Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vadeja passing some taunts on Sandhya as the decision is in her favor. Disha brings Shanky dressed as a woman, to entertain everyone. Shanky wears the woman attire and Disha does makeup to him. Babasa and everyone see the news where Sandhya says the Indian govt has decided to give RK to the terrorists and free the passengers. Meenakshi, Emily, Mohit, Vikram and Babasa get glad. Disha asks Shanky how does it feel to be a woman and asks him to dance for her. Maya and Prema smile. Shanky pleads them to leave him. Prema says she has something for him. She shows the good plate and asks him to earn the food by entertaining them.
Shanky says he is very hungry and asks her to give food. Prema says show us some good dance, come on. Shanky cries. Vikram and Mohit thank Sandhya when she comes home. Meenakshi hugs her and says we all are very happy. Emily says Bhabho, Sooraj and Chaturi will come home soon, thanks. Babasa cries. Mohit asks Babasa to bless Sandhya now. Vikram says yes, she has saved our family once again, she is bahu of this house first and then a govt officer. Babasa comes to Sandhya and says he will get peace when she brings the family safe and back home, then he will bless her. He leaves.
Disha plays the song Babydoll……… She shouts asking Shanky to dance. Shanky dances. Everyone feel bad seeing him. Bhabho cries. Shanky falls and cries. Prema brings the food plate and gives him. Disha asks what is she doing, he dances but no one liked it, no one clapped for him, no prize cancel. Prema says yes, I can’t give him food. Shanky begs her to give him food, as he did what they told him to do. Prema says she can’t give him food and see everyone is still upset. She says we will have this food. Shanky says please give me food. Disha says no one clapped for your performance. Sooraj claps for him. Everyone join and clap for Shanky to make him get the food.
Diya aur baati hum 26th November 2014 Written Update
Maya gets a call and smiles. She claps and says your fate has worked, the govt has accepted our demand. She says RK has getting freed. Sandhya thinks about Sooraj and cries. She recalls their last moments. She recalls their happy moments and sees Sooraj who comes to lessen her pain. She imagines him and her, and cries. She says she needs him, will he leave her and go. She asks will he always be with her. Sooraj says he is always with her, in her eyes, in her breath, in her heart. She hugs him and cries. She says Vadeja said even if free RK, the passengers can’t be left free, I don’t know what to do, we can’t believe the terrorists.
He says he can just see the positive light, and if RK is freed, they will leave everyone. Sandhya asks how is this possible. Sooraj says you tell me, it is not victory if its done as a deal. Sandhya realizes his meaning. Sooraj says I know you will not accept such victory, as you have courage to do something else, I m with you, just be strong, will you do it. He hugs her. Its morning, Vadeja asks Sandhya why did he call him. Arjun and Vadeja are shocked. He asks what is RK doing here, is her mind fine, does she knows the govt has not decided where to give RK and how to get our passengers back. She says even you got fooled. He asks are you mad. She says he is not RK, he is Zakir. Zakir turns and looks at them. She says even she was shocked, and she got an idea. She tells her plan.
Sandhya says we can get all passengers back without freeing RK. Vadeja calls it foolish plan. Zakir and Sandhya asks him to give one chance.
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