Dehleez 4th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Dehleez 4th June 2016 Written episode Update. Dehleez today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Dehleez 4th June 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Simmi crying seeing Abhay. She asks Abhay to get up. Suhasini holds her. Simmi screams and cries. Everyone cry. Few ministers come there. Manohar greets them. Swadheenta’s parents come and see Abhay. Manohar cries. Swadheenta hugs Amma and cries. Minister tells Manohar that he has sent recommendation for Abhay’s bravery award, Abhay will leave with all due respect and guard of honor. Swadheenta asks Appa why did Mami not come, what charges were on Mamu, where is Asad’s body. Appa asks what will you do knowing it, you focus on your family here, forget that we had relation with Gilanis. She says I stayed with them for 5 years, Mamu regarded me daughter, Asad is my brother. Appa says enough, don’t take their name in this house, they are terrorists.

Suhasini comes to them. Appa says if we knew about them, believe me, we had no idea.. Amma says yes, we were explaining Swadheenta that this house is everything for her now, and she is not related to Gilanis. Suhasini says I understand, I know its not your mistake. She goes. Swadheenta runs to her room and cries.

She gets a book from her bag and gets a surprise envelop in it. She checks the DVD from Asad. She cries and plays the DVD. Asad recorded the message for her. He says I know you are shocked, I told mum to pack this bag with your belongings, check the time, its your marriage day, you are snoring in sleep, I will wake you up in my style, I m hungry and want your scolding, dad gave me long list of items, I have to go and get now. He eats Aam papad and says I m in tension as you will get officially going away. She cries seeing him. He asks is there no such possibility that you marry Adarsh and not leave from here, I swear I won’t disturb you, request Adarsh that you both will stay here, don’t request, tell him strictly that Asad won’t send his sister, else I will come to you. He cries and says I m making this video, because you would slap me if I told you this.

She says I won’t slap. He says you are thinking to get inside screen and slap me, I know you live for everyone, but for me, take care of yourself, I know you are world’s best lawyer, there is no doubt you will become world’s best bahu, I could not told you all this, but I can’t talk senti face to face, you know I m a cool guy, I will disappear at your bidaai’s time, don’t wait for me, if I see you crying, then I will cry, then you will call me Rothlu, I don’t like it. She says I won’t call you that. He says that’s why I m making this video, I will miss you, I love you a lot. She says I love you too Asad. He says you are world’s best sister. She says you are world’s best brother. The video ends. She cries.

Then people at the Dhaba see the news of terrorists Asad and Haider Gilani. Arvind sees the news and smiles. Swadheenta checks her bag and gets Asad’s pic. She cries and hugs his pic. She asks him to come back.

The reporter says we appeal to viewers to inform us if they find any unattended thing. Arvind tells Bilal that there is no danger now, police don’t have our record, do arrangements to send me back. Bilal says let matter cool down, I will send you back to your country. Arvind says there was just one blast, but its deep wound, its injustice with Haider, many will support us, but there is no one to prove Haider and Asad innocent. Jaya comes to Swadheenta and finds her crying for Asad. She shuts the door and gets angry. She asks for whom are you crying, for Abhay’s murderer, for a terrorist? Swadheenta says he is my brother. Jaya says brothers don’t ruin sister’s house, stop crying for such fake relations, what are you doing, you are having sorrow for Abhay, and crying for his murderer here. Swadheenta says Asad is not a murderer. Jaya says family gave you respect, please value our love and respect. Swadheenta says he is my brother. Jaya cries and says everyone is asking about new bahu, I m waiting for you outside the room. She leaves. Swadheenta cries.

Simmi sits looking at Abhay. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to take Simmi to her room. Jaya says I will take Simmi, let Swadheenta be here, she is bahu of this house now. She takes Simmi. Appa asks Mami why did she come here. Mami says I came to express grief for Abhay’s death. Manohar goes to her. Mami says I felt sorrow by hearing about Abhay. Swadheenta says Mami…. Suhasini asks her to stay here and goes out. Manohar scolds Mami and asks her to save her sorrow for her husband, how dare she come here. Mami says its not like you are thinking…… Manohar says its like that only, your son killed my Abhay, I promise to get your husband punished. Ahuja says that terrorist will die a dog’s death, I will ruin your family. Mami cries and sees Swadheenta. She asks can I meet Swadheenta. Swadheenta cries. Suhasini asks everyone to go inside, and sends them. Suhasini asks Mami to come with her.

Suhasini tells Mami that your son just died and my son has become Shaheed/martyr, you gave birth to a terrorist and I gave birth to country’s soldier/officer. Mami cries and asks Swadheenta to prove Haider and Asad innocent if she ever truly regarded them Mamu and brother, else I will understand you were never our daughter.

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