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Scene 1
Ravi says to Nivi that i took Rekha to mandir,she slipped on stairs, Amnbika was passingby from there and brought us here, Nivi asks what was Ambika’s reaction? Ravi thinks that i cant tell Nivi anything till i dont find out proofs, also my mind is still in confusion,he says her reaction was normal, Nivi thinks that even if Ravi is anything then Monty has gone to Ambika’s office,he will find some proof.
DEvika and Janki are in car, Devika prays for Rekha,she is tensed,Janki sees her and thinks that Devika is so tensed,she wanted to be with Rekha but i had to bring her from there,how should i console her? maybe she will start crying, she is silent all day, Janki says to driver that seems Ambvika is not inmood to go to office, take to home, Devika says no we have important meeting,Janki asks if she is miffed with her?Devika says no,i am just worried that what is Rekha’s fault? i couldnt even stay with her, iam bad daughter, Janki says we had to go from hospital, i will be in touch with doctor,you are my girl, dont lose hope, everything will be fine.
Ravi asks nurse about doctor, nurse says he is busy in operation, Rekha is fine, she canbe discharged, we have informed Ambika and Janki. Ambikahas done payment of dues, Ravi thinks that she is Devika as she is showing so much concern but i need to find proof. He recalls how Devika filled form of hospital, he says that i can match her handkwriting with Devika’s.
Janki and Ambika comes to office. Monty is there dressed as peon, Monty gets tensed seeing Devika, he mistakenly strikes with Devika and runs from there, Janki says to manager that who was that man? he didnt even say sorry, manager says he is new peon.Manager comes to Monty and scolds him, he asks him to go to meeting room and serve snacks to Ambika and Janki.
Ravi comes to receptionist and asks for form which Devika filled, she says you need for insurance claim? Ravi says yes,she gives him form and asks to return soon, Ravi thinks that she was alert and filled her name as Ambika only but i was ask expert to compare her handwriting,once i confirm that she is Devika then i will ask her why she is doing all this? why she is pretending tobe someone else? Nivi comes there so Ravi hides form,Ravi says i am tired,i wanna go home, Nivi says we have important meeting today, Ravi says i cant come,Nivi says but its important meeting,Ravi says i cant come.
Ambika and Janki is watching presentation in meeting room,Janki asks about profit, manager says we will get profit from shares.Monty comes there as peon, he thinks that Devika should not see his face,he should leave from there soon, Monty serves tea, Devika doesnt see him,Monty serves tea to her but it falls from his hand, Monty turns away from her and starts collecting pieces,Janki thinks that he is so careless worker.Monty takes ball with which Devika was playing, he leaves. Monty thinks that i have got this crystal ball,it has Ambika’s finger prints, police use it for criminal cases but i will use it against Devika.

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