Sadda Haq 3rd June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 3rd June 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Aryan says to Nirman fair enough. I have all the proofs. The footage, the accident and the scientist. It was not an accident. Your game is over. None of your dreams will be accomplished you are failed. Nirman says I know you know everything. He starts crying and says this mars mission is my dream. Suddenly he laughs and says wow. Nirman says I am good actor. I need to call a bollywood producer to cast me. You think you can use this information against me, time for drums to roll. The high point is I know who you are Mr.Dark shadow. Aryan is dazed. Niramn says how was it? One shot your game is over. Why so shocked? i appreciate one thing you have done so much for the country. why Aryan isn’t smart as dark shadow? I have been trying to find out who dark shadow is. You and he has very much in common. So I thought lets play a game that aryan fails but dark shadow passes. Aryan says how you mean? Nirman says I troubled sanyu and you helped her and you got trapped in my game. I used your feelings against you. Nirman says if you say anything about me.. Sanyu’s dream will be blown and you will be exposed. You will go out and forget this conversation.

Joy says to Sumit I and Kritika are so perfect for each other. He says what am i saying? I cant do this. He sees kritika says I have to do this courage. He says why is it so difficult.
Joy sits near kritika. Kritka says in heart joy will propose me? oh God. She says you wanna say something? He says I like to talk to you. But I have nothing to say.Kritika says I was just asking.Kritika says why don’t you say it.

Aryan comes to his room and tensed. SAnyu comes in. He says when did you come? He says nothing just didn’t get my coffee. He says can I ask you? How important is this mars mission to you? Sanyu says its my dream. It give me motivation and stregth. Everything. Aryan says lets say if this mission cancels?sanyu says why would you say that? sanyu says it gave me focus back. I dont wanna go back to that life. Aryan says you can start your own company. Sanyu says is there something? Tell me. Aryan says nothing. Sanyu says sure? he says can I lie to you?Sanyu says i trust you. Aryan leaves. he sits again and says is my birthday still on? She says yes. He says don’t you get time for decoration?It doesn’t matter too. There is no purpose now either.

Nirman comes to randhir and says how is it going randhir sir? This is my institute I can come where I wwant. you want sanyu to leave ISRC?Randhir says i will expose her.Nirman says don’t lie. Why was your voice weak? I know what are you gonna do.You will leave yourself. Sacrifice yourself. You won’t let her go out of here because you still love her. and you can’t accept her that she is someone’e else’. My mission suffers in this. Randhir says what about aryan? He loves sanyu. He will always be with sanyyu. Nirman says I thought you won’t start his topic. you remind me of myself.But you know dark shadow?Randhir says that hacker..No one knows about.Nirman says I know him and so do you. Aryan. Randhir says what. nirman says yes Aryan is dark shadow. I have proofs too. Now upto you how to use it.sanyu will be alone here. he leaves.
Sanyu comes out and recalls her moments with Randhir and with Aryan too. She keeps walking. The song ‘janeman’ is playing. Randhir and Aryan are in there rooms and in tears. Sanyu recalls randhir misbehaving with her. Aryan is walking in the corridor in tears as well.
Sanaya comes to randhir and says I know you are depressed. He says nothing. sanaya says I can solve your problem. Sanaya says enough. I know what problem is. Randhir says what is your problem. GO get a job. I don’t need you get lost from here. Sanaya walks out in tears. Randhir stops her. Randhir says I am very sorry. She turns her face up and says you care for me. Then why do you say otherwise? Now tell me what happened? Rnadhir says nothing. She says I will ask you questions and you answer me. I know what Nirman has asked you to do. He wants sanyu to leave ISRC. But I know you will leave yourself.

Precap-Aryan says to randhir you are the manipulator. Rnadhir says I don’t have time for all that. Randhir says to sanyu I know aryan is dark shadow. SAnyu says I only had one support one good friend and you took him.

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