Dehleez 1st June 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Dehleez 1st June 2016 Written episode Update. Dehleez today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Manohar and Suhasini being on the way. Suhasini says its limit, they are not calling and not answering. Manohar calls Jaidev and asks where are you. Jaidev says no need for you to come here. Manohar asks again. Jaidev tells the location. Manohar asks Suhasini not to worry, they are close by. Adarsh and Jaidev cry for Abhay. Inspector says let this terrorist get conscious then we will see him. He asks doctor to make Haider Mamu fine soon, they have to treat him in police station then. Mami asks what did he do. Inspector says did you not see what he did, I will arrest you too. Appa says listen. Inspector asks him to shut up and scolds Mami saying you tell truth to judge in court, we will show CCTV footage in court, its seen clearly that he got bomb in marriage. Mami cries. Asad is beside and they don’t see him. Mamu is taken by doctor. Mami asks Appa to call Asad and tell him about his dad. She thinks where is Asad.

Swadheenta, Simmi, Jaya and Ahuja see the breaking news of the blasts. Simmi asks what do they get doing this, Papa did you talk to Ahuja. He says no, he is not answering, maybe he is in meeting. She says Abhay is always busy in work, I m going to make coffee, I will go and get it. She goes.

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Ahuja, Swadheenta and Jaya get shocked seeing Abhay getting shot by terrorists, he got 11 bullets and his state is critical. They cry. Simmi comes calling Jaya. Ahuja signs Jaya to switch off tv. Jaya switches off tv. Simmi asks Jaya for coffee. Simmi asks what happened to tv. Ahuja says weather is bad, cable isn’t coming, I will see. Simmi says weather is bad, mom used to see if it rains without seasonal changes, then its bad sign. Jaya asks her not to think such and goes to make coffee. Ahuja removes cable connection of other tv too. He cries seeing Abhay’s pic. He prays to Lord and says you always gave me what all I prayed for, save Abhay’s life.

Suhasini says this rain in this season is making me restless, why did we reach hospital. Manohar says Jaidev said he is nearby. They get down the car. Doctor asks Adarsh to allow them to take body for post mortem. Adarsh shouts he is not a body. Suhasini and Manohar hear Adarsh shouting and stop. Adarsh says do not call him body, and shouts. Suhasinji and Manohar walk to Abhay, making away through the crowd. Adarsh asks Abhay to get up. Adarsh lifts Abhay. Adarsh and Jaidev see their parents. Suhasini and Manohar get shocked seeing Abhay. Adarsh and Jaidev cry. Media asks Suhasini what would she say, her son got 11 bullets. Jaidev moves the reporters away. He asks Manohar to take Suhasini. Jaidev and Adarsh hold Abhay. Inspector asks reporter to go back. Manohar makes Suhasini sit in the car. They both get in shock. Suhasini screams and cries. Manohar hugs her and cries. Adarsh takes Abhay inside hospital. Jaidev runs to the car and hugs Suhasini and Manohar. They all cry.

The media reporters report about DCP Abhay Sinha getting 11 bullets shot. A lady reporter gives the news byte that Adarsh’s marriage had bomb, his brother Abhay Sinha got shot, the question is how bomb reached inside the marriage hall in tight security, I m going to find that, I know I m smart. She smiles. Jaidev takes Manohar and Suhasini inside hospital. Adarsh hugs Manohar, Suhasini and Jaidev. They cry.

Swadheenta and Jaya see the news of three terrorists dying, and also about Abhay Sinha’s death. Reporter says he got 11 bullets on him and died taking his last breath after reaching hospital. They get shocked and cry. Simmi knocks the door. They switch off tv. Simmi asks about tv not working. Jaya says it maybe because of bad weather. Simmi asks did you call Adarsh and Jaidev, did you talk to them. Jaya says they would be coming. Simmi asks and Abhay? Jaya asks her to take her medicines and sleep. She takes Simmi with her. Swadheenta shuts the door and recalls Abhay’s death news. She sits crying and recalls Abhay regarding her sister. Jaya comes there and cries. Swadheenta asks did you tell Simmi. Jaya cries. Swadheenta holds her. Jaya asks how could I say. Swadheenta says I will go to Adarsh, you manage here.

The lady reporter sees the media outside Sinha house. Swadheenta leaves in the car. The media runs after her car. The lady reporter follows Swadheenta. Swadheenta cries and removes her jewelry. She calls Asad and thinks why is he not answering. She calls Appa. Appa says we are in hospital. Haider got conscious, they will take him to police, did you understand now, why were we scared to send you to Delhi, Haider is a terrorist. She says Mamu is not a terrorist. He says I spoke to police, they said…. He hears the horn and asks where are you, why are you crying. She says Abhay got shot, he is no more. Appa gets shocked. Amma asks what happened. Appa says Abhay is no more. Swadheenta says terrorist shot 11 bullets to Abhay. Appa says what, we are coming. The lady reporter comes infront of car asking Swadheenta for lift. Swadheenta looks on.

Adarsh scolds Mamu and says we did not come to see you, we came to see the terrorist who shot my brother. The inspector shows Asad to them, saying he is the terrorist who shot Abhay. Adarsh shouts we came to see Asad Gilani’s dead body. Mamu and Mami get shocked. Mamu, Mami and Swadheenta cry seeing Asad dead.

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