Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30 May 2016 Written episode Update. Ishq Ka Rang Safed today and Latest Written story.

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After 5 years……
City: Banaras

The Episode starts after a leap of 5 years….Viplav comes in his car and stands infront of Dhaani Ashram. He recalls and a fb is shown, Viplav tried to get inside the Ashram when he heard about the bomb blast, but the police refused to let him enter. Reporter tells that all the widows have died today, also Dasharath’s bahu Dhaani and her mum died. Inspector says it may be cylinder blast. Fb ends. Viplav opens the Ashram door. Delivery man comes to Tripathi house to deliver cake. Kanak says we don’t eat cake and asks him to take it back. He says Mrs. Viplav Tripathi have ordered cake. Kanak takes the cake inside the house and tells Dasharath and Sushma that Maharani have ordered it for Viplav. Sushma says he will throw it out, have never had any sweets since many days. Dasharath says I would have kept puja for him. Kanak says he will sit nor come near the puja place. Sushma says don’t know when he will smile. Door bell rings. Sushma opens the door. Delivery man says Mrs. Viplav Tripathi have ordered the bouquets for party. Sushma asks him to keep it inside. Kanak says with whom she asked about the party. She don’t ask us and kept us on a corner like a garbage. Dasharath asks her to talk silently, and says he can bear Viplav’s anger, but not Kamini’s anger. He says that chandaal might sent us to jail.

Door bell rings. Kanak is going to open the door, Kamini pushes Kanak badly and opens the door. She gets some stuff from the delivery man and signs on the receipt. She turns and scares everyone with her vampish looks. She asks Kanak to clean the house as guests are coming. Sushma says you shouldn’t have kept party. Kamini says today is Viplav’s birthday, I am his wife….If I wish I could make stars floored on his way. Dasharath coughs. Sushma asks what do you think that he will come. Kamini says he will come surely. Sushma says he don’t apply tilak, and if he will come.

The widow woman try to apply tilak on Viplav’s forehead, but he refuses. Widow says you have given us new identity and respect in the society, and gave us work also. They blesses him for long life. Viplav says it will be punishment for him. He looks at the walls of the Ashram and thinks about painting it once…smiles. Kamini is angry and says I will erase Dhaani’s reflection from Viplav’s life. Viplav have to make a new start with me…and he has to accept that Dhaani is dead….she acts like possessive and crazy woman. Viplav looks at the hand impression on the walls of Ashram and gets emotional. (It might be of Dhaani, before she left the Ashram after their marriage). He recalls finding Dhaani’s mangalsutra in the Ashram after the bomb blast. He says Dhaani…I know you are with me always.

City: Mumbai:

A girl is seen running…..Dhaani calls her name Vidha…(Vidha from Viplav and Dhaani) and asks her to listen to her. Vidha says she wants to call her Papa. Dhaani takes her home. Dulaari checks the cloth on Vidha and says she will make frock for her. Vidha shows the sketch, and says this is Vidha, mumma and asks where is her papa. Dhaani’s new face (Sanjeeda Sheikh) is revealed after the leap. She gets emotional seeing Vidha’s sketch. Vidha says she wants to talk to her Papa and wish him on his happy birthday. Dulaari gets teary eyes also, and asks her to come, says she will make frock for her. Vidha insists to talk to Viplav. Dhaani says she is working. Vidha makes angry and innocent face. Someone comes there. Vidha calls him baba. He asks who is troubling my gudiya….he asks if today is your Papa’s birthday and congratulates her. Vidha asks him to make Viplav’s sketch and says she will give him gift. He says I didn’t see him and asks her to bring his photo. Vidha says she don’t have her pic. The man sits down to make Viplav sketch.

Vidha asks Dhaani to tell about her Papa. Dhaani gives description of Viplav and praises him. The man says sketch is ready. Vidha asks him to show his pic. Vidha sees the sketch and says my papa is super man….The man says your Papa is hooper man, will come here and take you. Vidha gets happy and goes. Dhaani looks at the sketch and tells Dulaari that she has to forget all the bitterness and tells Vidha that her papa is the best, we can’t lower him in her eyes. Dulaari says she can understand. She asks if you got money for Chanda’s admission. Dhaani says she talked to principal and he lessened the fees, says she has to give 50000. She says if my daughter studies in english medium school, then she will make her family proud, realizes about Viplav.

City: Banaras

In the Party, Sushma asks who are these people? Dasharath says I don’t know and says nobody asks him anything. Kanak tries to go to her room. Kamini stops her and asks her to serve snacks to guests. A guest asks him about Viplav. Kamini says he will be here in 5 mins. Kamini asks Kanak to give juice to guests. Kanak comes back to Dasharath and Sushma and says she is Kamini….witch..Sushma says you used to call Dhaani by same name. Kanak says she was mad to call that to Dhaani and says she was better than Kamini. She says since Dhaani left, we are ruined. Dasharath asks Kanak to manipulate Viplav against Kamini, else she will kill us. Kanak says Viplav also stays in office, and says she didn’t get any chance to tell about Kamini. Sushma says since Dhaani left from here, everything is shattered. Kamini comes there and asks Kanak to take care of the guests. Sushma tells Kamini, you are not doing right.

Kamini makes Kanak serves snacks to guests. Guests asks Kamini to call Viplav, and says if he attends the party then this will be lively. Kamini makes an excuse that foreign delegates have come from france and he is busy. She calls Viplav. Viplav is busy in a meeting with a parent or NGO man in his office at Dhaani Ashram, and says he is never busy for kids. He gives a cheque of 5 lakhs rupees and says his company welfare dept will take care of children admission and education, and asks him to come to him if he needs anything. He sees Kamini’s call, but ignores it. He talks to a girl and asks what she wants to become? She says lawyer like you? Viplav smiles and says….good. They leave. Viplav looks at new Dhaani’s pic, and says you want to learn naa, I will give education to these kids.

Dhaani tells Kamini that this is Dhaani’s Ashram and I get peace here. Kamini says Dhaani is dead 5 years back. Viplav throws something and says Dhaani is not dead. He says Dhaani is alive in my heart and will be with me in my breath, until I am alive.

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