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Scene 1
Mata ji says whom were you talking to? Prerna says you have some misunderstanding. Mata ji says the woman in bharadwaj house was you today. Prerna is dazed. Prerna says what are you saying mata ji. Mata ji says I recognized you from this anklet. this is the reason why I send everyone else home. Because I wanted to talk to you in person. I want to know why you are doing this. Simar says tell her Prerna. Mataji says why are you doing this prerna. Prerna says what I am going to tell you, its difficult to believe. But I swear to God I won’t lie. Mata ji says go ahead what is it.
Prerna says do you see there, the one sitting on mataji’s feet. Mataji says that bee? Prerna says its not a bee. That is our Simar. mata ji is bewildered. Mata ji says are you out of your mind. Do you even know what you are saying. Prerna says she talked to me and told me everything that just we both knew. Prerna says I will tell you everything from beginngng just meet your simar once.Prerna says come simar. Prerna says you cant hear her but I can. Mataji says what are you saying. How and when did this happen. Prerna says you remember when simar went to jungle for mani. She tells her how baba turned simar into bee. Mataji says how you came out of this hospital? Prerna says nothing could stop simar from helping her family. simar showed me the way. Simar saw the code when nurse entered it. and opened the door for prerna. Prerna and simar executed their plan.
Simar (bee) sits on mataji’s feet and says prerna ask her to give me her blessings. mataji extends her hand. simar sits on it.
Mata ji says I could recognize you. So much happened to you still you never left your family. Now I realize I must have done something so good that I got a bahu like you. simar says tell her that I am alive because of her blessings. Prerna tells mata ji.
Prerna says this time is nbot to cry. We have to stop maani. Mata ji says we will stop them. i know we will win this fight. I am not scared anymore. Because our Simar is with us. Right? Prerna says yes. We have to save sid. Simar says they will try again. Prerna says what should we do? simar says do something that they don’t have another chance, Prerna says what can we do. Simar says I have an idea. Simar tells prerna.

Prerna says our time is getting over. Mata ji says please help us God.
Fake simar comes near sid. Fake simar says I have given all his shirts for laundary that had a pocket.
Sid is in balcony. Maani comes to him. He says why you called me here? Maani says I don’t know what to say. I feel so alone here. I want to go from here, my own house. I am so scared. She hugs him.
Prerna and mata ji reach the house. They look for sid in his room. Jhanvi says what happened? Mata ji says have you seen sid? She says yes was in balcony. Mataji says prerna is hungry bring her something to eat please. Simar(bee) says I am going there first. Maani says in heart now this arrow will pass us both.
Prerna and mata ji are rushing towards the roof. Mata ji slips, she says prerna you go and stop them. Fake simar shoots the arrow. Simar starts irritating Maani. She goes away from sid. Prerna comes and stands between them. The arrow passes Sid and Prerna. Fake simar and maani are dazed. Mataji comes there too. Sid says I love you Prerna.

Precap-Maani says I feel like someone knew about my arrow and told Prerna. I wanna know what is.. The fire shows her bee. Maani says this bee told her? the fire says this is simar.

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