Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30 May 2016 Written Update Epsiode

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30 May 2016 Written episode Update. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi today and Latest Written story.

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Dev and Ishwari are busy in some discussion. Neha comes and asks Dev if he fought with NG. Ishwari asks what is NG. She says Natasha Gujral, like Nikki says. Dev says yes and they were discussing if NG should attend his sister’s marriage or not. Neha asks whose marriage, why did not they inform her, then realizes they are talking about her marriage and gets shy. Dev and Ishwari laugh. Ishwari asks Dev to go and meet Ranbeer’s family today. Radha enters and asks whose marriage they are talking about. Ishwari says Neha’s. Radha shows attitude as usual and yells that they did not even think of informing her and may not even call her for Neha’s children’s naming and tonsuring cermony. She leaves overacting. Dev says he will go and meet Ranveer’s family now and leaves.

Sona sits on dining table for breakfast and gets engrasped in Dev’s thoughts. Sourav gets happy seeing many dishes and says it is looking like a hotel buffett. Mom stuffs sandwitch in Sona’s mouth and Sona says maaaaa.. Mom says when she is not eating, then she has to feed her and asks where did she send Puchki/Elena. Sona says she sent her to bring lab reports and signals Sourav if he sent her. He says no. Family’s drama continues.

Sona reaches Dev’s home and Dev tells his sisters that Sona is a big chupi rustom, she did not tell about her boyfriend to us till now. Neha, Nikki, and Ria taunt Sona and ask how is her boyfriend and when is she introducing them. Sona says her boyfriend will not meet anyone. Nikki asks what is his qualities that she faltered on him. She says he is workaholic, shy, keeps anger on his nose, loves family a lot, fights with her and his presence changes her world, etc.. Nikki says Dev bhaiya. Sona gets nervous. Nikki says Dev bhaiya has to go to Ranveer’s house. Dev says he forgot and leaves.

Dev reaches Ranveer’s home. Ranveer says he gave him a surprise and greets him in. He introduces his family members. Mom asks bahu to open biscuit bottle and prepare tea. Dev says it okay. Ranveer’s nephews greet Dev and Ranveer sends them in. Bhabhi brings biscuits and tea. Dev says it is okay. Mom says they are poor, but their heart is big and know to respect their guests. Children come and fight for biscuits. Dev gives them biscuits. They go aside and fight for more bisciuts. Dev sees situation at home and tells Ranveer he has some work, but if he can come to his office post lunch. Ranveer says okay.

Dev reaches home and Sona asks why did he tell his sisters about her boyfriend. He asks what is there to hide now. She says she wanted to keep it secret as they are just friends. He says he thought they are good friends and shared everything with her, but he hid things. She says she does not like sharing her personal things. Their chit chat continues.

Dev then goes to Ishwari’s room and she asks if he went to Ranveer’s house. He says yes and he just went to see family. She says he must be thinking they are poor, but life is beyond money, she is sure Neha will be happy with Ranveer and family. Dev reminisces Neha requesting to make Ranveer also rich and get him out of poverty, she will forgive him and will never discuss about their childhood problems. Dev says he is meeting Ranveer in the afternoon again.

Sona goes back home. Elena comes and tells she found her fake boyfriend and says he is her classmate’s elder brother. Sona says she cannot go with any stranger like this. Elena asks then whom she will go with. Sona shyingly says Dev. Their chit chat continues.

Precap: Dev asks Sona why she is panicking to introduce her boyfriend. She says she is not. He says they are going tonight on double date and it is final.

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