Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 31 May 2016 Written episode Update. Ishq Ka Rang Safed today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Dhaani telling the kids to remember about the price of the flower bouquets. A man is seen standing on their bouquet shop and says his mood is ruined. Dhaani tells him that the flowers will cheer him up and asks him to give to the person whom he is going to meet. The man says it is not good. Dhaani says it seems you don’t like sunflower and brings yellow and pink roses bouquet. She asks if this is good? Customer says this is good. He says this is what I told to my employees, if the client doesn’t like any product then we have to be ready with some other product. He praises her sense of humor. He asks about his price. Kid says 1000 Rs. Dhaani says no, just 500. Dhaani’s friend says what is the use of honesty. Customer pays her 600 Rs. Dhaani refuses to take extra 100 and asks him to give them a big order. Customer asks her to call at the given number and tell that Shrivastav told you. He says you will get a contract as her daughter is getting married. Dhaani thanks him. Her friend says now gudiya/Vidha will get admission in school. Dhaani takes the bouquet in her hand. Viplav thinks about Dhaani and visiting flower shop with her.

A fb is shown, Viplav and Dhaani visit flower visit. They smell a flower. Viplav looks at the flower and says these flowers have your smell. Someone asks Dhaani to put Rajnigandha in her bouquet and says your bouquets will be fast selling then. Dhaani recalls telling Viplav whenever you see these flowers remember me, and Viplav says you shall remember me. Dhaani refuses to take the flowers. He says I have brought it for 1200 Rs. Dhaani gives him 2000 Rs, and asks him to take those flowers with him and never bring it back. Dulaari asks why do you hate these flowers? Dhaani says I hate that man whose memories is related to these flowers. She recalls Viplav saying I did a mistake and Kamini manipulating his words.

Dhaani gets teary eyes and says she want to forget who lied to me and did fake promises. We shall not remember the man who have snatched our everything, he has killed Dhaani who used to believe on love. I have erased his memories…maayi…and wipes her tears. Kamini comes to Dhaani’s Ashram and sees her pic. She asks Viplav why didn’t you come to the party for the guests. She says can’t you take 5 mins off for me. Viplav says no. Kamini says that party was for your birthday. Viplav says I don’t like parties, you know that. Kamini asks why? She says what if there was some work or important meeting. Viplav says this is my Dhaani’s Ashram and I get peace here. Kamini angrily says Dhaani…Dhaani…Dhaani. She says Dhaani died 5 years ago in a bomb blast and her body was scattered into pieces. She asks happened to you. Viplav says look Kamini.

Kamini says even if you want to collect those pieces you can’t. She holds his hands and says this mangalsutra, which you also ties on your hand. She says Dhaani is dead and your marriage with her is ended. Viplav shouts and says Dhaani is not dead. She is alive in my heart, asks her to make herself understand. He says Dhaani will be alive in my breath, and memories, and until I am alive, she will be alive with me. Kamini is angry. She gets call from Mrs. Kaushik. She asks Kamini if you are going to attend my daughter’s wedding, and says she has booked room for them. Dhaani comes to Mrs. Kaushik’s house just then….Viplav sees Dhaani’s photo frame falling and runs to hold it. Kamini asks Viplav, if they are going to attend Mrs. Kaushik’s daughter’s wedding, and says they are our special clients.

She gives call to Viplav. Viplav says hello. Suddenly the phone flies in air surprisingly and falls in Dhaani’s hand. Dhaani hears Viplav’s voice and looks surprised. Mrs. Kaushik takes phone from Dhaani’s hand and says phone had fallen from her hand. Viplav says I can’t come, but Kamini will come. Kamini apologizes and says I can’t come and disconnects the call. Dhaani introduces herself to Mrs. Kaushik and says she was sent by Mr. Shrivastav for flower decorations. Mrs. Kaushik asks her to meet wedding organizer. Dhaani thanks her and looks at the phone surprisingly. Kamini tells Viplav that they shall go there and they are their special client. Viplav says marriage is happening there. Kamini says we might lose the client. Viplav says let it be. Kamini asks why you behaves badly with me. She asks did I marry you forcibly? You don’t talk to me also. She says I was leaving, but you stopped me as you want to take up the responsibility.

Viplav says I did a mistake, I was not in my senses, but you was in your senses…He goes to change his shirt in washroom. Kamini says you will change your shirt in washroom and says I am your wife. She sees Dhaani’s big photo frame in their room and is about to throw book on it, but stops herself. She gets teary eyes, and says Dhaani…you went from his life, but not from his memories. Dulaari comes home and tells that everyone is running on road and tells about crowdy roads and hot weather. She says Banaras was good than Mumbai. Dhaani gives her water and says there was nothing left in Banaras, and Mumbai gave us work and life. Dulaari tells that someone asked me to take something, and says she brought mangoes for Vidha. She says she has to learn to say mango..Dhaani says she will also learn. Dulaari asks about the order. Dhaani says she got the order and says your chanda will study in english medium school. Dulaari asks where is she? And calls Chandaniya….Dhaani says she is not here as it is dinner time now. Dulaari says dinner. Dhaani says night time food. Dulaari says I will learn also. Dhaani calls Vidha….

Viplav gets Mrs. Kaushik’s call and asks how are you? Mrs. Kaushik says you refused to come, but says God is great and says Anil is going to Australia next week. He asks him to come to attend meeting with him and clear the case progress. Viplav agrees and says we will come there in 4-5 days. Mrs. Kaushik says Anil have no free days before going to Australia. Viplav says okay, we will come tomorrow.

Dhaani runs after Vidha while the latter refuses to eat food. Vidha takes the mango and is about to eat it…Dhaani says I told you many times that fruit needs to be washed before eating. Vidha says but it is clean inside. Dhaani recalls Viplav saying the same thing, and takes mango to wash it. Vidha asks Dulaari to scold Dhaani, and says why she scolds me always. Dulaari says mumma scolds you as she loves you very much. Vidha says then who will scold her. Dulaari asks her to think and tell. Vidha says my papa will scold my mummy, just like her friend’s dad scolding his mum. Dhaani says Vidha want to have fun getting me scolded. Vidha says when will papa come? She says if he will not come? Dhaani says he will come? Vidha says when? Dhaani says he will come on that day when band baja will play, noisy place, balloons will fly in air, etc…It will be a good day…Vidha smiles. Dhaani says it will look like earth have become like heaven..and my vidha’s little heart will say Papa….you have come. Vidha says really? Dhaani says yes…Vidha kisses on her cheeks and goes out to play. Dulaari says she is same like Viplav, and behaves exactly like him. She is stubborn like him only. Dhaani says no maayi…Vidha is just Vidha and is our daughter. Dulaari says I took his name by mistake. Dhaani asks her not to take his name even by mistake..

Kamini asks Viplav where is he going? Viplav says Mumbai. Kamini gets happy. Viplav says he is going for meeting. Kamini calls Tripurari and tells him that viplav got ready to go to Mumbai. Tripurari says something have changed in these 5 years. Kamini says she got golden chance to throw Dhaani’s name and memories out of his life.

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