Kasam 6th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kasam 6th June 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Rishi asks Tanvi if she would love him. He wants to be with her in every life, all his life. He can only envision her face in the moon on sky, he always remember his promise and kasam. He will fulfil this kasam, will save her from any problem, he loves her madly. Tannu cries, Bani and family were shocked. Raaj enraged. Rishi kneels in front of Tanvi, and asks her hand proposing her to love him. Bani shuts the door finally. Raaj holds Rishi up and slaps him hard. Rishi’s phone fell on the floor and recording of Rano’s conversation play in it. Rishi thinks that when he confessed he is going to do wrong with her, he had played a recording. Raaj questions Rano what this all is, Rishi tries to take his attention away but Raaj demands what is going on between them. Rishi says when they are caught they must tell the truth, everything is fair in love and war. He agrees to tell Raaj all the truth. He apologizes Tannu for being so sad. He says he has broken the heart of so many people, Rano asked him to tell everyone he wants to marry Tanvi. Rano denies that it’s her voice. Raaj insists he recognizes his voice, he questions why she is using her children for her own will. He accuses Rishi to betray him only for a sports car. He asks Rano to do anything, Rishi will marry Tannu. Bee ji sends Tannu inside, she insults Rano to look forward. Rano appreciates Rishi’s acting skills, Rishi turns around with tears in his eyes and says he is her son after all. He apologizes as he was not left with any choice, he demands why she betrayed him. This was his return gift for her.
Pavan asks the doctor how Saloni is. He shouts at doctor that Saloni is pregnant, she was feeling dizzy and faint. The doctor asks his mother to take care of Pavan, they are inquiring about Saloni’s health.
Rano accuses Rishi that he made a crack in her and Raaj’s relation, didn’t he care for her. She did everything for him. Rishi keeps a hand on her shoulder saying no mother can wish wrong for her child. He promise to fill the gap in their relation. Rano asks if she doesn’t come between him and Tanvi. Rishi says she wouldn’t even try coming between them. Rishi says he loves Tanvi, today his proposal’s words were all true. She doesn’t know what Tanvi means to him. Rano turns her face away. Rishi comes to hug Rano and apologizes again, she is best mother and cries hugging her.
Bani cheers that now Rano can’t break Neha and Rishi’s proposal. Neha says that now Rishi and Tanvi will trust her as she told him about Rano. Swati asks Neha to inquire what Rishi is about to do to break Pavan’s marriage.
Tannu cries in her room, thinking about Raaj calling her as his daughter, Rishi’s proposal and Raaj slapping him. Raaj comes to her room. Tannu wipes her tears at once watching him and asks if he needs something? Raaj nods and asks apology. He made her ashamed in front of everything, said what he shouldn’t have. Tannu says it’s her mistake, Raaj says no, he was betrayed. He asks her to forgive him if she really consider him as her father. He asks if she would. Tannu nods, while tears drop her eyes. Raaj keeps a hand on her head saying thank you and leave the room. Tannu cries saying Raaj considers her as his daughter and she can’t tell him the truth, she was confused about what is right and what isn’t.
Saloni tries to sit up, she insists on going back home. The doctor comes with a good news. Pavan congratulates Saloni but the doctor says she had some food poisoning.
Rishi comes to Tannu and asks if she is crying. Tannu hugs Rishi crying.

PRECAP: Rishi promises Tannu to fill so much love for her in his parent’s heart that they will love her even more than him.

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