Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla asking Adi not to be annoyed, she was just saying about Shagun not being here. Amma says sorry too. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to see her, and she knows he is worried, Shagun will come, as everyone went to find Ashok, they all will come. She cries and is hurt as Adi is not looking at her. She reminds him his childhood. Adi leaves. The media asks Suraj about the matter here. Suraj says its family matter and asks them to go. They ask Parmeet to tell them when they called him. Parmeet asks them to add spice to news. Ishita calms down Mihika and says we all trust you, we know you did not do anything. She asks Mihika what was she telling her about her friend, who to be husband is cheating her and she wanted to open her eyes, was it Shagun. Mihika nods yes and says Ashok was troubling me lot in office.
She says she used to hate when he eyed her, and he has relation with a girl in office, and I tried to tell Shagun, but she is blind in his love. She says he is a dirty man and cries. She says Ashok does not love Shagun and does not want to marry her. Ashok asks what is this nonsense, why would I waste money on four functions. Mihika says he is lying, I swear. Shagun asks who are you to tell this. Mihika says you are Mihir’s sister, and we are related and we are friends, I really care for you. She says leave Ashok, he does not love you. She says she had cameras here and they will know he is a liar. Ashok says what, you bugged me, you trapped and recorded me. Mihika says she will call technician and prove he is liar. Shagun asks whats wrong with her. Raman says whats wrong with you, she did this to expose this dog and scolds Ashok.
Ashok says she wants to put everything on me. Mihika calls technician and asks him to bring footage. Suraj and Parmeet join Ashok. The man comes and finds so many people. Mihika asks for recording and he denies everything. Mihika says we came in this room to keep cameras, give me recording. He says what are you saying, why will hotel people let us fix camera here. Mihika checks the places where she fixed it. She does not get anything. She cries and asks whether they have bribed him. The man says I did not take money. Mihir asks Mihika was this the guy, is she forgetting. Mihir asks was it someone else. Shagun says such a liar and asks Mihir not to trust her. Parmeet asks him to go. Shagun taunts Mihika for ruining her and Mihir’s life.
Ishita says enough, don’t say a word. Shagun says shut up Ishita, and calls it her plan, both are involved in this. She says you took me to parlor, it was a game plan. Raman says you don’t have courage to see truth, else you would have known Ashok, he is same who had affair with a married woman, when we were married. He says even a blind can see his reality. Shagun says you have problem that you can’t see us together. She says Mihika met Ishita and they both planned, Mihika has seduced Ashok. Raman says enough. Mihir cries. Mihika looks on and cries. (Idiot Ashok did not get time to wear shirt till now, cheapo!!)
Simmi and Romi talk and tells him everything, and says media went there, it will be big issue. Romi says don’t tell this to mum. Mani hears them talking and worries. Ishita asks Mihika why did she not btell her, she would have helped her. Mihika says how could I tell you, and reminds her and Raman’s fights and she felt she can handle this alone. Raman says you should have told Mihir atleast. Mihika asks how, Mihir and Shagun’s relation got fine after many years and if I told him, he would have broke up.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2014 Written Update
She says she wanted to expose Ashok and show the reality. Shagun says you want to make my life better, you both sisters do such drama, one mother india and another one an actor. She taunts her for getting in bed with Ashok. Ishita asks her to understand Mihika. Shagun scolds them, and says you both Suraj the same way, you are jealous as Raman is not yours, even when he is with you. She says when I m marrying Ashok, you can’t bear this and took away my Ruhi. Ashok smiles. (Shameless, 1000 slaps for him!!) Raman says shut up Shagun. Mihika says Akka did not do this. Shagun says don’t take my name, you ruined all my functions too, you guys ruined my life. She tells about bachelors party scene. Raman asks her to be in limits and not out her dirt on Ishita. Shagun says they are ruining Ashok’s name and wants to stop my marriage.
Mani comes and says which marriage, which Ashok does not want to do. He says open your eyes, he is bored of you, he is marrying you as I threatened him to marry you to get the contract. He says I m sorry, that’s the only reason he was marrying you. Shagun tells Ishita to see her lover has come. She says I won’t believe this, even Raman and Ishita married for Ruhi’s custody, if Ashok is marrying me for his career, then whats wrong. She says I m with Ashok since 6 years and I know we love each other, he took care of me and Adi, I m completely fine with it if he is marrying for contract. She says if my marriage breaks, then the contract will be given to Raman right. She says that was the plan, so they have broken my marriage. Mani says disgusting.
The pandit asks Mrs. Bhalla to tell him where is bride and groom, and will marriage happen or not. She says we are guests here, ask bride’s friends. The girls say we don’t know, she left phone here, everyone has gone, all guests and no family. Ashok’s journalist friend Tanu comes there and meets the ladies. Simmi asks what is she doing here. Tanu asks Romi and Simmi about no one present here, where are they. She says Ishita called me here, where is she. Simmi says why will she call me. Tanu says she knows. Simmi says come with me and takes her. Mrs. Bhalla says I feel its complex matter.
Raman defends Ishita and Mani’s friendship. She says she is too good for you. She is higher than you in every way, can’t you see its done by Ashok. Ashok says what did I do, ask Mihika, she did all this, she has made friendship with Shagun and she sticks to me in office. Shagun believes Ashok. Raman scolds her and says Ishita is Devi and you are Devil. He says Ishita has always sacrificed things and she does not have shame to blame her. He reminds her that Ishita got her to our home when Ashok kicked you out. Tanu comes and greets Ishita saying she called her here to tell about some breaking news. Ashok says OMG Ishita, you called Tanu here. Ishita says when did I call you. Tanu says I came here since you called me, I wrote story on Raman and Ashok, Shagun are annoyed with me, they did not invite me here.
Ishita asks a lady why will she call her. The lady says she called her to ruin Ashok’s name. Shagun asks Raman to see even Ishita is drama queen to do such tactics for publicity, first sent Mihika to seduce Ashok and now doing this by calling media. She claps saying wow and showing down Ishita in Raman’s eyes. Raman asks can’t you see, you always believe anything. Shagun says can’t you see, Mihika was sleeping with my to-be husband on our bed.
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