Dehleez 5th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Dehleez 5th June 2016 Written episode Update. Dehleez today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Mami seeing Swadheenta and crying. Suhasini takes Mami with her. Mami says my son is not a terrorist, even my husband is innocent, why don’t you believe us, no one is helping us, neighbors are threatening to fire our house. Suhasini says this happens with those who ignite fire, you came to take our help, we lost a son. Mami says my son was innocent, you understand, you are also a mother. Suhasini says there is difference, your son just died, my son died as a martyr, you gave birth to a terrorist, I gave birth to a soldier, my tears are of pride, your tears are of shame. She gets the gate shut.

Mami says I don’t know whether you all will believe or not, but one day the country will believe Asad Gilani is not a terrorist, this is a promise of a mother to another mother. She cries. Maula mere lele meri jaan…………plays……….. Suhasini cries recalling Abhay. Mamu is in jail and sits sad. Everyone mourns for Abhay. Mami cries seeing Asad and recalls Suhasini’s words. Abhay’s body is to be taken for final rites. Mami calls someone and says there is no one to shoulder Asad’s funeral, if you came…… The man says sorry, don’t call again. Adarsh says Abhay’s last rites are to be done. Everyone cry.

Swadheenta goes out to the stadium. Mami meets her there. She says I came to your house in morning, you did not meet and ignored me. Swadheenta says I…. Mami says I can understand, its your inlaws, they feel Haider and Asad are terrorists, I don’t think what they think, what you think matters, you were always our daughter, Asad’s sister, his freedom. Swadheenta cries. Mami says I know our relation is not of blood, but its more strong. I have come to ask its right, Swadheenta if you believed yourself as our daughter, and Asad’s sister, then you have to tell the world that Haider and Asad are not terrorists. She says you have to decide, its my bad time, but test is yours, relations’ strength is known in tough time, if you don’t do this, I won’t have any complain or annoyance, I will just think you were never our daughter.

Mami cries and leaves. The lady reporter comes there. She says I m Paddy, Padmashri Iyer, don’t worry, I have no hidden cameras here. She tells about her cover story, I know you were attached to Gilanis, you did not know their truth by staying with them. Swadheenta asks what truth, based on one doubt… Paddy says sorry to say, you got cheated all these years. Swadheenta goes and sits crying.

Swadheenta goes to meet Haider and says he is my uncle. Mamu says I m a terrorist, my son is also a terrorist. She cries seeing him.

Swadheenta gets inside the cell and sits holding Mamu. He repeats the same, I m terrorist, even my son is terrorist. She says look at me. She asks him to come to senses. The constable asks Haider to come for his son’s funeral. She argues with constable for badly talking to Mamu. Constable says you are taking a terrorist’s side and takes Mamu. She cries. Jaidev cries and tells Adarsh that its time to take Abhay now. They all cry. Pandit keeps flowers on Abhay’s body. Simmi recalls Abhay’s words and tries to hold him. Suhasini keeps her hand on Abhay’s forehead. Simmi cries. Ahuja hugs her. Pandit asks them to come ahead and give shoulder to the body. Manohar, Ahuja, Adarsh and Jaidev take Abhay’s body. Asad is also taken for funeral. Swadheenta looks on and cries.

Abhay’s final rites are done. People throw stones at Asad’s funeral. Swadheenta is with Mamu and tells him that she will prove Mamu and Asad innocent.

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