cant see him. Darpan is near and hears ganesh’s voice. Ganesh goes back and extends a tree for Mahesh to hold it. Mahesh holds it Ganesh pulls him up, Ganesh is trying hard. Mahesh says stop ganesh. You are slipping. Ganesh’s near the corner. Mahesh says ganesh if one of son and dad can be saved it should be son. never think you are alone ai baba will always be with you. Listen to me, darpan is your responsibility from now, you will always be with her and protect her. Never let a tear dri0p down her face.
If she is with you I am not scared of with death, keep your promise. ganesh nods.
Mahesh lets go the hold of tree. He recalls all his tme with his family. when ganesh and darpan went to school, when they celebrated darpan’s birthday. The last time ganesh promised her. he falls into the water. ganesh screams. Dapran comes near loking for ganesh. Ganesh sees her and hides prbah’s body with a tree. darpan is coming his way.
Dev says I looked everywhere is forest we couldn’t find body. Mahesh says I want to see his corpse. I will only be satisfied when I see it. He says I wanna see his wife’s body as well. Dev says you killed her. Bhao says karnik killed his wife and my men. this is the story now.
darpan is lloking for ganesh he hides under a cliff. darpan says ai baba. darpan us is standing beside the body of prabha which is under tree. she says ai where have you gone. why hav you all left me alone. she says I think they have gone home.
precap-ganesh does the funeral of prabha He fires her corpse.
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