Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th June 2016 Written episode Update. Suhani Si Ek Ladki today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Soumya saying I have to go outhouse and see whats happening. Rags says no, you focus on your plan, call him and ask where did he reach. Soumya says no, I have to see what is Yuvraaj doing. Rags asks maid to throw all the flowers. Pratima worries for Suhani. Dadi says don’t worry, there are many people to care for her, why did Yuvraaj not come till now. Soumya asks maid not to throw flowers, and tells Rags that she said right.

Yuvraaj and Sharad come there. Sharad asks Pankaj to meet Suhani. Dadi asks Sharad not to pressurize anyone. Yuvaan says I want to meet mumma. Bhavna says she is fine, she is coming. Rags asks maid to do some arrangements. Soumya messages and asks someone where is he. He replies he is making heroic entry. Rags tells Soumya that if maid is caught, she will be caught, don’t worry, she won’t say anything. Maid puts some oil on the floor. She says Suhani has come.

Suhani walks there and does not slip. Soumya and Rags look on. Suhani says sorry, function spoiled because of me. Soumya asks do you have low sugar problem. Bhavna says I think she fainted by hot temp. Door bell rings. Suhani goes to open the door. She slips and Sambhav holds her. Everyone get shocked. Rags and Soumya smile. Sambhav says see, I did not let you fall. The flower petals fall on them. Maid puts the petals on them. Yuvaan runs to Sambhav and hugs him. Yuvraaj looks on.

Yuvaan introduces everyone to Sambhav. Sambhav says Sharad you forgot me. Sharad says no, I got busy that’s why. Yuvaan introduces Yuvraaj. Sambhav says so Mr rival, this is your house, its nice. Yuvraaj asks how are they related to you. Suhani says he is Sambhav, he is like our family member, he helped me a lot in last six years. Soumya says then he is our special guest. Dadi says yes, do his arrangements in guest room. Suhani says no, he will stay with me in outhouse. Dadi says this is my house, I will decide. Sambhav says its little thing, why are you guys taking out swords, Dadi ji why are you becoming vamp, I will stay with Yuvaan, and thanks Soumya for calling me here. Suhani asks Soumya did you call Sambhav here. Menka tells Rags that there is much drama in this house. Rags says shut up Menka.

She tells Suhani that Yuvaan was missing Sambhav, so Soumya called him. Soumya says yes, I wanted to give surprise to Yuvaan. Sambhav says good. He hugs Yuvaan. Soumya asks Suhani to take rest, as she fainted. Sambhav asks Suhani to come and rest for some time. Suhani goes with him to outhouse . Sambhav plays with Yuvaan. Sharad comes and sends Yuvaan. Suhani asks Sambhav why did you come here. He takes her pic and says I came here to see his expression, any problem. She says this is not my house, I can’t keep you here. He says you can stay here and keep Sharad and Bhavna then, you said I m like your family member. She says Sharad, Bhavna and Golu are this family members. Yuvraaj gets angry and says Yuvaan is my son, how can Suhani do this.

Dadi says Suhani is making strangers her family and left her family, does she want to marry again. Pratima says whats wrong if she remarries, even Yuvraaj did second marriage. He asks which marriage, I did not…. I mean you know this marriage is a compromise which I did for Yuvani. Bhavna hears them. Dadi says you took right decision. Pratima says even Suhani has right to move on. Yuvraaj says I won’t share Yuvaan’s love with anyone else.

Sambhav puts water on himself and says I m trying to digest things, are you joking, is Yuvraaj really Yuvaan’s father, Sharad is Yuvraaj’s brother, and you are Yuvraaj’s wife. She says I was his wife, why did you come. He asks how did you hide big secret. She says its my personal life. She asks Sharad to be quiet and asks Sambhav to answer why did he come here. Sambhav says I was missing all of you. Sharad says I understand, even Yuvaan is missing you, its all complicated here. Sambhav says its not because of me, its already complicated.

Dadi asks why is all this complicating. Pratima says they should solve these things. Dadi blames Suhani. She says I will tell Sambhav that Yuvaan is your son, when I met him first, I felt bad to keep him away from us, but now I realize it was right, it was good to keep Suhani away from Yuvraaj. She goes. All the kids play. Yuvani asks Yuvaan who is that uncle. Krishna says maybe he is Yuvaan’s dad. Yuvaan says no, yes he is my dad, mumma kept that secret. They ask why did she hide this secret. Yuvaan says I don’t know, but this is truth that Sambhav uncle is my dad. Golu asks why did you not tell me. Yuvaan says I could not tell before, now don’t tell this to anyone. Rags hears this and smiles.

Dadi tells Soumya that your idea is really nice, I will meet Sambhav and show his place. Soumya says I m doing this for my house, I m tensed about Yuvani, I can’t see her hurt. Dadi says yes, you are right, thanks. She goes.

Sambhav throws towel on Dadi and takes her pic. She asks him to be in his limits. He says I m in my limit, you came in my limit. She says stop nonsense, take Suhani along and leave, Yuvaan is my grandson. He says I know. She says Yuvraaj is his father. He says I know this too. She says don’t come in between them. He asks why, what’s between them. Dadi goes angrily.

Bhavna tells Pratima that Suhani is not ready to move on in life, so I felt…. Pratima says you are Suhani’s sister and can think for her. Bhavna says Sambhav helped Suhani a lot, they are good friends, nothing else. Pratima says Dadi will not understand, I m worries for Yuvraaj, you know him, he gets worried soon, so I want you to explain Suhani, if Sambhav shows his right on Yuvaan then… Bhavna says don’t worry, I will talk to Suhani.

Suhani look for Yuvaan. Yuvraaj comes and collides with her. He asks did you not learn to walk. She says you collided and you are blaming me. He says sorry, I forgot I m talking to Suhani, who can’t do any mistake. She asks can’t you talk with manners. He says you mean I m ill mannered, I will get lessons from Sambhav for talking to you. She says no use to talk to you. He says I don’t want anyone around Yuvaan. She asks who are you to say this. He says Yuvaan’s dad. She asks him to be father, not Jallad, I m Yuvaan’s mum, last decision will be mine, why are you showing rights, what did you do for him all these years. He holds her hand. She says leave me and her hand gets hurt. He cares for her. He says I don’t care for you. She looks for him. He thinks in heart that he does not care for Suhani. He goes.

Golu tells Bhavna that Sambhav is Yuvaan’s Papa. Yuvraaj asks what. Bhavna asks who told you. Golu says Yuvaan told me. Suhani and everyone get shocked.

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