Sadda Haq 30 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Sadda Haq 30 May 2016 Written episode Update. Sadda Haq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Sanyu says to randhir I am very serious about aryan. He respects me. You have not moved on that is why you stooped so low. Randhir says what you mean? Sanyu gives him bill. Sanyu says aryan doesn’t hurt and lie to me. That car incident was all lie and that wasn’t even poison. you have no trick to stop me from committing to Aryan. I will commit him on his birthday. Randhir says you won’t do that. sanyu says I will and you can’t stop me. Randhir says i wont let you do that. Sanyu says what will you do?Randhir says you can’t commit to someone else. Sanyu says can’t see me happy? Who are you stop me? What is your problem. Rnadhir says dont mess with me. Sanyu says why can’t I? Randhir says because I still love you. Sanyu is dazed. Randhir says I love you a lot, I will always love you. He comes close to her. Sanyu recalls their old times. And the accident too and how randhir left her. He is about to kiss her.. Sanyu shoves him away. Sanyu says you are lying. This is your game. You want to stop me from committing to Aryan. You will leave me again. You are a liar Randhir. You can just hurt me. Thats it. sanyu leaves. Randhir says please.. She leaves.

Sanyu comes to her room. Kritika is sitting there. Sanyu asks what happened? Kritika says nothing. She says sanyu.. please keep it to yourself. I can’t hide it anymore. Sanyu says what happened? Kritika says I wanted to confess Arjun but somehow I can’t. sanyu says just go and tell him. Kritika says its not that easy. I like him but that joy.. He keeps distracting me. Joy said he is not a nice guy. You should date someone who likes you.. I am so confused. I don’t know. What a girl expects.. love respect and commitment. What are you thinking sanyu? Sanyu says about the Mr. Right. Kritika says thats aryan? He is very nice much better than randhir. He is so sorted. Sanyu says its Aryan’s birthday in two days. kritika says so? sanyu says nothing.

Randhir hits the couch. Sanaya comes in. Shesays what happened? Randhir says go from here. Sanaya says I won’t. I lost you almost. What has happened. Randhir says sanyyu.. she has decided that she will commit to Aryan on his birthday, I have told her that I love her. Sanaya says is that true? He says I don’t know but I can’t see her with someone else. I just want to kill him. sanaya says what will you do? Randhir says I won’t let her go to someone else. Sanaya says you still love her. Randhir says I don’t love her.
Sumit comes to joy. Joy says she will confess arjun today. Sumit says but he is happy with becky. Give her your shoulder when she is hurt. Sumit says I know you love her don’t blush now. Joy says what if arjun accepts her proposal. Sumit says then you have to make sure that when kritika proposes him arjun is not in a situation that he won’t ever say yes. Joy says how will that happen? Sumit says do it yourself. Kritika comes.. Joy says whats up? You should go and propose arjun today. Its high time. Kritika says seriously? Joy says yes. I should support you. I will check how is arjun’s mood today.. then I will tell you. She hugs him and says you are a genius. Thank you so much.

Sanyu is working Randhir comes in. Sanyu says if you are here to create problem for me then I will leave. Randhir says I just want to work. Rnadhir starts working. Sanyu says you can’t change my decision this time. Rnadhir says I don’t want to. You are right. We are not meant to be together. We are parallel lines. Its all my mistake I was forcing my decision on you. Love is not forced. Sanyu randhir.. I wasn’t expecting this from you after so many years. You never gave me space in a relationship. You didn’t even want me in engineering. See I am lead of ISRC today. Btw you remember your friend Karan? I got kicked out because you wanted Kaustuki out. I am sorry. Randhir says its okay. What can I expect from you? How many times have you called kaustuki? Rnadhir says you stalker. Randhir says I saw your facebook by mistake. Sanyu says how many times did you call jiggy’s family? did you ever call yoyo? Rnadhir says what about parth? You almost killed him.. I am sorry. Its not okay. I am sorry for what happened. I assure you I won’t come between you and Aryan. You can trust me this time. What I said I didn’t mean it. Sanyu says of course I know. As far as misunderstandings are concerned I never wanted them. We always fight. Randhir says I promise you will see a different side of randhir. I will try to be a good team member too. He extends his hand sanyu doesn’t shake it. Randhir says i always wanted to ask you one thing what happened between us.. what I did to you.. If i had apologized you we would have been together. Would you have forgiven me?
Sanyu says two people make effort to sustain a relationship. When I needed you the most you broke my heart and left. I came back to life and now.. She gets a call from Aryan. Randhir leaves.

Precap-Sanyu says to Aryan you have birthday in two days. Any plans? He says it was never special to me. Sanyu says I will celebrate your birthday this time. Aryan says in heart I know you will say me something that day. Sanaya listens to rnahdir’s voice note and says sanyu will change her decision if she listens to this.

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