Tashan e ishq 6th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Tashan e ishq 6th June 2016 Written episode Update. Tashan e ishq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Twinkle says to herself that i dont understand anything, i need you Kunj alot, i am very confused, wherever you are Kunj, just give me hint that i am doing right. she prays to God.
Pallavi brings Kunj on terrace, she says see shooting star, i believe that if you pray to shooting star then for whoever you pray, it reaches to that person, Kunj prays to shooting star, his face is all covered with bandage.
Twinkle sees shooting star and smiles, she says i knew you would give me hint, i will fill the gap which was created today in family, i will unite family again. Yuvi comes there, Twinkle asks why you have come here? i dont wanna see your face, Yuvi says i just wanna ask why did you release me from jail when you knew your family was against this? i accept that i didnt kill Kunj but i earlier tried to harm you and Kunj, i even tried to kill him, i should get punished for that, you should have left me in jail, i deserve to be there, Twinkle says its my life and its my decision, i can do whatever i want to, dont come infront of me again, she leaves, Yuvi is distraught.
Twinkle comes to Guradvarah, she prays to Lord that make me win my family’s heart again. She sees Yuvi there too, she comes to him and says you are so shameful that you are following me in Gradvarah too? dont try to act smart, you have no shame, Yuvi is tensed, Yuvi’s hand touches Twinkle mistakenly, she says how dare you touch me? you are shameful. man comes there and asks Yuvi why he is not doing his work which he took up to himself, Yuvi says i am sorry, i will do my work, Twinkle is stunned, Yuvi asks Twinkle to leave, she starts leaving. Yuvi sees man and stops him, Yuvi asks man where is Anita? Man says i dont know, Yuvi says i know you have taken loan from my mom and she will contact you, tell me where is she? Twinkle sees all this. Man says i dont know her, he leaves. Twinkle says it means Yuvi had come to Guradvarah for this man not for me, but who is this man?
Man calls Anita and says its Pranav speaking, Yuvi is out of jail, Anita says i know no jail can keep my son for much days, Pranav says he was asking me about you but i didnt tell him anything, Anita says good, she ends call and says it means i am safe.
Twinkle comes home, family is preparing for marriage preparations. Twinkle says i will help you people, Family is still angry with Twinkle. Twinkle says i made breakfast, why you didnt eat it? Usha says we dont need it, i have made breakfast for my family, you can eat your breakfast. Usha and Manohar starts leaving for wedding venue, Leela comes there too, Usha taunts her and Babee if they are coming with her or with someone else? she leaves with Manohar, Twinkle is sad. Babee says to Leela that you come with Twinkle, Usha is miffed with her, i will go with them, Leela agrees.
Twinkle comes to her room and sees her and Kunj’s picture, she says to picture that Kunj all are saying that you are dead but you are always in my heart, my wedding proof(mangalstura) will remain there where you are, she takes off her mangalsutra and keeps it beside Kunj’s picture.
Pallavi comes to Kunj, he is in his ward room bed. Pallavi sees his heart beat and says you are again thinking about Twinkle right? you need to relax, take deep breaths and just calm down, Kunj murmurs Twinkle’s name, Pallavi is disappointed.
Usha, Leela, Babee comes to marriage venue and sees decorations, they are happy with it. They all hold hands together as they have done good work, Twinkle comes and puts her hand on their hands, Usha takes off her hand, Twinkle gets sad. Guest comes to Twinkle and says you have done great arrangements, thank you, Twinkle says no need to thank, its part of my job.
Yuvi calls someone and says its confirm news that Pranav is coming in wedding function? caller says yes, he says okay and ends calls. Pranav comes in wedding function where Twinkle is with her family. Yuvi comes there too. He sees Twinkle and looks away.
Guest says before mehndi starts. We should make married women touch bride’s dupatta. Usha and other women touch dupatta, Twinkle gets emotional and says i see food preparations, she leaves. Usha feels bad for her, Leela says to Usha that i know you are miffed with her, she shouldnt have freed Yuvi but like you have lost son, she has lost husband too, please forgive her mistake, Usha says i understand her pain but how can she free man who is reason for our pain, he has given so much pain, how can she free him? i cant forgive Twinkle this time
Yuvi comes to Pranav, Pranav says you are following me? Twinkle sees them from far. Yuvi asks where is my mom? Twinkle says what is Yuvi doing here? and this man is same whom i saw in Guradvarah, what are they talking? Pranav says i dont know where she is hiding, stop bothering me, he starts leaving but Yuvi stops him and says i think you wont listen this way, i will have to bring old YUvi back for you, you will listen to my beating. Yuvi is busy talking with him. Family comes there and sees him, Usha sees Twinkle staring him and thinks that Twinkle must have called him here, otherwise why would he come here? Leela says what this Yuvi is doing here? why he is not leaving my daughter’s life, i made Usha understand now only but he came here too.

PRECAP- Twinkle is sitting on floor and busy in preparing something. A decoration piece is about to fall on her but Yuvi sees this and runs, he comes to Twinkle and pulls her away in time, decoration piece falls on floor, Twinkle falls on top of Yuvi, she angrily looks at him, all family members see this.

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