Mere Angne Mein 4th June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Mere Angne Mein 4th June 2016 Written episode Update. Mere Angne Mein today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Mere Angne Mein 4th June 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Sarla being glad that Chanda agreed to marry Shivam. She says I will leave now. Shanti asks did you keep any treasure at home, you are always in hurry to go home. Sarla thinks how does Shanti know everything. She says I will come later and goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to come and talk to her. Riya cries. Vyom apologizes to Sharmili. She scolds him and says I will leave house, I won’t stay here. He says don’t leave, I will do anything you see. She cries. Mama tells Vyom that Sharmili is crying because of you. Vyom promises Sharmili that he will do what she says. Nimmi comes. Vyom hugs Sharmili. Sharmili says fine, you promised you will do what I say. She asks Nimmi can’t she knock the door and come.

Nimmi says door was open, I came to ask what to cook. Sharmili says I will come to kitchen. Vyom stops Sharmili and asks Nimmi to make anything by her wish, we will go on dinner tonight, be ready. Nimmi says we can have food at home. Sharmili asks Nimmi to go if Vyom wants, you came by such situation that you don’t deserve to get food even at home, go now. Nimmi goes. Sharmili asks Vyom to go and rest now, and take Nimmi out. He says fine, did you forgive me. She says yes, go now. He leaves. Mama dances.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to talk to Shivam today. Kaushalya agrees. Riya recalls Chanda’s words and cries seeing Shivam’s pic. She asks him not to agree to Dadi, don’t marry Chanda, I will never let your marriage happen with Chanda.

Nimmi asks Vyom to move off his way. He asks her to stop this drama, you will stay here with my wife, don’t acting as stranger, if mummy knows this, she will kick you out, you should feel good that I m accepting you. She says if you say angrily, I will not come on dinner. He holds her hand and says you have to come with me anyway, you like it or not. She says leave my hand, its hurting. He says you have to understand this, else I will leave you out. She says I m not afraid of your threatening. He asks her to be ready for dinner, else I will do what I said. She thinks he can kick me out of home, I will go on dinner.

Amit plays gambling and talks to a guy. The guy asks him to grab a better chance and tells him big things. Amit starts dreaming and goes to meet that man. Nimmi calls home. Preeti talks rude. Nimmi says you did everything, I m bearing this. Preeti says its good you are getting my share of happiness, did you call to make me jealous. Nimmi cries. Preeti ends the call.

Amit goes to meet that man and says I m Amit, I like to gamble and did not learn to lose, I want to join your gang. The man gets angry. Amit says I will get samosa for you. The man asks him to get samosas from Ashok’s stall. Amit says fine, I will get it. The man says you can join my gang if you get samosas soon. Amit goes.

Chanda keeps diya near tulsi plant. Riya comes there and does puja. Shanti comes and taunts Riya. She says now Chanda is going to become bahu, this is her right now. Riya says fine, as you say, my tulsi ji knows whose right it is, this is my house, I m still the bahu, you can keep your diya anywhere. Riya tells Shanti that my hope will never end. She prays. Shanti says this little diya will blow off anyhow, I m not scared of your drama. Riya says I m not scaring you, I m increasing my courage. She takes Shanti’s blessings. Shanti asks Chanda not to get sad and do puja.

Amit gets the samosas for the man. The man gets glad. Amit thinks I got samosas from other shop, I can’t go to Ashok’s stall, then I can join his gang. He dreams that man is serving him samosas. The man eats the samosas and identifies that its not from Ashok’s stall. He asks from where did you get this. Amit lies. The man says don’t lie, you are acting clever to me, get my gun. Amit shouts no, and runs. The man asks his goons to catch Amit.

Nimmi cries in her room. Vyom comes to her and asks her why did she not get ready, I told you we have to go on dinner. She says I don’t wish to go on dinner. He says fine, then wish to leave this house forever. He packs her bag. She argues. He says I told you be ready to leave home. She says I m coming with you on dinner, give me 5mins, go out, I will come. He says I will wait outside, hurry up. She cries.

Riya sees Shivam’s pic and cries. Chanda looks on. She asks Riya to understand her helplessness. Riya thinks to find out is Chanda really simple or not. She says it was in our fate. Chanda says forgive me, I could not say no to Shanti. Riya says tell me do you like Shivam, even if you are helpless.

Kaushalya asks Shivam to promise her that he will agree whatever she tells him. He promises her. She asks him to marry Chanda. He gets shocked.

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