Kasam 31 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kasam 31 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Bani wonders what is going on between Rishi and Pavan, is it about Tannu. Pavan is always sweet but why he gets enraged looking at Rishi.
UC brings Rishi in the room, Rishi was curt at Pavan. Mapreet brings mango drink made by Tannu. Rishi asks UC to call everyone to hall, he wants to talk to them. UC stops Manpreet, Rishi tells them that Pavan and Saloni are husband and wife. UC and Manpreet explain to Rishi that they can’t repeat their last mistake, they must bring a proof before attacking him; he has already challenged him in the morning. UC calms Rishi down saying they are left with six days. Rishi denies finding anything at Pavan’s house. Manpreet and UC still insists about attacking his home. Rishi tells them to go to Pavan’s home, there is no one there. UC stays here to inform then when they leave. He assures Rishi he would be the only husband Tannu will have.
Pavan was trying the sherwani, he wonders if this color suits him or not. Saloni would have helped him immediately. He gets an idea and calls Saloni. The ladies were enjoying tea together. Bani tells Pavan’s mother about her and Rano’s youth and friendship. Bee ji thinks Rano would just begin talking against her. Saloni gets Pavan’s message and asks her to come to Bani’s room. Bee ji stares at Saloni wondering why she is so confused. Saloni texts back she can’t come, old women are really sharp. Pavan calls her anyway. Saloni stands up to leave the room, Bee ji follows her.
Tannu comes dressed up, the designer sends her to Pavan and show it to him. Bee ji was following Saloni, UC comes to tell Bee ji about a good news but gets a message and leaves. Bee ji loses track of Saloni. In the room, Saloni keeps her hands over Pavan’s chest and says he looks really hot, she wants to marry him again. Pavan holds her close and asks her to think before she speaks, he might leave that Tanvi and marry her. Saloni asks if he has gone crazy. Pavan asks if she is unaware he is crazy after her since college days. Tannu watches this and was upset. Saloni assures Pavan that he is really handsome. Pavan spots Tannu and calls Saloni as Bhabi at once. He calls Tannu inside. Saloni tells Tannu that she looks really beautiful but the dress only needs an alteration. Saloni rubs Tannu’s hand over Pavan’s dress and asks if it’s rough? Tannu withdraws her hand at once. Pavan says he feels the cloth to be rough, but alright if they like it he will finalize this one. Saloni leaves to find kitchen, Pavan goes to show the kitchen to her.
The key man tries the keys, then asks Rishi and Manpreet if it’s really their home. Manpreet says no, it’s Pavan’s. They don’t have the keys and thus called him. Rishi and Manpreet anyway stop him by narrating a story of their helplessness. The key man agrees to make a key. Manpreet hands him 500, Rishi can’t take money from him because he is young. The key man agrees. Rishi and Manpreet come inside the house quietly. They look around the house for proofs. Manpreet looked behind paintings, Rishi asks who hides proofs behind photos. Rishi asks him to find some wedding invitation or any paper that proves they are husband wife.
Tannu wonders if she should tell Rishi she saw Pavan and Saloni like this.
Rishi gets hiccups. He opens a water bottle and remembers Tannu throwing water over him when they were caught in fire. Tannu was confused if she should call Rishi or not.

PRECAP: Tannu calls Rishi and tells him she watched Pavan and Saloni together, it felt there was something between them. Rishi and Manpreet find marriage certificate of Pavan and Saloni.

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