Tamanna 4th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Tamanna 4th June 2016 Written episode Update. Tamanna today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Dhara taking help from a lady. Dhara tells her that Mridula is pregnant, we got caught in riots. They take Mridula to that lady’s house. Dhara realizes its muslim lady. The lady asks Dhara not to worry, you are safe here. She asks driver to call Zubeda, she would help in delivering the child. Mridula cries in pain. Sameer asks Dhara to open the door. Veer opens the door. Sameer asks where is everyone. Veer says Mridula was having pain, Dhara took her to hospital, your and Sanjay’s phone was not connecting. Sameer calls Dhara and asks where are you, how is Mridula, in which hospital are you. She says we did not reach hospital, don’t worry, we got help, riots are happening, don’t come here, I m with Mridula. He says fine, keep calling. She says don’t leave from home. Dhara pacifies Mridula.

Doctor treats Gaffur. Salamat says now I understood, Gaffur was attacked to create more riots. Sanjay says yes, they succeeded, they have first targeted Basheer, when he survived, he targeted this old man Gaffur, I will not leave them. Salamat says I m also angry, but this is not the time, Gaffur’s life can get peace in this city. Sanjay says Gaffur did not differentiate in religions and had humanity, he wanted peace. Salamat says pray that he survives.

Zubeda sees Mridula and says she is hindu, I can’t deliver her child, if they know, they will kill me, I won’t do this, I don’t have courage, drop me back to my home. Dhara requests Zubeda to help Mridula, its her duty, you know babies are angels, our Lord won’t wish anyone to stop baby from coming in this world, don’t do this, please I beg you, don’t make those people win, its Lord’s wish that you deliver this child, I request you. Zubeda agrees and says maybe my sense was covered by fear, if this is Lord’s wish, I will do this.

Gaffur is treated. Doctor tells Sanjay that Gaffur has internal injuries, I don’t think we can save him. Its morning, police patrols on the streets. Mridula is still in pain. Sanjay and Salamat meet Gaffur. Sanjay talks to Gaffur. Gaffur says I m seeing you both together for the first time, promise me you will always be together. Sanjay says yes, this city will get peace, nothing will happen to you. Salamat cries and tells Sanjay that Gaffur is no more. Sanjay gets shocked. Mridula delivers the baby. Dhara hears the baby’s cry and smiles. Zubeda comes out of the room and says it’s a boy, Lord answered our prayers, go and meet your sister. Dhara hugs and thanks Zubeda.

Salamat tells the doctor to keep Gaffur in hospital, till he informs his family. Doctor asks him not to worry. Sanjay says I can’t believe this, politicians are killing innocent people, I was not aware of this truth for many years, but now I have to reveal this truth to the world. Dhara calls Sameer. He asks is everything fine. She congratulates him and says you are blessed with a son. Sameer cries and says my son. Dhara says yes, he looks like you. He thanks her for giving this good news, and asks for Mridula. Dhara says Mridula and baby are fine, talk to Mridula. Sameer thanks Mridula for making him a father. He says sorry, I was not at home that time, its good Dhara managed everything. Mridula says yes, the night was very horrible, but this morning is good, stop crying, be happy now. He says I m very happy now, Lord gave me lots of happiness, I have to thank Lord.

Sanjay says I regarded Bhai ji as my dad, I trusted him more than myself, I understood he used my trust for his use. Salamat tells about Izhar, he should have protected people, but he is a devil. The lady tells Dhara that we should just thank Lord always. She blesses the baby also. Dhara smiles and plays with the baby.

Salamat says Sanjay, we have to stop this riots. Sanjay says yes, we have to expose them. Salamat says I m with you, tell me what to do. Sanjay asks him to come along. Mridula tells Sameer that Dhara helped her a lot. Dhara takes the phone and asks Sameer not to worry. She asks about Sanjay. Sameer says I m trying to contact Sanjay, but could not, don’t know where he is. Dhara says fine, inform me if you talk to him. She worries for Sanjay.

The men catch Sanjay and Salamat, and get fire torches and sticks.

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