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Sadda Haq 31 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Sanyu is lost in thoughts, Aryan comes there and asks where were you? Sanyu says i was in lab, Aryan says you could have called me, Sanyu says let it be. Lets assume that we have a fight then will you forgive me only when i say sorry to you? will you wait till my sorry? Aryan says even if you hurt me, you would not have to say sorry to me, we accept people with their flaws so there is no point of expecting sorry, Sanyu says why you have so simple answer for everything? what are you birthday plans? Aryan says i never had anyone special who would plan anything for me, i didnt have parent, friends, girlfriend to plan anything for me, Sanyu says i will plan your birthday this time, Aryan says tell everyone that birthday boy is boring, Sanyu says all know how sweet you are, i am planning big party for you, Aryan thinks that she is planning to give surprise to me and that day also she wanted to say something to me, on my birthday i will confess to her.
Joy asks Kritika how was it? Kritika says Arjun was in Becky’s arms when i went there, Joy says so sorry, Kritika says i tried to talk to him but he ignored me, i was wrong, he hated me and i am stupid to like him, Joy sits beside her and says its not your problem, intelligent girls like you fail in love test, Kritika says you called me intelligent? Joy says you are most intelligent i met in my life, Kritika says you are sweet, she lies her head on his shoulder, Joy says i promise i will keep you happy, i wont let you cry, Kritika says i never thought that i will get a friend like you, Joy whispers that i want to me more than friend for you, she asks if he said anything? Joy says nothing.
Sanaya sees audio files in Randhir’s laptop and thinks whats this? she plays one file, its Randhir’s recording, Randhir says in recording that i really love you Sanyunkta, i dial your number every morning but never press call button, i have dne bad with you thats why you have no feelings for me, as our separation are coming close, i am realizing my mistake more, i wish i could back in time and rectify mistakes, its too late, i wish to google you but i stop myself, i have realized that nothing is going to change, we will be away but you know what? you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you did any mistake, you bear my ego, i never saw love from childhood thats why i took your love for-granted and i became too greedy, i thought i could impose my decisions on you, i thought people control in love and i tried to control you but i realized i was wrong but it was too late, i am super genius Randhir for world but i failed love exam, its been 3months since dream team accident, what if nothing had happened to Parth? where we would have been, i have no one around and the one who wants to make me hers, i am sending her away from me, i dont know if i will send this voice note to you but i wanted to say this, i am feeling suffocated without you, i dont know about you but i can never fall in love again, for me love meant you and will always be you, nobody can take your place, i have taken decision to separate from you as i knew i would do something wrong with you in my madness of love and its better if i separate from you as soon as possible, i thought it would pain less but i was wrong, pain doesnt get less with time but it lessens with emotions and we can hide our love by listening sad songs, taking alcohol or herbs but we cant finish it, this pain is my friend for life, atleast there is someone with me now, i wish all the best to you Sanyu, i wish i get strength one day to look in your and apologize to you, i love you, voice note ends. Sanaya thinks that if Sanyu listens this voice note then maybe she will change her mind about Randhir, go on Sanaya, this is your golden chance to get them together.
Sanaya comes to Sanyu and asks if she is finding something? Sanyu i have lost my cd, Sanaya says i took it and i have transferred its software in pendrive, Sanyu says i thought i lost it, Sanaya says you never lost anything, you only need to open your eyes, Sanyu asks what she means? Sanaya says nothing, Sanaya says i have listened that you are planning party for Aryan, Sanyu says yes, Sanaya asks her to check pendrive and leaves.
Sanaya comes to Kritika and sees her smiling, she says you seem happy, let me guess, Arjun accepted your proposal right? Kritika says i didnt propose him, i realized that i never loved him, Sananya says you became blank? Kritika says when i saw Becky and Arjun i realized that he doesnt deserve my love, Sanaya says you are are confused, she says i am not. Sanaya says so if Arjun is out of equation then Joy can propose you, Kritika says are you mad? Sanaya says he really loves you, Kritika says it must be crush like i had on Arjun, Sanaya says if it was just crush then he wouldnt have helped you in Arjun’s case, Kritka says you are right but i never thought about joy in that way, he is my friend, why are you pushing me towards Joy? you were the one who asked me to go out for Arjun, Sanaya says i wanted you to realize that Arjun is just your crush and you used to be so irritating, Kritika says how mean, Sanaya says i am joking, i did it to make you realize that its just crush, Joy really loves you, give him one chance, everyone can see that he loves you, Kritika says no way, this love is so confusing.
Sumit comes to Joy and asks when he is confessing his love to Kritika? its confirmed that Arjun was just passing crush for her, joy says i want to tell her but reality is that i am afraid, what if she takes me wrong way? Sumit says why you are thinking this much? just propose her, go simran go to Raj, he says who is Simran? sumit says leave it, this is best time to propose her, Sumit says we should party that Kritika didnt propose Arjun, he buys coffee for joy.
Nrimal calls his manager and asks if its so difficult to find out if Randhir or Aryan did any mistake in past, manager says their records are clean but there is many things about Sanyunkta which may help you, Nirmal says shut up, you are talking about lead astronaut, even if Sanyu did something, i wont let it come out, find everything about Randhir, manager says his parents separated in childhood, his childhood was painful, Nirmal says do anything to find things against him, i want to separate him from Sanyu, manager says his records are clean but i have sent some information about Sanyu, Nirmal says i dont need to know about her, he opens file and sees Sanyu and Randhir’s old pictures, he says there is true love between them, i finally found something against you Randhir, i have to test what i saw in this file, either Randhir should go away from Sanyu’s life and i should get to know to if Sanyu is eligible to lead this mission.
Sanyu comes in office and opens her laptop. she puts pendrive and sees Randhir’s voice note, she plays it, she imagines Randhir saying all this to her sitting infront of her. Randhir says we are separated officially, i dont know why Sanyu did this with Parth? bye Sanyu.. Sanyu says Randhir’s voice note after our separation? Sanyu plays his voice note and imagines Randhir saying it, Randhir says its been 22days since we separated, i dont know what to do, i am taking breaths but i am not living as Sanyu is my life, i called her from private number, she knew it was my number so she didnt pick my call, i can give up anything to listen to her voice, i cant stop myself from talking to her but its all my fault, i wish i could tell Sanyu its all my fault, i wish i could tell Sanyu that how much i miss her, i wish i could tell you Sanyu how much i love you, Sanyu is in tears listening all this.

PRECAP- Randhir says in voice recording that i really wish to call you Sanyu and say sorry, i am not able to say sorry, i wish to call you and say to forgive me, i love you. Sanyu imagines him infront of her, he holds her hand.

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