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Scene 1
Gauri comes out of car and sees yug all injured. She faints too. Kali reaches there with an auto.
Leela says to chulbul prepare for pooja. Where are the kids. Mohit calls Leela and asks if yug has reached? Leela says isn’t he there? Mohit says he left in tension. His phone is off now. Leela says let me check.
Kali sees yug and gauri injured. Kali asks the driver to stay. She says I have to save them. He says police will arrest me. I don’t even want fare. Kali says please I beg you. He says please I have to go and runs.
Kali screams for help.
Leela and raghu re on the way. She keeps calling them and says where are they? Kali gets a call from Leela.Leela says where are you? Kali says yug and gauri met an accident she tells her everything. Leela says stay there I am coming. Take care of yug.Kali says please bring ambulance with you. She tells raghu.
Kali says I won’t let anything to you yug.

yug is taken to hospital. He is under treatment. Doctor says he is badly injured. He is in coma. I can say anything after MRI. Gauri says I wanna go to yyug. leela says you won’t go inside. Gauri says I will. Kali slaps her. Gauri says have you forgotten your worth? Kali says because of you yug is going throught this. I wont forgive you for this. My husband’s life is in danger. Gauri says shut up he is my husband. Kali shoves her and says you even know a wife is? Its not a word, its a faith. Wife is someone who prays that her life should be given to her husband. Wife is one who take out her husband from death. You shoved him towards death. Why am I telling you all this when you are not his wife. Kali says one more thing, if anything happens to her. this kala tekka that protected you all her life will bring your death message. i will destroy everything.

Nurse says arrange his blood. Kali says who has O positive blood group. Manjiri says mine. Manjiri says I will give yug blood. She hugs Kali. Manjiri says nothing will happen to him. I will give him blood. She goes in. Manjiri donates her blood.
Leela sits out in tension. Kali is crying. Raghu says ma please eat something. Yug will be all right. Leela says I can’t leave him like that. I will fast for him. Raghu says you will fall sick. Leela says I can die for yug.
The treatment in on going. Kali is crying. Manjiri says you have to stay strong. His life is tied with your love. Nothing will happen to him.
Chulbul says to Sharmila he was about to die because of Garui. whats up at your place? Sharmila says there is no much fire. Now see how slowly how I burn down the whole house.
Nurse comes out and says ward boy turn on oxygen. Kali says how is he.. She says please stay out. Kali says please God I will kill myself if anything happens to yug.

Gauri says to leela do something. She slapped me. Leela says shut up your husband is dying if you can’t pray then stay quite. Gauri says I won’t stay quite. I will avenge this slap. Leela says what kinda girl is she.
Pandit ji calls her. She says I want to do jaab for my yug. He says only wife can do this. Its vatsavitri tomorrow.
Kali is praying for yug. Doctor comes out and says he is getting better. Everyone thanks God. He says yug will take some time to recover from coma. Vishwa says I am taking gauri home. Gauri says I won’t. Vishwa takes her. Leela looks at yug. Manjiri says you saw who is his wife whose prayers took him back to life. Enough lies maa ji. What can be a bigger sin than that? Manjiri says you know God is giving you warning. If you still don’t understand. It will be too late. I beg you. Let kali do vatsavtri.

Precap-Leela says not gauri Kali will do the pooja. Manjiri says to Kali you have to do as his wife. Leela says to kali you have to fast for yug and do pooja.

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