Sadda Haq 2nd June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 2nd June 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Becky says you were ignoring me? You are such a liar. You are so selfish. I get done with my work so I can meet you. He says please don’t leave. You won’t believe what I saw when I was changing Joy was proposing sumit. there is something between them. Becky says joy has a crush on kritika. Becky says you are scared of love. You have no feelings. Arjun comes close and says I have feelings for you. He is about to kiss her. She shoves him and says you buy emotions from somewhere. Becky says are we a couple or not? Arjun says we never wanted to be a trypical couple? Becky says something romantic. He says you want a proper relationship? He says yes I do. But do you? He says I don’t know. Becky says muscles dont make you a man. I knew you would say this. you don’t even have courage to say no.

Sanyu is sitting in her room in tears. She recalls the recording and randhir apologizing. Sanyu says why didn’t you tell me before? I needed you so much. He says in her imagination I am really sorry. I will never leave you again. Sanyu says promise? He says yes and hugs. Aryan comes in her room and sees her listening something. sanyu takes off the headphones. Aryan says everything okay? Sanyu says yes. SAnyu says I had some work. He says lets go have food. He says I am not hungry aryan says okay.He sees her through the window and says how should I tell you sanyu that randhir is manipulating you again.

Aryan is in lab. Sumit says to arjun i and joy both like girls. Joy says I know but I can maintain your other image. Sumit says lets go ask aryan. Sumit says aryan tell him that I and joy are just friends. Arjun says i saw you with proposal. Aryan says joy had to propose kritka so he was practicing. Arjun says it was so fun you ruined it aryan.

sanyu and randhir are in lab.Sanyu says in heart randhir.. randhir says in heart sanyyu..she says in heart why are you ignoring me.. He says i wish I could tell you how much I love you but I can’t. Nirman has given me a condition. Sanyu keeps busy in work and looks at randhir. sanyu says in heart why are you looking at me. Randhir says in heart ask yourself too. Sanyu says I.. Arjun comes in and says guys.. you won’t even believe I was working on a software and made it. Come i will show it.sanyu says in heart he had to come here? Randhir says in heart I don’t wanna come near her.
Sanyu slips randhir holds her. Arjun says you can both be a good couple. randhir leaves her she falls. Randhir says show me the software. He explains the code.

Scene 2
Arayn comes in nirman’s office, seurity tries to stop him but he doesn’t Nirman says its okay. Aryan wants to share a discovery and he is dying to tell me. Aryan says i am not here to sit. Its about sanyu.. Nirman says I only listen about sanyu from you and radnhir. Don’t you poeple get bored?You think you would tell me somthing about me that would scare me? Dont surprise me.I knew you would come here and tell me about randhir. He still loves her. You also love her. What a love triangle. Aryan says I won’t leave ISRC and neither will sanyu. I know everything.Want me to say it loudly? Nirman says what re you talking about? Aryan says Mission Mars.. Nirman is dazed.

Precap-Nirman asks randhir so will you expose sanyu? Randhir says I will. Nirman says but you still love her. Randhir says I am not interested. Nirman says you can expose aryan too. He is dark shadow. Randhir is dazed.

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