Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2016 Written episode Update. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2016 Today HD Video

The Episode starts with Ashok calling Shagun. He asks about Raman and Ishita being together yesterday night. He says I m confused and laughs. He says I have seen Ishita is after you, she reaches you always, Raman can leave you again for Ishita, you have to come back to me then, think. Raman comes and she ends call. Raman says lets leave. Ashok says truth will hurt, lets see what happens, they went for night out. Niddhi asks whose nightout are you talking about. Ashok says Raman and Ishita spent the night together in hotel. She gets shocked and asks what did you say. He says Ishita is Raman’s weakness. She thinks how did this happen, I told Ruhaan…. She says I have work and leaves. He smiles.

Niddhi dressed in burqa goes to meet Ruhi. Ruhi asks who are you. Niddhi lifts the veil and shows her face. Ruhi gets shocked. Niddhi says I can reach anywhere, I raised you, I have hidden you and saved you, I made you loved by the world, you can play game with me. Ishita walks to her flat. Niddhi says you will enjoy with family, will I just see this, I will beat you. She sees someone opening the door lock. Ishita opens the door using her keys. She thinks she left mobile in car and goes back. Niddhi hides.

Niddhi checks who was at door and does not see anyone. She warns Ruhi not to play game with her and leaves from there. Niddhi goes to her car and sees Ishita there. She thinks Ishita parked her car with mine, I will leave my car here. She tries to leave hurriedly and falls down. Ishita asks are you hurt. Niddhi runs away. Ishita says your jewelry piece fell here, wait. Few men get a mirror down a truck. Niddhi’s veil flies by air. Ishita gets shocked seeing Niddhi in the mirror. Niddhi realizes this and turns to her. Ishita shouts Niddhi, just stop. Niddhi leaves. Romi and Mihika come there. Ishita asks Romi to catch her, its Niddhi. Mihika says we also came to tell you that Romi may have seen Niddhi, she maybe alive. Ishita says she is really alive, we should catch her. Romi says come fast, we will catch her. They all leave in his car.

Shagun recalls Raman and Ishita, and Pihu. Neelu asks her why does she look worried. Shagun says nothing. Neelu says pandit came. Shagun asks her to make pandit sit. Raman sees pandit and asks him to come later, mummy went to London. Shagun says I called pandit. Pandit tells today is good mahurat for marriage. Mr. Bhalla says how can marriage happen today, arrangements have to be made, Mrs. Bhalla has to come too. Raman recalls his promise to Shagun. Pandit says next mahurat is after 6 months. Raman says no Papa, marriage has to happen, today or any day, why to delay, little arrangements are fine. Shagun smiles.

Niddhi comes home and says Ishita has seen me, now she will try to find me, what do I do now. She panics and drinks water. Niddhi calls and asks for her and Ruhaan’s tickets for Australia in one hour. Ashok calls her. She asks him to arrange tickets for her, she has to leave today itself. She calls Ruhi and asks her to pack bags, meet me at airport. Ruhi asks why suddenly. Niddhi says because I m saying, don’t argue, pack your bags. Ruhi worries as she would be going away from family.

Raman cries seeing Ishita and his marriage video. He says what mistake did I do that you left me, I will do what you wanted, you wanted to get away, now I will also go away from you. He cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………..

Adi comes home and sees marriage arrangements. He asks Simmi whats happening. Raman talks to Mihir on call. Adi comes to him angrily and asks what do you think you are doing right to marry Shagun. Raman says you came again to give lecture, you plan my marriage. Adi says sorry, I can’t do this. Raman asks him to leave. Adi sees the marriage video paused on Ishita’s pic.

Adi tells Raman that I felt you really hate Ishita, but no, you can’t hate him, you still love her. Raman says stop nonsense. Adi tells him that Ishita and you did not return home at night, you both were together, I m sure Shagun saw both of you together so she decided to marry you, can’t she see whats in your heart, I can see whom you love, stop fooling each other, listen to me once. Raman asks Adi to just leave. Adi goes.

Romi says Abhishek is not answering. Ishita asks what will we do. Mihika says we will talk to Ashok. Ishita says he won’t agree, Abhishek took me to Ashok’s house, he refused, can’t we keep a spy after Ashok, we can know about Niddhi.

Ruhi comes home and asks Pihu whats happening. Pihu tells about Raman and Shagun’s marriage. Ruhi gets glad that its finally happening. Raman invites Ruhi in marriage. Ruhi says I have to go out somewhere. Pihu says I will miss you, you are my elder sister, please stay back. Pihu goes. Raman asks Ruhi to come for Pihu’s sake, you don’t know Pihu had an elder sister, her name was also Ruhi. He cries. Pihu comes and shows bangles Simmi got for her. Ruhi cries seeing her and agrees to come in marriage. Pihu thanks and hugs Ruhi.

Simmi asks Raman to come with her, she wants him to meet someone. Raman says I don’t want any drama, I m marrying Shagun, my decision won’t change. Ishita says Simmi……

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